Beebe has gall to call GOP partisan

Beebe Has The Gall To Call Conservatives Partisan

The following letter was published in the Jonesboro Sun December 14, 2013

According to a recent article in the Sun, Governor Mike Beebe wants “good people” to run for office. He also indicated that some of the legislators that citizens elected are ideologically rigid and will not listen to facts. This is a thinly veiled reference to conservative Republicans. Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Leftist journalist John Brummett wrote in an article that Beebe has such tightd Obama for all the lies to the American people, most notably about being able to keep your health care plan and your doctor. Even Leonard Pitts, the

 control of the state Democratic Party that “it won’t go to the bathroom without a hall pass from his office.” And Beebe refused to take “no” for an answer in regards to the health exchanges in our state. That's what I call rigid ideology. How much more partisan can one get than that? Why have elections? Sounds like Boss Hogg politics to me.

Another left-wing journalist, Max Brantley, wrote in a blog that State Representative Linda Tyler quietly shepherded the defeat of 10 “radical” anti-abortion bills in 2011. (Remember that any abortion bill is considered radical by the Leftists). Rep. Tyler could not have done this by herself, since the Democrats can’t go to the bathroom without Beebe’s approval. Beebe has had to use strong partisan tactics to keep every Democrat in line. The Dems all voted as a block on every controversial bill in the last session and on all but one in the 2011 session - on an anti abortion bill.

Beebe seems to be in lock-step with President Obama and has not even criticize

 Pulitzer Prize winning black journalist, said Obama lied to the American people. It’s an established fact.

Some pundits have suggested that Obama is sympathetic to the Muslim cause. It is interesting that the concepts of lying and deception are accepted in the Muslim culture - if it furthers their cause. The terms they use for this are taqiyya and kitman. Taqiyya involves deception while kitman means concealing one's true intentions. Both are basically lying. Obama was steeped in Islamic culture during his childhood and he still puts Islam on a pedestal. And Beebe has followed in lock-step with everything Obama has decreed including Obamacare.

The private option is just Obamacare in disguise. Beebe went to great lengths to implement Obamacare in Arkansas, starting early on by pulling a coup to get the Republican speaker, Davy Carter, elected by getting all Democrats and a few Republicans to vote for Carter. Carter then helped Beebe seal the deal on Medicaid Expansion.

And Beebe has the gall to call conservatives partisan!

Darrell Geurin

Lynn, Arkansas



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