May 15, 09

Letter to Editor:


The Democrat Gazette reported that Arkansas Education Commissioner Ken James testified at a U.S. House of Representativesí Committee hearing on the need for national K-12 academic standards. 1


The paper did not report that "The purpose of the hearing was to examine how states can better prepare their students to compete in a global economy by using INTERNATIONALLY  benchmarked common standards. "2  Either the paper or Ken James evidently considered INTERNATIONAL standards beyond the digestive level of Arkansans so the article referred only to a push for NATIONAL standards.


Has James forgotten the national history standards in 1994 that were so anti American that 99% of the senators voted against them. 3


The Arkansas Department of Education recently announced that it will delay previously made plans to revise Arkansas' English/language arts standards pending the outcome of the national initiative. In other words Ken James can't wait to implement the national/international standards in Arkansas. 4 


Neither did the paper mention that none other than Obama's DHS Director Janet Napolitano was chair of the International Benchmarking Advisory Group overseeing the national and international standards (curriculum). 5  


Remember Napolitano.  She is responsible for the recently released report  from the Department of Homeland Security warning law enforcement officials about a rise in so-called right-wing extremist activity -  labeling returning veterans, and other citizens opposed to abortion, firearms restrictions, homosexuality, and high taxes, and associating them with violent antigovernment groups.


Imagine the likes of Napolitano writing our Arkansas school curriculum!


Debbie Pelley, 870-935-9438 cell 870-919-1057




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