Beware: Primary Candidates That Voted For the Private Option


First, I promised myself that I would never support or vote for any of the legislators who voted for the Private Option if they ever ran for re-election or another office. I have never opposed anyone on the basis of one vote before, but legislators voting for the Private Option so violated the trust and requests of the people putting them in office and revealed so much about the legislators casting their votes for it that I can no longer trust them to represent the conservative values.  


(Just in case you are not familiar with the Private Option Medicaid Expansion in Arkansas, see this link to a guest editorial by me in the Jonesboro Sun May 3, 2013 that summarizes it.


Three of the legislators that voted for the Private Option are running for statewide offices this election in the Republican Primary, and all three have Republican Primary opponents.  


State Representative Andy Mayberry is running for Lieutenant Governor.  He voted for the Private Option in 2013 and 2014. Mayberry's Republican opponents in the Primary are Republican Representative Debra Hobbs and Congressman Tim Griffin.


State Representative Duncan Baird is running for State Treasurer.  He voted for the Private Option in 2013 & 2014.  His opponent is Republican Dennis Milligan.


Representative Andrea Lea is running for State Auditor. Lea voted for the Private Option in 2013 & 2014 and was one of the main supporters of it. Lea's Republican opponent in the Primary is Ken Yang.


In other state district races, the following candidates voted for the Private Option.  


Representative John Burris from Harrison is running for State Senate District 17.  His Republican opponent in the Primary is Scott Flippo and seems to have a good chance of winning.  Burris is the representative that helped pull the coup with the Democrats to get Davy Carter elected speaker of the House in 2013 instead of Terry Rice.  (This was the move that really helped get the Private Option passed).  I would love to vote for Flippo if I were in that district.  I know some conservative legislators went door to door and campaigned for Flippo. See this link and article for some falsehoods where Burris actually says among other things, "The Arkansas 'Private Option' reduces the number of people on Medicaid."  Also see this link for another article, "John Burris: Against The Obamacare Exchange Before He Was For It"


Incumbent Senator Bruce Holland from Greenwood is being challenged by Republican Representative Terry Rice for District 9 State Senate Race.  Holland voted for the Private Option every time it was voted on in 2013 & 2014.  Rice voted against the Private Option every time in 2013 and 2014.   For further details on this race see this link and article: "Holland and Rice Spar Over Legislative Record" and  "Nine Problems With Senator Holland's Latest Mailer"


Senator Bill Sample from Hot Springs is facing a primary challenge from Jerry Neal for State Senate District 14.  Sample is still defending (and deceiving) his vote for the Private Option in 2013 & 2014.  Read Nic Horton's article for Sample's deception and falsehoods, even accusing his opponent of being for Obamacare.  "GOP Senate Primaries, Round Three:  Sample vs. Neal"


Senator Missy Irvin from Mountain Home in State Senate District 18 is being challenged by Phil Grace.  Irvin was the “deciding vote” on the Obamacare Private Option in 2013, the last one they finally got to vote for it in order to pass it.  In 2014 she reversed her vote and voted against the Private Option.  I really appreciate Irvin changing her vote in 2014, but the Private Option would never have been put in place without her earlier vote. See this link and article for more details by Nic Horton: "A First Look At The Arkansas Senate Primaries:  Irvin vs Grace on the 'Private Option'


Representative Sue Scott from Rogers is facing a Primary opponent, Republican Dane Zimmerman. Scott voted for the Private Option and in the Family Council Survey said she supports it.


Representative Ann Clemmer voted for the Private Option in 2013 but voted against it in 2014.  She is running for U.S. Congress District 2.  Colonel Conrad Reynolds and French Hill are Republicans that are also running for this office in the Primary.


Representative John Hutchison from Harrisburg, who voted for the Private Option in 2013 but voted against it in 2014,  is facing a

 Primary Opponent, Republican Dwight Tosh/


Posted by Debbie Pelley May 8, 2014