Goals 2000 & STW - Nationalization of the Labor Force in the US Congressman Henry Hyde


See below also  for transcripts of presentations at Conference sponsored by US Congressman Henry Hyde:


Congressman Henry Hyde

Says Goals 2000 and School-To-Work

Enables Federal Agencies to Control the Nation's Workforce

and Choose Careers for every American Worker.



    In 1997, Congressman  Henry Hide  hosted  a conference on Goals 2000 and School-to-Work in Washington, DC,  which was sponsored  by eleven national organizations. The purpose of the conference was to educate legislators and their staffs about these concerns.  Fifteen nationally known speakers (including US and state representatives and senators, journalists, and authors) addressed the issued of  School To Work (School to Work is also known as Career Opportunities, Career Academies, Magnet Schools, Small Learning communities). See below for links to several of those presentations. Congressman Henry Hyde, who has  been in the U. S. House of Representative for 22 years and who would certainly not be considered outside the mainstream culture, wrote a two page letter with several pages of documentation to his colleagues expressing his concern this way: 

    "All future federal funding for education support President Clinton's Goals 2000 plan, a plan which enables federal agencies to control the nation's workforce.  School-to-Work chooses careers for every American worker.  Children's careers are chosen for them by Business Councils and federal agencies at the earliest possible age.  In some cases that is third grade.  Goals 2000 utilizes America's educational system as the infrastructure for the nationalization of the labor force in the United States."

    "The results will be to create a controlled workforce for the global economy and our children will be the 'human resources' for this plan.  Siblings who have already graduated will be forced to return for vocational training and behavioral modification.  Adults who want to change jobs or who involuntarily lose their jobs will also be required to enter retraining through adult education and vocational classes in order to qualify for Certificates of Mastery (CIM's) for future employment.  All Americans will have to receive a CIM [a government diploma] in order to qualify for a job through the one-stop career centers."  Quotes by Congressman Henry Hyde

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