Liberals Want to Abolish the Lt. Governor's Office to Save Money


 But AR Just Hired 500 New Healthcare Workers - Outreach Workers

 For One-on-One Help With Enrollment


I had a few comments on the email I sent out "Why Democrats Want To Abolish Lt. Governor Office," noting there are currently 32 Republicans and 18 Democrats serving as Lt. Governors. (See end of this email for that short email.) Our local paper also published an editorial questioning my reasoning.


Some people wanted me to know that a Republican candidate for the office in Arkansas is the greatest advocate for dismantling the Lt. Governor's office. I knew that, but I still assert that abolishing the office is the Democrats' idea. Democrats often know the PLAN long before the Republicans catch on.


In 2011, two Democrats, Senator  Robert Thompson and Representative Keith Ingram,  introduced the bill, HJR 1010, to put the Lt. Governor's office on the chopping block just after Republican Mark Darr was sworn into that office. The bill died in committee; but when the Democrats fail at something, they delight in getting a Republican to run the same or similar bill and get it passed. 1


Note that in four states, Democrats are at work to dismantle the Lt. Governor's office: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - definitely not known for their stalwart conservatism.   "The Illinois House (though not yet the state Senate) voted overwhelmingly last month to put a proposed constitutional amendment abolishing the lieutenant governor’s office on the state ballot next year...In California, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom — the former mayor of San Francisco — has been unusually blunt about the pointlessness of his current job." Both these quotes were taken from an article from Massachusetts advocating the abolition of the Lt. Governor office.2 I sent a link in my last email to another article where a journalist advocates doing away with the Lt. Governor Office in Rhode Island. 3


With 32 Republican Lt. Governors in office, many of whom will probably become governors and who have bully pulpits to advocate for conservative issues, I believe Republicans are destroying themselves by doing away with the Lt. Governor offices. It seems that every time Republicans gain an advantage they throw it away. 4


None of the money that is "Saved" by doing away with the office of Lt. Governor will ever be used for any conservative causes; it will all go for the liberal agenda just as every dime of the $787 stimulus money did, but the 32 Lt. Governors can advocate for conservative causes. And it was Democrat Bill Halter that increased the budget for the Lt. Governor's office. 5


Liberals spend billions on other things like health care and the Private Option and then try to appear conservative for saving a few nickels by abolishing the Lt. Governor office. According to the Democrat Gazette,  "the state Insurance Department has hired more than 500 outreach workers who can provide one-on-one help with enrollment."  Eliminating the Lt. Governor's office to save money and hiring 500 new employees makes about as much financial sense as all the other things Democrats are initiating. 6


And if Republicans don't support their feigned frugality, they accuse Republicans of not supporting smaller government.  Then the media piles on, and first thing you know the Republicans are touting the same line as the Democrats.


The media seems to be delighting in publishing the fact that a Republican is taking the lead on eliminating the Lt. Governor's Office. Max Brantley, the leader of the bastion of liberalism in Arkansas, and an advocate of eliminating the Lt. Governor's office, posted an article with this title, "Andy Mayberry's Brilliant Plan Elect Me and I'll abolish the office." Other papers and media across the state are picking up Brantley's article as well as writing their own.  7


I don't hate Democrats, and I definitely don't enjoy pinpointing Republicans; but the way I see it, the Democrats are initiating all the things that are destroying our nation and our religious freedom.  Therefore, I feel compelled to take a stand against those things that will aid them in their endeavors, whether it is initiated by Democrats or mimicked by Republicans.


And I wonder how many of those advocating doing away with the Lt. Governor's office want to do away with the office of the U. S. Vice President so we can save a few nickels (in comparison to the $17 trillion debt we now have.)




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Original Email I sent Out

Why Democrats Want To Abolish Lt. Governor Office


Have you noticed that the Democrats are on the warpath to abolish Lt. Governor Offices?  The following facts explain the reason.   Personally I am offended when Democrats use money as an excuse to cut such things as Lt. Governor office after they spend our taxpayer money lavishly on unnecessary things and run the deficit up to $17 trillion and still increasing every day. 


            There are currently 32 Republicans and 18 Democrats serving as lieutenant governor or serving as the first in the line of succession.  See first paragraph at this link.


                Eleven sitting governors were former Lt. Governors.   See Prior Experience column for Governor of each state


                Currently, 25 states elect a lieutenant governor on a ticket with the governor, while 18 states elect a lieutenant governor separately. Only five states do not elect a Lt. Governor.  So why the sudden push to do away with the Lt. Governor offices in Arkansas after such a long history of Lt. Governors in so many states?


An article urging abolishment of Lt. Gov. in Rhode Island.