Two Letters to Editor on Governor Beebe's Appointment of Radical Gay Activist To the

State Board of Education


Below are two letters to the editor published in the Jonesboro Sun about Beebe's appointment of an activist "married" gay to the Arkansas State Board of Education.  See documentation of first letter at end of this email - permission given by the writer to print documentation.


Letter to the Jonesboro Sun July 31, 2012


Documentation for Bobby Hester's letter can be found at the end of this email - Obtained from him with permission to print.


Dems hypocrisy


In case The Sun's readers missed it (the media are not known for publishing such information) Gov. Mike Beebe recently appointed a gay activist to the State Board of Education - exhibiting just what a liberal who is term-limited will do when his re-election is not an issue.


Just last year Beebe told the Stonewall Democrats he opposed gay marriage and civil unions. Jay Barth, Beebe's appointment to the board, went to New York and "married" another man earlier this year.


The extent of Jay Barth's activism is confirmed by his actions and his own writings. At the 2006 Arkansas Democrat State Convention, Barth chaired the platform committee and led in facilitating the deletion of the line affirming marriage as the union of a man and a woman from the Democratic platform (a very significant change for Arkansas Democrats.)


Barth is a professor at Hendrix College and writes for the ultra-liberal Arkansas Times. Barth describes Hendrix this way: "Hendrix may really be the most friendly and affirming school for GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgendered] students in the South. It truly is an island. There is a GLBT student group at Hendrix that is quite active...In recent years, the majority of student body presidents have been openly gay or lesbian and sexual orientation simply isn't an issue in most aspects of life at Hendrix where a large percentage of the student body is out."


I am sure that Jay Barth would like to report the same about every public school in Arkansas some day and will do all he can to make that happen just as he is doing at Hendrix.


Beebe's appointment indicates a total lack of respect for the family and for 75 percent of the voters in Arkansas who voted against gay marriage. And Beebe did not just appoint a gay, but an extreme activist gay "married" to another man who will be overseeing the education for every public school student in Arkansas.


Didn't Obama, like Beebe, just switch positions on this issue a few months back and now supports gay marriage? Democrats, tell us again that Arkansas Democrats are different from Washington Democrats. And tell us that you are not enablers of gay marriage and of such hypocrisy when you pull the lever for a Democrat this fall.


Bobby Hester



Letter to Jonesboro Sun July 27, 2012


Dangerously radical


I wonder if most Arkansas Democrats realize that at the 2006 Arkansas State Democrat convention the "marriage plank" was removed from the Arkansas Democratic platform.


Simply put, this means that the affirmative statement that "marriage is between a man and a woman" that used to be a part of Democrats' beliefs has been deleted.  Officially, the Arkansas Democratic leadership no longer supports the proposition that marriage is between one man and one woman.


The man who chaired the committee that removed the marriage plank was none other than Dr. Jay Barth, an openly gay professor who was recently appointed to the Arkansas State Board of Education by Democratic Governor Mike Beebe.  Barth and his partner had to go to New York to marry since Arkansans voted overwhelmingly (75% to 25%) against gay marriage.


In fact, gay marriage has lost in every single state --31 in all-- in which it has been put to a popular vote. Even California voted it down close to a  2/3 majority. Our media in Arkansas won't even publish gay marriage announcements.  Yet Governor Beebe ignores the people and installs a radical homosexual activist to oversee the education of impressionable young minds.


Beebe is just following in Barack Obama's footsteps.  According to an AP Washington Times article, by 2010 Obama had appointed 150 gays,  more gays in two years than Clinton did in eight years.  And despite a highly organized PR campaign to convince the American people otherwise, a study done by the CDC showed that only 1.4 percent of the population is gay.


It would be interesting to see what kind of changes Barth has planned for the curriculum of Arkansas schools.  Remember, your children will be a captive audience.  Perhaps he plans to require students in first grade to read "Heather Has Two Mommies," a book about a child with a lesbian mother and her lover.


Arkansas Democrats get their values from Hollywood, Washington, D.C., and directly from Barack Obama.  The people who have voted Democrat in Arkansas in the past have been hoodwinked.  They thought that Democrats were looking out for their interests and reflected their values.  This recent appointment shows how dangerously radical Arkansas Democrats have become.


by Leslie Bennett 


Documentation for Bobby  Hester's letter: - Obtained from him with permission to print.


Most of the information can be found at this link: "Arkansas Family Council Concerned with Governor's Appointee to State Board of Education"

and at this link: Right Wingers Blast Jay Barth Appointment to Department of Education.


Beebe opposes gay marriage and civil unions - Title of article "Mike Beebe's very bad night."

 " WED: Jay Barth (left) and Chuck Cliett were married in New York March 14."


Jay Barth Behavior and Own Words:  "Jay Barth's Objectives are Clear"  Also found in first article listed above. 



Posted August 9, 2012 by Women Action Group