Jonesboro T-Party - What You Can Do on J'boro MPO Plan


I.  Attend the next two MPO meetings designed for public input on this Plan and share your concerns:  November 30 (tomorrow morning ) at 10:30 a.m., MPO Conference Room, 519 W. Washington, Jonesboro and December 14 at 10:30 a.m., same place. (For those that may have been confused at the T-Party meeting last night, this is not the Huntington Building where they held their first meeting but is on 519 W. Washington. I had it at 510 W. Washington, but that was a typographical error.  It is at 519 W. Washington.)


II. Fill out surveys on line at links below: 


Jonesboro Metropolitan Planning Organization  (MPO) Surveys Their words:  "Please review the Plan at your convenience and send your comments via phone, fax, email, or mail to:  MPO Staff:  Phone 870.933.4623; Fax 870.933.4626, email  Mail  519 West Washington Avenue, P. O. Box 1845, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1845"  We need to call, fax, and write our comments. In order to keep a record and have proof of objections,  will you send me a copy of  all your comments to me Debbie Pelley at


They are asking citizens to read the draft Plan (124 pages) and comment on it and to take the surveys below


Bicycling and Walking Survey


Jonesboro Area Long Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan Public Survey


III. Read and pass on information on these links to all your friends and acquaintances:


Jonesboro, AR  Promoting "Carless Society" In Very Near Future'boro%20MPO%20Mtg.htm


Jonesboro MPO Draft  Plan Quotes - Bikeways, Walkways, Transit, Equity (11 pages reduced to 3)  For entire 124 pages see this link:


Links to two radio programs on this issue (Paul Harrell radio program Answer To US 4:00-6:00 pm 12:30 AM:   Friday, Nov. 19, 2010 Monday, Nov 22, 2010

IV Call or email your state and federal legislators and let them know what you think about these radical plans. For instructions on how to email all state legislators in a couple of emails see this link:  For US Congressmen email and phone numbers  go to the very bottom of this same link:

V. Federal bills in progress but not passed yet.

Livable Communities Act of 2009

"Complete Streets Bill - Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2009


            VI  Write letters to the editor.  This is one of the best ways to educate people.  Jonesboro Sun accepts letters with a maximum number of words of 350 and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette allows only 250 words but they will print your letters if you stay within the word limit.



Posted November 29, 2010