Salaries of Arkansas Government Employees Skyrocketed 20% and 30% from 2007 to 2010

Arkansas Median Household Income Plummeted  From $40,795 to 35,075 in the same time period.


(See below for the $117 Million Increase in 2011 Arkansas Budget)

Here are the facts: (This information came from Government State Departments in Arkansas - obtained by a legislator) 

Arkansas' State Budget Increased by $117 Million from our 2011 budget In our Current Legislature While Median Household Income Has Dropped More Than $5,000.

The news emphasized over and over the 1/2 % reduction in our  grocery tax that Beebe proposed.  That amounts to a $20.8 million-a-year cut in fiscal 2012, or 50 cents saved on a $100 dollar grocery bill.  The reporters gave very little emphasis to the fact that our entire budget was increased $117 million over this  year's budget. 

The news and various legislators emphasized the $35 million tax cuts this year and enumerated them over and over, leaving the impression our budget was cut this year when it actually increased $117 million. The cuts were to the Governor's PROPOSED BUDGET, not cuts to the current budget.   Conservative were able to cut Beebe's PROPOSED  budget by $35 million and voted down Beebe's proposed salary raises for state employees.  However, conservatives were not able to prevent the increase in the budget.

The Democrat Gazette did report this budget increase but one had to watch for it carefully to see it.


Women Action Group


Posted April 14, 2011