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Some of us who fervently try to stay up on issues and try to fulfill a mission of being watchmen on the wall have been snookered big time with the REAL ID Act of 2005.  Real ID is to be implemented by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) which creates standards for a national driver license.  This ID will be used as identification for "official purposes." Through this Act, citizens of the United States are being enrolled without their knowledge in a single global system of identification.


I learned a few years ago to look carefully at what the liberal government officials  are saying up front because behind the scene they are doing just the opposite of what they are proclaiming from the roof top to be the truth. This same principle was applied perfectly to the REAL ID Act.  The REAL ID ACT fooled both sides of the political spectrum: ACLJ and  conservative organizations, as well as the  ACLU.




Rarely do I ever agree with the ACLU and don't ever remember quoting from them before, but after they were brought into the battle, they got it right this time by saying "Since its enactment, the Real ID Act has troubled people across the political spectrum [Anti REAL ID has been introduced in all but eight states according to ACLU]. It was enacted through procedural trickery out of keeping with the spirit of democratic process vital for such a sweeping measure…amounts to a hidden tax increase, invades everyone's privacy, and embodies the worst excesses of bureaucratic government…The single interlinked database of drivers' personal information mandated by the REAL ID Act will be an irresistible honey pot for identity thieves"  [Letter from Washington State Legislative Director, ACLU Larry Frankel February 7, 08]


ACLU member Calabrese alluded to a classic George Orwell novel in voicing his opposition to the Real ID Act.  “It’s going to be ‘1984’ — just a little later, in 2008,” he said.


In testimony opposing REAL ID  before a Congressional Hearing April 29, 08 Caroline Fredrickson, ACLU Director of Washington Legislative Office  stated:  REAL ID "offers only the fiction of security, while in fact threatening our security, vastly increasing the incidence and severity of identity theft, and changes our culture irrevocably without any significant, measurable benefits to the American people….and would lead to the building of a National ID card system over the next decade or more.


In this ACLU testimony, Fredrickson also says, "The very creation of a "REAL" Id will entice criminals and terrorists to acquire them so as to freely move throughout our society … When criminals and terrorists obtain Real ID licenses under assumed names they will walk through our society without scrutiny – just as the 9/11 hijackers."


ACLJ's Concerns With REAL ID


On the opposite end of the political spectrum, the very conservative  American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)  headed by Jay Sekulow is just as adamantly opposed to the REAL ID Act.  ACLJ is specifically dedicated to protecting religious freedom of rights and has argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court and Federal Court of Appeals, In ACLJ's  document opposing REAL ID, they express the following concerns in a document dated January 31, 08.







Stop REAL ID Coaltion's VIEW on REAL ID


The Stop Real ID Coalition, which was responsible for bringing ACLU and ACLJ  together in this battle, states that "REAL ID requires states to link their databases, sharing personal-biometric information and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) boasts of a global personal-biometric sharing system and quotes Robert Mocny (DHS US-Visit) as saying:  DHS plans to create a "Global Security Envelope of internationality shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with biometric ID, personal information held by governments and corporations.


Stop Real ID Coalition reports that "Citizens of the world are being enrolled in a single global system of identification and financial control.  Facial recognition, digital fingerprinting and iris recognition are forms of biometric identification being used by many states and nations to identify their citizens, for control and surveillance.  Once enrolled, your body becomes proof of identity. ..U.S. citizens are being identified and enrolled in this system without their knowledge, through Driver License ID (DL/ID) cards and passports.


Stop Real ID Coalition adds:  "This system attacks state and national sovereignty and our rights of representation. Under REAL ID, control over the DL/ID card will pass from states to the federal government and the international organizations running the biometric and data sharing system.  This violates the Tenth Amendment, which limits federal powers, and retains more direct powers fro state control where the people have far more access to elected representatives. …


"A universal ID system will break open the borders and is the foundation for such programs as the "Secuirty Prosperity Partnership."  Biometrics, and global information sharing, permanently enrolls us into a system that threatens religious beliefs, privacy and states' rights (all protected by the bill of Rights) and will certainly facilitate an international ID theft pandemic. "


States Rebel Against REAL ID


This REAL ID Act is so bad that states are moving en masse to reject it, and many states are refusing to comply.  Eight states have passed statutes prohibiting implementation of REAL ID.  Ten  states have passed a Resolution Denouncing REAL ID or asking for the repeal of REAL ID.  In eleven states anti REAL ID legislation has passed at least one chamber.  In seven states anti REAL ID has been introduced. "In all, only eight states have not seen the introduction of anti-Real ID legislation," according  to ACLU.  See maps and text.


So just how did the REAL ID Act get passed? And How Does The Government and Proponents Describe This REAL ID Act?


 Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at a Press Conference on Real ID on January 11, 08 said, "One of the biggest concerns we’ve had for the last several years, one we continue to have at the Department of Homeland Security, is how do we promote a secure form of identification across America? And Congress has spoken to this by passing the REAL ID Act several years ago, which provides that we have the obligation to set uniform security standards for the issuance of state driver’s licenses."


Then Chertoff gives three reasons for the need of these " secure driver’s licenses."


1.  " This kind of identification gives us a tremendous tool in preventing dangerous people from getting on airplanes or getting into federal buildings." 

2.   Second, secure identification happens to be a very good way to prevent illegal immigrants from pretending to be American citizens so they can work illegally in this country.

3. Third, secure identification protects all of us from the pernicious plague of identity theft.. And in the year 2005, according to the FTC, identity theft cost American households $64 billion, and 28 percent of those incidents likely involved the use of a phony driver’s license.

Chertoff's remarks would be laughable if they were not so deceptive and dangersous. Of course, any sane person will come to the same conclusion to which ACLU and ACLJ came if they do their research on REAL ID:  This "secure driver's licenses" on a single interlinked database of drivers' personal information mandated by the REAL ID Act will be an irresistible honey pot for identiy thieves"  and ACLU member stated.


"The Real ID Act has also been championed by its supporters as a bill to secure the US border, particularly the southern border, by prohibiting states from issuing standard driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, making it harder for immigrants to obtain political asylum status, and requiring the completion of a wall on the Mexican/San Diego Border."  People believe easily what they earnestly hope for. Therefore, numerous people and various conservative organizations organizations called and faxed their legislators asking them to vote for REAL ID 


This interlinked database of  information will be in the hands of governments where corruption is rampant so why would terrorists and illegal aliens not be able to steal identities?  In the REAL Identity Driver License Agreement (DLA) the jurisdiction for the REAL ID is given as follows: "Jurisdiction – A state, territory or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, a territory or province of Canada or any state of the Republic of Mexico or the Federal District of Mexico." (See page 4, number 13 for this quote)


Under General Purpose, page 2 in the Driver License Agreement,  the first purpose is : "One driver license and one driver control record recognized by all member jurisdictions, for each driver.  Number 8 of the same section, same page reads:  "Uniformity among all member jurisdictions concerning the exchange of information on driver licenses, identification cards, records, convictions, withdrawals and other data related to the driver licensing process."


Other countries can also become members.  On page 10 under Membership the DLA reads "Any jurisdiction is eligible for membership in the Agreement" and then proceeds to explain how other countries can join.


Arkansas's Involvment with REAL ID


To my surprise I just learned that  Arkansas passed a law in 2005 that according to Wikepedia would allow Arkansas to join the Driver License Agreement by administrative rulemaking.  That law is ACT 446 of 2005 and the title is  "An Act To Permit The Director of the Department of Finance and Administration, As Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, To Enter Into a Compact to Share Driver's License Information With Other States."  But in the text of the bill it adds the words other jurisdictions as well as other states.  ACT 446 can be found at this link:


 In Section 1 the bill reads:   "The purpose of this section is to allow the State of Arkansas to negotiate and consummate a reciprocal agreement with the duly authorized officials or representatives of the following:  A state or territory of the United States; A state, territory, district, or province of Canada or Mexico; or The government of the United States, Canada, or Mexico/  The Director of the Department of Finance and Administration, as the Commissisoner of Motor Vehicles, may negotiate and consummate a reciprocal agreement as provided under this section."  [This language sounds just like it is compatible with the Real ID.]  Arkansas has also been awarded a REAL ID grant in the amount of  $892,887. The REAL ID Act uses the carrot and stick approach like most other government programs.  States are rewarded  big grant money if they comply; and if they don't comply,  citizens of the non complying states are denied the privileges enjoyed by the citizens of other state. Link to grants given to states:


Arkansas Resolution on REAL ID


However, also to my surprise (considering Arkansas ACT 446 of 2005 mentioned above) Arkansas has also passed a Resolution (SCR22 of 2007 sponsored by Senator Wilkins and Representative Pace.) This Resolution is not binding as the above Arkansas Law Act 446 law is, but it does reinforce the information given above in this document. "To urge Congress and the United States Department of Homeland Security to Add Critical Privacy and Civil Liberty Safeguards to the REAL ID Act of 2005 and to fully fund or suspend implementation of the REAL ID,"  is the title of this Resolution.


 Following are assertions made in this Arkansas Resolution SCR22 found at this link:

 Resolutions are not binding as the Arkansas Law 446 is, but it does reinforce the facts as pointed out above in this document.

Conservative organizations were led to believe that the REAL ID would be the best possible answer to preventing illegal aliens from getting a driver's license and an ID to apply for benefits.  In essence, REAL ID would give all Mexicans as well as citizens of other countries who join the   REAL ID program a permanent ID and admission into the North America Union driver pool.  The REAL ID is in reality the foundation of seamless borders and the North American Union.


REAL ID Background


"The REAL ID Act of 2005 was passed as an amendment to the 2005 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief.  The REAL ID amendment was passed unanimously in the U.S. Senate without debate, and passed overwhelmingly in the U.S. House of Representatives with limited Debate.


"REAL ID proponents assert that the REAL ID initiative is a result of the 2004 9/11 Commission report.  However, at least as early as 1996, various forms of a national ID card system had been introduced into the legislative process—REAL ID is the first to come close to actual implementation.  Moreover, REAL ID is the realization of the international community's objectives which long preceded the attacks of 9/11."  (From ACLJ document January 31, 08.) 


History and Present Status of REAL ID


"The REAL ID Act started off as H.R. 418, which passed the House and went stagnant.  Representative James Sensenbrenner ® of Wisconsin, the author of the original Real ID Act, then attached it as a rider on a military spending bill (H.R. 1268.)  The House of Representatives passed that spending bill with the REAL ID rider 368-58, and the Senate passed the joint House-Senate conference report on that bill 100-0.  President Bush signed it into law on May 11, 2005.

"On  March 2, 07, it was announced that enforcement of the Act would be postponed for two years. The provisions of the bill will be delayed from going into effect until December 2009. On January 11, 2008, it was announced that the deadline has been extended again, until 2011, in hopes of gaining more support from states." [The changes also put off the deadline for final compliance by five years, from 2012 to 2017].

My Request to Legislators

Since the above Resolution is not binding, I hope some of you legislators will sponsor legislation to prohibit the implementation of REAL ID in Arkansas as they have in several other states.  I also hope you will investigate Act 446 of 2005 that Wikipedia says  would allow Arkansas to join the Driver License Agreement by administrative rulemaking and determine what has been done or is being done with the $892,887 grant money Arkansas has received from REAL ID and if it is obligating us to comply with REAL ID.


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Debbie Pelley