Agenda 21 - Promotes Energy Redistribution Worldwide  


The following quote is in the documentation below that I sent to the paper with the following letter that was published in the Jonesboro Sun Yesterday, Dec. 18, 2012.  I always want you to know that I do document what I write and am not exaggerating. There are other sites on the web promoting such stuff.   Note this quote found in the documentation below:   "Global (and national) consumption rates per capita are calculated by dividing total world (and national) extractions of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass by world (and national) population figures."  I am trying to get this information out before the hearing on Jonesboro Vision 2030 so the city council will be aware of all the problems connected with it before they vote on it.  (The quote in red can be found on at least five different websites) 


 Letter to Editor: Paper entitled it "Search the Original"


The writer of a recent Sun letter cautioned people to be very careful in researching UN Agenda 21 "because the internet search engines are full of right wing nuts." Most of these "right wing nuts" actually use the original sources for their research, like the United Nations, EPA, and US Transportation websites, etc. and local documents.


One source that helps explain Un Agenda 21 is the ICLEI  [International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives] United Nations website. ICLEI states on its own website that ICLEI  "has been a key driver" of "Local Agenda 21 - the UN mandate for implementing sustainable development at the local level." ICLEI says it  has 1220 local government members in 84 different countries, with almost half of those in the US. North Little Rock  Mayor Patrick Hays is the President of ICLEI, the highest office in the nation for ICLEI.


In regard to the radical nature of Agenda 21, ICLEI  (the key driver of Agenda 21) declares: "It's time to move from national interests to global environmental justice" and advocates "globally applicable average per capita limits for the extraction of natural resources and for the emissions resulting from their use."  The United Nations Agenda 21 document says, "Examples include the polluter-pays principle and the more recent natural-resource-user-pays concept."


Globally equalizing natural resources infers that ugly Americans are using too many of the world's  resources.  Even the communists have never attempted this before.


ICLEI often uses the "Complete Streets Model" in its projects.  The Complete Street Coalition promotes streets that include lanes for pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and public transportation all in one street.  A quote from their own website: "Complete Streets fight climate change and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by providing transportation choices and allowing people to leave the car at home. The Jonesboro Vision 2030 draft  says, "The City of Jonesboro is committed to adopting a complete streets ordinance."


The Smart Growth Coalition also touts ICLEI projects on its website.  A video on Smart Growth was presented at a local MPO meeting in Jonesboro and is a term with which all city council members will be familiar since it is often used to describe plans for Jonesboro. The author of the UK Millennium papers had this to say about Smart Growth:  "Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy-fixated groups and individuals in our society such as the National Rifle Association...we call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth."


By all means be careful where you do research on UN Agenda 21 - search the original documents. 


Debbie Pelley


Documentation for the Letter


Link to ICLEI as key driver of UN Agenda 21:  Numbers of ICLEI organization vary according to which year you use.  They have now changed their name to "ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability" This take the international aspect out of their name. Their main website is


"Global (and national) consumption rates per capita are calculated by dividing total world (and national) extractions of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass by world (and national) population figures."


Newspaper article showing Mayor Patrick Hays of North Little Rock is president of ICLEI


Complete Street model used with ICLEI project:  "Develop and adopt changes in planning and design standards, based on a Complete Streets model, to incorporate pedestrian safety and mobility features in future public and private developments."  Title of article is "ICLEI – Before and After"  See Initiative 5.31: Pedestrian Safety & Mobility.


Smart Growth touts ICLEI projects on its website:

ICLEI announces nine Star Beta Communities and ICLEI launches "Planet Earth" magazine featuring local government innovations - titles of two of the ICLEI articles that Smart Growth touts.


The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium by Gary Lawrence at this link:  page 3 first paragraph


Posted December 19, 2012

Debbie Pelley