Arkansans Are Outing Senator Lincoln's Increasingly Leftist Voting Record


I understand ads are being run in some areas of Arkansas revealing Senator Blanche Lincoln's voting record.  Below are several letters published in the newspaper concerning her increasingly leftist voting record.


Letter to Editor:

Just how well is Sen. Blanche Lincoln representing the values of Arkansans ? She just voted to keep the section of the immigration bill that allows immediate legal status for 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens. Mark Pryor voted to drop it.


Lincoln is also a Senate co-sponsor of the hate crime bill that passed the House and is awaiting a vote in the Senate. Three of Arkansasí four representatives voted against the bill: Mike Ross, Marion Berry and John Boozman. Our state Legislature has voted against a hate crime bill nine times.


Lincoln in 2006 received an 89 percent rating from the largest gay and lesbian organization in the country, Human Rights Campaign, a rating much higher than our four representatives. Berry and Boozman received a zero, Ross 25 percent and Vic Snyder 75 percent. Lincolnís rating with HRC increased from 57 percent in 2002 to 89 percent in 2006. She also received a 75 percent rating from the ACLU in 2006, up from 43 percent in 2000. In contrast, Boozman had an 18 percent rating.


According to National Review, the ACLU defended the North American Man-Boy Love Association after two convicted pedophiles accessed information on NAMBLAís Web site and used it to seduce, rape and murder a 10-year-old boy, then sued the city of San Diego to expel the Boy Scouts from Balboa Park, calling them a religious group. Just how many Arkansans would vote like Lincoln, 75 percent of the time with the ACLU and 89 percent with the Human Rights Campaign ?

IRIS STEVENS / Jonesboro


Letter to Editor:


Senator Lincoln is co-sponsor of the US hate crime bill that recently passed the House. Doesn't Lincoln believe that we are all created equal and deserve equal protection?   Giving more punishment for violating one person than another and giving federal protection to certain classes, as the hate crime bill does, is not equal treatment. (See note 1 below)


The Republicans made this point when they submitted several amendments to add other classes of people to the US hate crime law.  The separate amendments proposed that the following groups be added to the bill: witnesses in judicial proceedings, members of the Armed Forces, senior citizens, victims of random acts of violence, law enforcement officers, and children; but the Democrats turned them down one by one.  


Just which of these groups does Senator Lincoln think needs less protection than homosexuals? The latest hate crime bill expands protection for sexual orientation, and Lincoln voted more than once to add that language to the bill. 

The Republicans even tried to add an amendment to define "sexual orientation."  It was voted down as well.  If homosexuals are born with homosexual orientation, wouldn't the same be true for pedophiles. Just recently in an Arkansas pedophile case, a prominent psychiatrist and the defense attorney both testified that the offender suffered from homosexual pedophilia, as well as mental illness, and  was unable to control his actions.  Until 1973 homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, not sexual orientation.   Senator Lincoln, just how long will it be before pedophilia will be considered sexual orientation? (See entries on number 4 below)


Bobby L. Hester



Letter to Editor:


Senator Blanche Lincoln says she supports the US hate crime bill.  A post by America's Human Rights Campaign (HRC), self proclaimed as the largest gay and lesbian organization,  heralds  the victory of the passage of this hate crime  bill in the US House, saying, "The  bill adds sexual orientation and gender identity... hate violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. (See note 1 and 2 below)


According to the FBI report there were 5,190 victims related to hate crime in 2005. The approximate number of crimes against children each year is 849,000.   About 2,000 of those children are murdered each year, but only 6 of the hate crime victims were murdered.  And about half of the hate crime victims were just threats, not actions.   Oh, that our children could be so lucky and just be threatened rather than murdered and physically and sexually abused. (See note 3 & 4 below)


Both Senators Lincoln and Pryor received a 89% rating by HRC's latest scorecard .   43 senators didn't vote for even one of the bills HRC thought was important, earning a 0%. Lincoln, however, received her 0% rating from Concerned Women of America, voting against family and children issues.  She received a 16% on family and children issue by Christian Coalition.   The homosexual organization, HRC, rated only 11 senators higher than Lincoln and Pryor.   (See 5 and 6 below)


Perhaps you would like to contact  Lincoln and tell her that instead of exalting homosexuals to priority status,  our 849,000 child victims need the federal assistance the hate crime promises to lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.


Bobbie Warner Little Rock


Lettter to Editor

May 7, 07


"Pastors, Act Now or Prepare for Jail, "was the title of an article recently used by a author in regard to the US hate crime bill H. R. 1592.  I have to agree with that writer considering the amendments offered by Republicans and rejected by the Democrats in the Judicial and Rules Committee when debating the hate crimes bill.  The bill passed the House 237-180 but hasn't passed the Senate.


An amendment by Rep. Dave Weldon (FL) "to clarify that the printing, distribution, or public reading of the Bible is not prohibited by any of the provisions of the bill," was defeated in the Rules Committee by Democrats 9-4.


Another amendment, "Nothing in this section limits the religious freedom of any person or group under the Constitution," by Rep. Mike Pence was also rejected by Democrats..

According to FBI reports, "In about half of hate crimes, the victim was threatened verbally or assaulted without either a weapon or an injury being involved,"  In other words, the crimes were speech.  It is obvious that hate crime bills are designed to take away the free speech of anyone that expresses  politically incorrect viewpoints on issues.


All the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voted for the hate crime bill;  all the Republicans voted against it.  On the House vote 212 Democrats  voted for the hate crime,  and 166 Republicans voted against it.  Only  25 Republicans voted for it.  And some people still say there is no difference in the Republicans and the Democrats. 


Debrah Donner



Letters posted by permission.