JonesboroVISION 2030

One Vision, One Community Executive Action Plan

[This is one page on Future Land Use typed from the a sixteen-page booklet provided to participants in a meeting.] 




Jonesboro's future land us plan is the City's guide to form and pattern our city's future development.  This plan is used to direct the provision of public infrastructure and provide for the orderly development of business, industry, residential, public, private, and mixed land uses.  The land use plan is different from previous plans with unique characteristics such as:


            1.  A strong emphasis on urban design.

            2.  A flexible arrangement that avoids strip development and promotes a pedestrian friendly community.

            3.  Strong guidance for development of city bikeways, greenways, sidewalks, and roads.

            4.  Recommendation of road landscaping and design.

            5.  Guidance on preservation of local resources; and

            6.  Strong support for transit-friendly development.


Standing of the Plan


Jonesboro's Land Use plan is the official vision for the development of the region as it continues to grow over the next twenty years.  The plan guides the application of the City's rezoning, annexation, subdivision, and site plan ordinances.  A primary focus of the plan is encouragement of private development through public investment in services, facilities, and infrastructure.  The plan's recommendations allow stakeholders to have a clear vision of development and lessen potential conflict between citizens and developers.  The plan encourages the development of livable "hometown" neighborhoods where homes, offices, and shopping intermix.


Promoting Mixed Uses


Jonesboro's Historic Downtown Core traditionally had mixed-use areas - where offices, homes, and shopping coexisted.  However, more recent development trends in the community have shifted away from this pattern of mixed-use.  The automobile as the dominant mode of transportation has led to a more dispersed pattern of land uses, and consumer demand for larger single family homes on larger lots has dispersed the community more over time.  Vision 2030 promotes mexed-use development patterns in activity centers designated on the Future Land Use Plan to maintain Jonesboro's identity, to create livable neighborhoods with save and inviting pedestrian environments, to stimulate development and revitalization of some areas, and to promote smart, energy-wise development patters, through the use of the new category of land uses:  Planned Mixed Use Employment Area.


Planned Mixed Use Area - "PMUA"


1.  Developoments containing some combination of office, retail,  housing, and light industrial or compatible uses developed with a consistent theme and containing architectural, landscape, streetscape, and signage standards.


2.  Typicall,y PMUA is a campus style planned developoment with multiple uses that are created in separate buildings or within single buildings, sharing a common image and circulation system.  The Planned Mixed Use Area districts are typically located on major arterial streets where infrastructure is pre-existing or is planned as part of a proposed development. Access management shall be a major priority, consolidated curb-cuts shall be promoted.


3. Components:  The intent of the PMUA is to promote a mix of uses and to discourage single use, and the composition  shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.


4.  It is suggested that the the PUMA boundary comprise a minimum 10% of commercial uses and a maximum 25% multi-family.  The single family component can account for the balance in either scenario.  Green space/open space is encouraged where PMUA developments abut more restrictive districts, where buffers are necessary.


5.  PMUA promotes innovative neighborhood themes having housing choices that will stand the test of time in terms of construction and architectural standards, as well as firs-class management and maintenance.