The following letter was sent to Jonesboro Sun as a letter to editor and printed November 28, 2013. The documentation sent with the letter is included below.

The Sun gave the title "Power Corrupts" to the letter.

 Possible Voter Fraud in Arkansas

If anyone cares to predict how the upcoming District 21 state senate special election between Republican John Cooper and Democrat Steve Rockwell might be conducted, all they need to do is to look back at the 2012 election to see what the Democrat strategy was then.


The Democrats spent about a million dollars to hire out-of-state companies to do opposition research on Republican candidates in 2012. Instead of campaigning on the issues, which they would never win on, they seek to manipulate the public by “dishing dirt.” Some voters do not pay as much attention to political matters as others do, and these folks are the ones who are targeted by these masters of deception.


Some people believe it was odd that two Republican candidates lost both races in 2012 after being ahead in the polls all through the campaign. And it didn’t help ease suspicions when results for both races were delayed several hours due to “software glitches.” There may be a perfectly legitimate reason for these glitches.  However, an article from the MIT Technology Review names Arkansas as one of the states with the riskiest voting technology. Many states now use only paper ballots due to this problem.


Now, people are talking in the coffee shops about how shocked they were that Radius Baker, a well-known and respected local school superintendent, was beaten by Steve Rockwell in the primary. Rockwell’s name is not as well-known as Baker’s, and Rockwell even refused to participate in the debate. The count was also withheld for a long period of time in this special election. Political pundits said from the beginning that Beebe was supporting Rockwell.


Lest anyone forget, this state senate seat became vacant when another loyal member in good standing of the Democrat machine’s "Good Ole Boys Club" had to resign because he took campaign funds donated in an uncontested race for his personal use. Bookout was not the first, though.


Former Democratic State Representative Hudson Hallum, of Marion, resigned after admitting election fraud. Hallum had originally won the seat in a special election after the previous representative (another Democrat) stepped down after he was found guilty of felony theft of property.


The average Democratic voter is appalled by the actions of Hallum and Bookout. The reason for the corruption in the Democratic ranks is that they have been in power so long.  The same thing could have happened if Republicans had been in power in the state for 150 years.


It is possible that elections can be stolen at the ballot box or by rigging voting machines. The integrity of the voting process is of utmost importance and citizens must see to it that it is protected at all costs and with whatever diligence is required.


It doesn’t matter if it is a Democrat or a Republican, if they are corrupt they should go.


 Joyce Cook - Jonesboro

One million spent on opposition research -

 Election results delayed due to “glitches” –


Arkansas one of 17 states more vulnerable to glitches –


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Hudson Hallum and his felonious predecessor

Posted by Women Action Group December, 2013