Pryor Clinging to Bible Let to Ed

Letter Sent to Jonesboro Sun and published December 19, 2013

Arkansas Democrat Senator Mark  Pryor Clinging To His Bible Ad

Letter to the Sun

Let the saints go marching in!

Senator Mark Pryor’s new television ad that features him with Bible in hand is sure to soften even the most ardent opponents of Obamacare (sarcasm). If you remember, Pryor has been a huge supporter of Obamacare saying that it has been “an amazing success story so far.” (Really?)Yes, Pryor is now officially one of those bitter clingers who, according to President Obama, cling to their “guns and religion.” He must really be feeling Tom Cotton’s breath on his neck to do a commercial holding the Bible saying “this is my compass, my north star.”

Perhaps Pryor should consult with his party bosses because they don’t really like the Bible or Christians that much. They generally support the ACLU and its efforts to bully small school districts into erasing the last vestiges of Christmas in public schools. Someone needs to tell them that Christmas is a FEDERAL holiday and that they should carry on with the Christmas trees, Christmas carols, and other time-honored Christmas traditions. I would love to see Democrats step up and try to repeal this federal holiday. The Democrat Party would all but cease to exist. Gee, someone should encourage them to do that.

The ACLU, with the full blessing of the Democratic Party, has frightened these school districts so much that they are deathly afraid of allowing Christians their free speech rights. However, their requirement for “separation of church and state” is selective; school officials are bowing to Islam in school districts all across the country with prayer rooms and other special accommodations. If they didn’t the ACLU would be filing lawsuits right and left.

Pryor may also need to switch parties now that he is a Bible-thumper. The Democrats famously booed God at their convention in 2012 when they tried to put mention of Him back in their platform. They had previously given the Man Upstairs the boot and some in the party were trying to change the platform to put God back in. Their actions had aroused so much attention they knew it would hurt their chances of winning elections.

Isn’t it odd how liberal politicians claim to be conservative and pull out the Bible when they feel like they are in trouble in elections?

Joyce Cook, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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