Arkansas Is Using Extreme Radical Dan Burden As Transportation Expert


Quotes and comments from this radical, Dan Burden, from a video, a lecture, and an article that can be accessed online.   See link to many more quotes and documentation at end of email.


Whether a city is working or not depends on how many people you see walking. Video

If I don't need to rent a car, your rate will be high. If I do need to rent a car, your rate will be low.   Video


Walking has got to become the focus for transportation planning. Video

"Design conflicts 'should be resolved in favor of the non-vehicular users'" Article


Burden said how important turning the clock back 100 years is.  We need to bring down the amount of fuel.  We need to downsize grocery stores so you can get groceries closer to where people live and mentioned other places that need to be downsized so they would be in walking distance.  Video


"Towns and portions of towns identified as neighborhoods must be planned and assembled to walking scale. History has proven that distance of a quarter-mile radius forms the near perfect place for people to interact ... This scale allows people to reach most primary destinations in five minute walks. It is possible to get completely across the entire area in 10 minutes."  Lecture


" Well-constructed streets elicit appropriate behavior, increasing neighborliness, association, belonging, acceptance, pride and play. When roadways become focused for inappropriate motorist volumes or behavior, streets become problems, breeding crime, litter, disrepair of properties and other social problems ... Urban areas, no longer relying on walking and bicycling as travel choices, are becoming unfit and unhealthy." Lecture


Three elements that are most important and crucial for transportation planning: Healthy Planet, Healthy Community, Healthy Economy.   They all center on the same thing walkability. Video


In addition to being the Founder of Walkable Communities, Dan Burden also worked in  Florida Department of  Transportation (DOT) as the state pedestrian and bicycle coordinator and also on the United Nations Technical Advisory Team to assist China.  Burden's Lecture was  presented to Transportation Research Board, Washington, D. C. in 2001.  He is now the Executive Director of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute and


Article Showing Dan Burden Working in Arkansas:

Towns turn to 'road diets' to slow busy traffic

"In this photo taken Oct. 7, 2011, Dan Burden measures a street intersection in North Little Rock, Ark. Instead of making streets wider to accommodate more cars, crews will reduce them from four lanes to two in a project called a "road diet." The goal is to rein in aggressive drivers and make shopping areas friendlier to pedestrians. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)" 

(AP) It looks like any other road-improvement project: orange barrels, repaving equipment and men in fluorescent vests. But a closer look reveals something curious. Instead of making the street wider to accommodate more cars, the crew reduces it from four lanes to two in a project called a "road diet." The goal is to rein in aggressive drivers and make shopping areas friendlier to pedestrians.

The idea seems counterintuitive for traffic-choked towns, but it's catching on. In Harrison, a small city in northwest Arkansas, officials also hope it drums up more business along Main Street. Mayor Jeff Crockett wants drivers "to slow down, stop, shop, take your time getting through."

Still, Dan Burden, who pushes road diets and other transportation ideas to make communities more walkable, says the road diet fits nicely with Harrison's goal of gleaning more revenue from its businesses.

But business owners such as Ernest Raney, who runs a pawn shop with his wife along Main Street, question whether it will achieve anything for businesses. "They call it a road diet, which means they're going to cut back on traffic," Raney said. "But I can't imagine any businessman wanting less traffic in front of his business."

Harrison completed its road diet only a few weeks ago, so it's too soon to know whether the new system will pay off.

The article was also in the Democrat Gazette Nov. 29, page 4B.

So what is the real goal?

Eliminating as much transportation by cars (for global warming purposes) as possible is a goal of the U.N. Sustainable Development.  Our Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MPO's)  across the state are filled with quotes like. "Work towards...increasing trips by bicycle and foot by a certain percentage over 2010 levels." 

At the first MPO meeting I attended, the speakers kept talking about bikeways and walkways, so I asked: "Are the bike trails for the purpose of recreation or for actual transportation to reduce the number of cars on the road?" Mr. Muhammad Ulkarim (Director of MPO) answered: "The bike trails are mostly recreational now, but in the near future they will be for transportation and to reduce the number of cars on the road." After a couple more questions, we asked, "So do you envision a future where our children and grandchildren will be riding bicycles rather than driving cars?" The answer: "It won't be just our kids and grandchildren, it will be you and me -- us," indicating it would be coming very soon. (Most of the people there were over 50 and probably over 60.)

There is no way Americans are going to depend on walking and biking and mass transit unless the government forces it on them through high gas prices, expensive cars, regulations, etc. There are all kinds of energy that could be tapped in our own country including drilling in Alaska, offshore and other places. Therefore, the government is imposing extreme unnecessary hardships on its citizens, and the MPO is knowingly or unknowingly cooperating with the federal government in its endeavors.

All this money is being wasted on bikeways, walkways, mass transit, light rail, etc., just like our president has wasted it on Solyndra and other solar plants for global warming purposes. According to Fox, President Obama has included a $53 billion investment in national high-speed intercity passenger rail network in this year's budget and is pushing ahead with his plan to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail within 25 years. Amtrak has lost $13 billion in the last 10 years. [This 80% figure is confirmed on this White House website link]

Wake up folks!  - Unless you want to move into a high density area so you can walk to work, or ride your bike.  They are much farther along on this plan than you realize - note that Obama has already mandated bikeways to be part of all government funded transportation. See this link for more information on that:  Our Jonesboro MPO Director gave us a list of about 40 national organizations pushing this movement. Our MPO Director, Muhammad Ulkarim,  had the gall to say in an email: "The primary purpose of creating the MPOs was to empower local communities by moving decision-making from Washington, D.C. and state capitals to local communities."

North Little Rock Mayor, Patrick Henry Hays, is the former US  President of  The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) - one of the most radical organizations pushing all of Dan Burden's radical agenda.  That is probably how Dan Burden wound up working in Arkansas. ICLEI is involved in the following according to the American Policy Center:  it restricts energy and land use, private property rights, water use, even building materials. It also includes cap and-trade, global warming, population and gun control, open borders and illegal immigration, higher gas and other taxes, no oil drilling, education restructuring, international IDs, health, food and farm control, and wealth redistribution.

Other Doucmentation:


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Lecture by Dan Burden presented to Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C. in 2001. Video:  "Building Communities WithTransportation" by Dan Burden


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See next article that includes excerpts from our Jonesboro MPO Director's recent email on the size of  housing these dictators are planning for us!


Posted December 2, 2011

Debbie Pelley