Taxpayers Paying For Abortions Under Obamacare

On Huckabee Program & Stupak Video



Betsy McCaughey (sounds like McCoy) on Mike Huckabee program October 5, 2014 on how Obamacare covers abortion. I missed the introduction and first line or so. Note blue font in particular.


Betsy: The fact is that way back in 2010 he (Obama) didn't have the votes to pass the bill yet so he went to the Democratic Pro-life Caucus and he said I am going to make you a promise.  Even though this law will make health insurance mandatory, no one will be forced to buy abortion coverage or have their tax dollars used to pay for abortion coverage.  He provided the promise in writing but not actually in the law; and then right after the law squeaked by with just a few extra votes, he decided to forget that promise.


Huckabee: I remember very vividly they called it the Stupak Amendment,  and Bart Stupak, the congressman who later ended up retiring because of the pressure he got. He said Oh, don't worry, the President has given an executive order; he has promised, but it has long been the policy of the American government that even if there were going to be an abortion, there would not be taxpayer funds used for that abortion under the Hyde Amendment so this really violates more than just the promise; it violates a long standing tradition as it relates to taxpayer funding of abortion.


Betsy:  And it bamboozled the public as well as those lawmakers, just like if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, or how about remember this one You're going to get the same deal your congressman gets and you are going to save $2,500 a year.  Did you save it?


Huckabee:  No one really did.  Specifically how is it written into the law that abortion is now a part of Obamacare?


Betsy:  Well, actually what the law says is that qualified health plans will be offered in all the exchanges around the country and states have some leeway as to determining what qualified means and the secretary of health and human services has it.  But the fact is that in a majority of states health plans are being sold that cover abortion and consumers who go to the exchange to buy the health plan aren't told well, here is the price without the abortion coverage; here's the extra if you want the abortion coverage.  In other words, this isn't a pro-choice piece of legislation.  It takes the choice away.


Huckabee:  Do you think it was intentional?  Was this something they knew was in that law, or is this like Oh, my gosh?  We didn't know this.


Betsy:  That's the question we are hit with again and again.  Is it just incompetence, or was it intentional.  But here is the rub. We know, we the American people, not one party or the other, that we can write a health reform law that will cover the uninsured, and that it will be fair enough and honest enough that politicians don't have to lie about it again and again and again.  And that is what we should be doing.


Huckabee:  We are now one year into the launch of Obamacare and a year ago the rollout of the website was disastrous. Now we know that it wasn't just a few hundred million bucks for a website - two billion dollars.  Betsy, I don't know how  you can spend two billion dollars on the entire internet. Looks like you could buy the whole thing. 


Betsy:  Get ready for the confusion this years.  It's not just a coincidence that despite what the law actually says, the Obamas administration moved the enrollment date to after the election.  They can't stand the idea of having to live through that again.


Huckabee:  What are people probably going to see with the renewal period because that's where we are now, the renewal.  Are rates going to go up for a lot of people.


Betsy:  Rates will go up for quite a few people, but here is what I am really worried about. Most people still get their health insurance through an employer, along with their spouses.  And they're going to get the bad news, as many as thirty million people could lose their on their job coverage this year and be forced onto one of those exchanges which is a very raw deal.  And the reason is that the plans the employers bought in the small group market suddenly are no longer eligible.  And employers are going to be stuck with either going to the very expensive Obamacare one size fits all requirement or saying to their employees, "I am sorry, you'll have to get your health insurance somewhere else.  We are going to see a lot of that in the coming months. [Even more taxpayer money will be going to abortion.]


Huckabee:  That's really frightening for every American and as you say, there are a lot of  people in for yet more surprises. 


Betsy McCaughey:  Always great to have you here.  Nobody understands this whole thing more for the simple reason you actually read it. What a novel idea.


Bart Stupak Executive Order video & story - Believes HHS mandates on abortion are illegal . Link to video and story with Stupak admitting regret over negotiating Executive Order and that Obamacare under HHS mandate isillegal and vilate Executive Order he negotiated with Obam as well as statutory law.  


Stupak: "To tell you the truth I am perplexed and disappointed in having negotiated the Executive Order with the President.  Not only does that HHS mandate violate the Executive Order, it also violates statutory law.  If you go back to the Omnibus Budget Act of 2009 passed by Democratic House and Democratic Senate and signed by President Obama, that would probably be the most specific, articulate language that no funds can be used to promote abortion or words along those lines. It was March of 2009 that had the exact language - I have it here somewhere -


Interrupted by Question - could not hear the words of her question.


"Stupak:  I think it is illegal.  I think it is illegal.  Yeah, I believe it has contraceptive services; it also has drugs that induce, that would be part of abortion, abortifacient drugs,  Yes, I believe that."



Former Congressman Bart Stupak admits a compromise he made with Barack Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act is invalidated by HHS's controversial mandate for taxpayer-funded contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs.

Today Breeanne Howe of RedState and I attended a Democrats For Life panel during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. An attendee stood up and asked Bart Stupak and a panel of pro-life if the HHS contraception mandate has put them in a difficult position.

Stupak responded, “I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law.”Watch the video here, courtesy of RedState.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, passed in Harry Reid’s Senate in December of 2009, and the vote for final passage was in the hands of the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010. Despite healthy majorities in all necessary branches, the Democrats were struggling to secure the votes that they needed to pass. 

The final holdout was Stupak, a pro-life Democrat from Michigan’s 1st District. He and a group of six pro-life Democrats united in their opposition to the bill and its violation of the Hyde Amendment, which prevented the public funding of abortion and protected the conscience clause. Theirs was a contentious fight that went on for days, while tens of thousands of Tea Party protesters rallied on the west lawn of the Capitol in opposition.

Late that Sunday afternoon, Stupak held a presser and announced that a deal had been made. President Obama would sign an Executive Order protecting the Hyde Amendment, preventing the public funding of abortion and the conscience clause. Critics watching the deal perceived the move as a blatant hustle for votes, and Stupak was labeled a sell-out. He was replaced by Tea Party candidate Dan Benishek in November. 

Conservatives cautioned that the Executive Order was cheap political cover that could just as easily be undone by the President.

It took him a few years, but apparently Stupak has come to that realization as well.

Posted by Women Action Group Octobe 16, 2014