Freedom at Stake One of the best letters to the editor I have ever read: Published in the Jonesboro Sun June 9, 2012


My note: In the past we have sent our young men to fight in wars and sacrifice their lives.  In the war described in this letter we can't do that.  Each of  us bears the responsibility of being aware and fighting the deception -  for our country and children's sake.  Awareness is the first step to resistance.  Refusing to serve or going AWOL has always been the shame of any military personnel,  yet many America citizens are not even in the battle and don't even realize it.  For those who have such honor and respect for those who sacrificed their lives or their limbs for freedom, don't we owe it to them to continue the battle and fight for our country in this new kind of war (deception) against freedom and God? The Word warns us many times, especially in Matthew 24,  concerning the end time, not to be deceived, even implying that God's chosen could be deceived if they are not careful.  Debbie

Freedom at stake

On May 28, NewsMax reported Iran suffered a mysterious "Flame" cyber attack believed deployed at least five years ago as cyber espionage. Cyber security experts say the discovery publicly demonstrates nations have been using malicious computer code as weapons to promote their interests for years. It's a sign of the times. It could happen to the U.S. or any country.

Today wars need not be fought by traditional invasion, bullets and bombs. Given that scenario, take a minute and think about World War III.

WWIII bears no resemblance to previous wars. Deceit is the primary weapon, always accomplished by those in positions of trust and concealed until deception is forcibly disclosed by someone other than the fraudulent party (who will never admit deception). The more talented the deceiving party, the more difficult the deception is to discover; the greater its length, the greater the resulting destruction. The most effective deception against a gullible population is one not believed even after disclosure - because they do nothing to protect themselves against it.

You're unaware WWIII is happening or that you're engaged in it; yet every man, woman and child is a "front-line soldier." You cannot distinguish an "enemy" from any other person in the population; he walks freely among you in plain sight. Illegal immigrants? Members of government in high positions?

How would you vanquish a nation without firing a single shot? Destroy the economy with deficits and debt? Infiltrate and burgeon the government and its cost? Make the U.S. dependent upon imports? Excessive, unnecessary, burdensome regulation driving industry, jobs and U.S. wealth overseas? Inflation? Unduly burdensome taxation? Divide the population? Create internal strife? Overwhelm the nation and its people with a combination of the above?

The last stage of WWIII? - millions of deaths? - after the victim nation is vanquished. By what means? Fragile systems with no backup. A population incapable of self-sufficiency. Cessation of necessary imports. No electricity. No transportation. Starvation. Thirst. Disease. No medical supplies. People not useful as "prisoners?" - eliminated.

Wars are won by people who think "outside the box." Wars are lost by people who don't think and don't act! It has been said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Mother Nature still rules; she isn't always fair. Only the strong - the best at what they do - survive.

Have you thought about WWIII before? Are we in WWIII now? Perhaps we are! But don't know it?

The Manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, disclosed during the largest terror funding trial in U.S. history, states (paraphrased), "Arab brothers must understand their work in America is eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging it by their own hands," e.g., by supportive U.S. government officials! and political correctness!

Maybe it's time to open our minds and think a little deeper.

Maybe our freedom is at stake!

Tom Reeves



Posted June 15, 2012