Agenda 21 CDBG Grant Expenditures from

Community Development Block Grant Program

2013 Program Year


Taken from this link spread throughout the document:

Hispanic Services Center-Center Expansion $130,000.00 Regulation: 570.201 Basic eligible activities – (a) Acquisition This activity is phase I of a multi-phase project to assist the Hispanic Community Services, Inc. (HSCI, Inc.) in acquiring land surrounding the current location of said center (in a CDBG area of the city), expanding, and rehabilitating the center in an effort to better serve the center’s clients. The Spanish-speaking population of Jonesboro is the largest growing sector of the community and contributes to a significantly large percentage of the low to moderate income population. The Hispanic Center offers after school programs, translation services, tutoring, mentoring, athletic programs, financial counseling, life skills, and citizenship attainment services. 19.2%
Security & Lighting for Youth Center $8,176.00 Provide security system and security lighting to increase security and safety for youth and staff at City Youth Ministries (CYM). CYM is located in a CDBG area and delivers direct after-school and summer program services to low to moderate income youth and children. 1.2%
Playground in North Jonesboro $50,000.00 Install playground equipment in CDBG area on Johnson Avenue, a central east and west corridor of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA). Plans for this same location are a community/youth center/emergency shelter and a T.O.W.N. Market (also proposed action plan). 7.4%
City Youth Ministries-After School mentoring $10,000.00 Mentorship, education, and nutrition program for low income youth to enhance the learning process. Pays portion of salary for youth mentor at City Youth Ministries organization. 1.5%
Hispanic Community Center-Bridges Between Two Cultures $10,000.00 Translation/Community Outreach Services. Provide referrals, community outreach, bilingual phone line, translation services, and job placement. Pays portion of salary for staff at Hispanic Community Center. 1.5%
Habitat for Humanity-Basic Life Skills Training $5,000.00 Provide basic life skills to low-moderate income families. Training includes financial management, health and nutrition, etc. Focus will also include moving families from crisis management to daily management. Funds will be used to reimburse for supplies needed for implementation. Life Skills classes will be taught by an AmeriCorps Service Member (funded by Department of Human Services and HUD). 0.7%
Life Skills Center-Life Skills for Autistic Individuals $5,000.00 To provide life skills services and training to the physically and mentally challenged, as well to low/moderate income citizens. The goal is to prepare such individuals, ages 5 to 21, for adulthood and integration into society through appropriate transitional programming consisting of strength-based education, social skills, and community involvement. 0.7%
Out of the Dark-Enhancing Communities by Energizing Positive Youth Development $5,000.00 Support to Out of the Dark in educating community, area schools, and others on drug awareness and prevention as well as reducing crime. Funds will be used to reimburse for drug awareness and prevention seminar. 0.7%
Living Healthy with HIV-NEA Regional AIDS Network $5,000.00 To assist HIV+ individuals remain healthy by promoting proper nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitary environment and adherence with medical care. Funds will be used to reimburse for supplies and services to this population at-risk. 0.7%
West End-Neighborhood Safety $1,000.00 As a neighborhood revitalization project, West End Neighborhood Association will provide information on how to stabilize neighborhoods through implementation of neighborhood safety projects and behaviors. 0.1%
North Jonesboro Neighborhood Initiative $37,500.00 Collaborative community change strategies where engaged residents, local businesses, faith communities, social service providers and funders work together to build vibrant neighborhoods, foster community cohesion, and build a strong infrastructure of services and supports for families (NRSA status pending). Funds will be used for the AmeriCorps, cooking utensils and food for the "Cooking Matters" class, NJNI documentary, ASU CARE office costs, Job training and development, community outreach, exercise equipment for Healthy Futures Strategy, travel and training for the NJNI Coordinator, and membership dues. 5.5%
Foundation of Arts $15,000.00 Using public art to energize and engage the city, promote a greater awareness and appreciation of public art, reflect the unique character of a low community, and celebrate cultural diversity and the history of Jonesboro. 2.2%
Emergency Homeowner Rehabilitation $100,000.00 Assist in the improvement of housing conditions for LMI Homeowners, thereby preserving our existing affordable housing stock. 14.8%
Rehabilitation Administration $7,000.00 Housing Rehabilitation Activity Delivery Cost; pays salary for the Grants Rehab Coordinator. 1.0%
Sewer Improvements (Phase 1) $41,903.00 Sewer improvements within CDBG area- Project focus is the installation of a main trunk line within designated CDBG residential neighborhood. Funds will be used to begin new project in 2013. 6.2%
Sewer Improvements (Phase 2) $41,903.00 Sewer improvements within CDBG area- Project focus is the connection to main trunk line within designated CDBG residential neighborhood. Funds will be used to begin new project in 2013. 6.2%
T.O.W.N. (Together Operation with Neighbors) Market $100,000.00 Develop a community marketplace in low/moderate income neighborhood that will include accessible and local produce and cultural products/services to the citizens. Locally grown produce will be provided by the NJNI network FSCIA community gardens and the West End Neighborhood community gardens. Each participating organization will utilize profits to further their mission of service to LMI citizens and to promote self-sustainability. For example, the Hispanic Community Center will use Jonesboro T.O.W.N. Market to sell their tamales, one of their most profitable fundraisers. Goals include: (1) bridging the gap between diverse socio-economic statuses, races, ethnicities, and ages, (2) providing inexpensive and healthy food options to LMI citizens, and (3) creating long-term financial sustainability in local organizations providing services to LMI citizens in an LMI area of the city. 14.8%
Administration $104,668.00 CDBG administration costs necessary for planning, project management, implementation, and compliance reporting. 15.5%
TOTAL GRANT                                                           $677,150.00