Poll Shows Arkansans Oppose Private and Traditional Medicaid Expansion


"When Arkansans were given the state cost of expansion, a near majority oppose both private and traditional expansion.



"Matt Mayer, President of Opportunity Ohio and Advisor to The Liberty Foundation, said the results show an enormous partisan split on Medicaid expansion: 'A majority of Republicans and unaffiliated voters see Medicaid as a flawed program. 75% of Republicans and 50% of unaffiliated voters oppose expansion given the variance in new enrollees. Additionally, these voters do no support expansion because the program contains so much waste, fraud, and abuse, and there is little belief that the federal government will actually keep its promises to fund the majority of the program.'”


Two Quotes from the Poll Follow:

 "Because there is so much disagreement among experts on the costs of expanding Medicaid, we shouldn’t rush into any expansion until we have a better handle on the financial consequences.

Very Convincing 51%

Somewhat convincing  18%

Not very convincing 27%

Unsure 3%"  http://www.advancearkansas.org/storage/Arkansas%20Medicaid%20Expansion%20Survey%20Topline%20Results%20040413.pdf


" As you may know, Medicaid is currently and will continue to be jointly funded by the state of Arkansas and the federal government. According to the Congressional Budget office, Medicaid expansion under the Obamacare Plan is estimated to cost $6,000 per enrollee.  The "private option plan" is estimated to cost $3,000 more per enrollee through the Obamacare plan for a total cost of $9,000 per enrollee. Knowing this would  you be more likely to support expansion of Medicaid under the Obamacare plan or the "Private" option plan? 

Support Obamacare plans 41%

Support expansion under "private option plan 28%"



Who Knows What Figures Are Right or How They Will Change?  There is no way for the Arkansas voter nor the legislators to know?  So shouldn't we delay the vote until another year and not become a model for the nation. I understand Republican leaders are saying these figures on the "private option" don't include impact statements, but isn't that just someone's speculation?  Have impact statements been done on the other figures? And how much political bias is included in any of the figures?


Citizens see this much like the rush on the stimulus bill and the bailout in Washington. Republicans refused to listen to people back home, and we have seen how wasted the money has been. People back home can think straight because they are not feeling the pressure the legislators are under and are not subject to the persuasive arguments that abound at the capitol.



Posted April 8, 2013