Educational Issues in Arkansas:


Educational Facilites

                Arkansas Facilities Scam Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

                Arkansas Facilities Follies $4.5 Billion on Bricks and Mortar  

                Errors on Arkansas Facilities Assessment Report


Legislative Session 2003

          Omnibus Bill Act 1467- Transcript of  Ray Simon's Explanation to State Board  June            

                9, 03


Consolidation and/or Regional High Schools:

            Consolidation Studies  - Small Schools Better

             Consolidation Failures in West Virginia - By Dana D. Kelley

                Contrast Huckabee's Recent Quotes on  Consolidation to Past Quotes

                Huckabee's Proposed Education Plan - 2003


Curriculum Concerns in Arkansas

           Concerns About Curriculum in Arkansas- Daggett, Reeves, & Math Crusades

                National and International Curriculum Being Implemented Through NCLB and Race to the Top by Obama

Teachers, Superintendents, And Educational Reforms:


                 What Teachers Say About Educational Reforms - 91% respond in survey, "Too much 

                  government control,"


                 Teacher Survey Summaries on 20 issues
                 Actual Survey Given to Teachers

                 Cover letter for Teacher Surveys

                 Teacher Comments on the Survey - 90% were negative toward  reforms.

                 First Section;  Second Section;  Third Section;  Fourth Section

                 Superintendent Survey Results and Comments  

                 Superintendnet Survey - Actual Form

                 New Teacher Survey 2003 Results

                 Actual Survey for 2003

                 Teachers Presentation To State Board on Superintendent and Teacher Survey


Letters to the Editor:

                 On Education:


                 State Assessments - Precursor to Total Federal Control of  Education

              Late Senator Paul Wellstone:  High Stakes Tests: A Harsh Agenda for

             America's Children

                 Tests Don't Teach by Ernest Dumas

                 About Those Tests by Ernest Dumas (Test Scores Are Deceptive)

                 Tests - A Campaign To Brainwash Our Kids? by Dana D. Kelley

                 ADE Sabotages Legislative Efforts on Testing  - by Debbie Pelley

                 Six ADE Executives Control Education in Arkansas, Not the Legislators

                 Businessmen in Arkansas Want a Nationally Normed Test (Hussman)

                 Test Scores in Arkansas - Comparison of NRT and CRT  (Hussman)

                 True Transparency - Arkansas Test Scores from 1984 to 2003 (Table Form)

                 Arkansas ADE Trumps Legislature - Hires Questar Testing Company


Head Start, Pre-K and Early Childhood Education:

           Head Start is Over-Hyped (Several topics)

                 Head Start Manual Promotes Witchcraft & Homosexuality

                 A Head Start Or A Step Back (Hidden Agenda in Head Start)

                 Headstart Manual - The Bias Of  Anti-Bias

                 Mandatory Kindergarten Is Unnecessary

                 Perspective:  Early-Years Learning Myth  by Jann Flury

                 Lifelong Learning by Jann Flury


Character Education:

                 Revealing Quotes from Character Education Director Willard Daggett

                 Newspaper Outlines Dishonest Characteristics of  Daggett, Character Ed. Director

                 "UNC Consultant [Daggett] Gets Big Bucks for Small Bang, Report Says" from Investors

                 Business Daily by Tycee Palmaffy

Home Schools:

                 Education Standards Spell Trouble for Private and Home Schools

                 Home Schooling  Results

School To Work (STW):*

                 Flyer Giving Summary of  STW (Careers)  and the CIM (Gov't Work Certificate)

                 Detailed Article on Major Aspects of  School To Work

                Congressman Henry Hyde's Quotes on STW

                Marc Tucker's Confidential Grant - Basis for Clinton's Arkansas Act 236

                Presentations at the Goals 2000 STW Henry Hyde Conference:

                Certificate of  Initial Mastery  and the NCEE  byVirginia Millers

                Medicalization of Our Schools - by PA Rep. Sam Roherer

                How Foundations Leverage Taxpayers' Money by Attorney Kent Masterson Brown

                Oregon Certificate of  Initial Mastery (CIM) by Oregon Rep. Ron Sunseri


Marc Tucker's Hillary letter:



Newsletter Alert: AFA of Arkansas Newsletters

                 OBE Alive and Well In Arkansas

Kentucky's Failed Educational Program

                ACT Scores Decrease & Unemployment Rates Soar

                 Kentucky's Comedy of  Errors (Tragedies)

                 Kentucky No Model For Education



New and Featured Articles




AR  Legislature Session 05 - Voting  Records  on Family Bills

Votes Cast by Name of legislator on Family Issues


Score Sheet for Scoring Individual Legislator Votes


Why Republican Bisbee Lost Senate Pro Tempore Vote

Missed Opportunity or Victory for Conservatives


ADE Sabotages Legislative Efforts -ADE Doesn't

Like Grades or Tests that Compare to Other States


Pornographic Children  Sex Education Books in Arkansas


Six ADE Executives Control Education in Arkansas, Not the Legislators


Arkansas Bombs NCLB Accountability Standards

ADE Says Bad Means Good????


Businessmen in Arkansas Want a Nationally Normed Test

To Compare Students With Rest of  Nation - Hussman Transcript


Test Scores in Arkansas - Comparison of NRT and CRT

by Walter Hussman, Publisher of  Arkansas Democrat Gazette


True Transparency - Arkansas Test Scores from 1987 to 2003

in Table Form With Amount of Money Spent


Arkansas ADE Trumps Legislature - Hires Questar Testing Company


Why Test Scores Are Lower Now Than Before Accountability Law

(After Billions Wasted)


 Arkansas Facilities Scam Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


 Arkansas Facilities Follies -$4 Billion on Bricks and Mortar


Large Schools In Arkansas Spent Four Times The Amount


Above Per Pupil Spending Than Did Small Schools


Consolidation Debate Between Senator Jim Argue

and House Speaker Herschel  Cleveland 


Number of Courses Offered by Small Schools


Ray Simon Appointment For U. S. Dept. of Education

Cause For Concern 


Arkansas Department of  Education

Presents Deceptive Scores


ADE Director Ray Simon Gives

False Information About Test Scores


Marc Tucker Grant -

Basis for the Clintons'  Arkansas Educational Act 236


Postcards Sent to Legislators -

Summaries of  Various Education Reform Issues


Arkansas Accountability Scores from 1984 to 2001


Why Scores Are Lower Now Than When

AccountabilitySystem Was Established


 ACT Scores Higher in Small Districts

With High Poverty


Teachers' Presentation to State Board

on Superintendent and Teacher Survey


Arkansas Superintendent Survey


New Teacher Survey


Read ACT 236 of 1991 and excerpted quotes; 


See Bill and Hillary's educational

plan currently unfolding in Arkansas!


Contrast Huckabee's Recent

Educational Quotes To Quotes From The  Past


Contrast  Huckabee's Quotes on Consolidation And

Local Control to   Quotes From the Actual Lake View School Decision


Arkansas Supreme Court Lakeview Decision

November 11, 03


 Read The Governor's Educational Plan


 The Real Agenda Behind The Consolidation Plan 


 Consolidation, A vital Step To Government Control of Education and   

 The Economy - Presentation by Debbie Pelley


 Another Deception - Kentucky No Model For Education


  National Plot In 40 States For Court Ordered Educational Reform

  Ohio Resists and Has Better Scores Than Average


  Testing - A Campaign To Brainwash Our Kids?

   By Dana D. Kelley


  Dismal Record of  Court Run Schools

   By Dana D. Kelley


5 largest schools in AR  spent more above state

average than did the  100 smallest  schools.



Act 1467 Rules and Reg. Postcard:

Notes on Meeting with MPO Nov. 30, 2010

History of MPO's, Legislation, and Organizations by Ulkarim

Why I Oppose the Jonesboro MPO Plan






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