Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act

Unless You Are in the Battle At Hand, You Are Not In The Battle At All


Below is a letter to the editor I sent in that was published today, April 4, 2014.  Below the letter is a portion of an article from American Family Association showing how taking action makes a difference in saving our Christian freedom.   


Defend values

At a Jonesboro church one recent Sunday, an American missionary from Sudan spoke of witnessing such horrors as 56 babies killed by crushing their heads against trees and of Christian women being raped and taken as slaves for wives of the assailants from northern Sudan. He shared the pain of seeing terrorized children in bombing raids and of a missionary couple dying of starvation, choosing to give their food to starving children.


Although this man was trained as a missionary to share the gospel and had witnessed to prisoners in Russia for five years, he now finds himself in a different type of mission — going to battle himself and training Sudanese men to fight to protect women and children from fates worse than death.


This missionary says they train these men spiritually, mentally and physically — putting them through intense physical training with only two meals a day so they can endure the hardships of battle. They teach them that if they go to battle with five of them against 200 assailants, they are to just recognize this is their day to die and not to retreat. The chaplains serve on the front line of battle, and 14 of them have fallen in battle. Instead of being turned off by this message, almost every man in the church went forward to this missionary's call for such commitment.


Although these missionaries were called to be spiritual leaders, they answered the call at hand and now witness with great power.


As I listened to this missionary's message, I thought about a quote by John Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." Then I thought about all the churches and pastors who see no necessity in participating in the political and civil battle of today; and I marvel that they don't understand that if we don't peacefully win the battle against terrorism and tyranny in our country today, we will inevitably fight the terrorism and violence Sudan is experiencing.


We are already living in the days of Orwell's novel 1984. "During a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Bullies abound from the president on down through political correctness, hate speech laws, the IRS, the media and accusations of racism and fear mongering. I am not even giving this missionary's name for fear harm may come to him.


Christianity is under attack at home and abroad. Someone has said, "Unless you are in the battle at hand, you are not in the battle at all." Today's battle is to defend our Christian values and freedom lest we have to fight the same violence that plagues Sudan and atheistic countries.

Debbie Pelley



From American Family Association

The IRS heard you, here's what they said

April 4, 2014


Your actions have compelled the IRS to put off implementing regulations proposed by the Obama administration that were intended to shut down distribution of voter guides and legislative scorecards, holding get-out-the-vote campaigns and even voter registration activities by AFA and other conservative groups.

The IRS was proposing regulations that would give them the authority to invent rules that could ultimately censor political speech by conservative organizations, and eventually churches. That's when we asked you to submit public comments and your efforts have paid off!

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen issued this statement earlier this week:

"During the comment period, which ended in February, we received more than 150,000 comments. That's a record for an IRS rulemaking comment period. In fact, if you take all the comments on all Treasury and IRS draft proposals over the last seven years and double that number, you come close to the number of comments we are now beginning to review and analyze.

"It's going to take us a while to sort through all those comments, hold a public hearing, possibly re-propose a draft regulation and get more public comments. This means that it is unlikely we will be able to complete this process before the end of the year."

The overwhelming response from freedom-loving Americans means one thing: the IRS recognized the proposed regulations are utterly contrary to the First Amendment and completely out of step with American values.

Although Commissioner Koskinen didn't thank you for the public comments to his office, we certainly do!


Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association