Press Release Sent Out by 'Arkansans Against Big Government'

about April 25, 2013



Refer all inquiries to Glenn Gallas, Chairman of Arkansans Against Big Government (AABG), (501) 545-1933

AABG Files Paperwork for Ballot Question Committee for Referendum on Health Care Independence Act of 2013

In response to the largest expansion of government in Arkansas history via the Health Care Independence Act of 2013, passed by the Arkansas 89th General Assembly, also known as the "private option," a new grassroots effort has been launched this week.  The group, calling itself "Arkansans Against Big Government" is headed by Hot Springs activist and political commentator Glenn Gallas.


Gallas explains that Arkansas, like other states, had the opportunity to refuse to implement "Obamacare" mandates such as Medicaid expansion and health care exchanges.  Instead, the Republican-controlled legislature passed Medicaid expansion and legislation to enable Obamacare health care exchanges hastily at the end of the session, in spite of widespread opposition from voters and grassroots groups around the state.  "The reality is that disguising Medicaid expansion by calling it "private option" does not change the fact that it is still federally funded and still allows hundreds of thousands of people to become dependent on a system that is already broke," Gallas said.  "The people of Arkansas clearly did not vote for this, and they must have the opportunity to be heard on the issue."


The group intends to start gathering signatures for a voter referendum on the issue of whether or not to implement Obamacare mandates in Arkansas.  They hope to have approval from the Office of the Attorney General as soon as possible.  A network of activists around the state are already mobilizing and ready to get to work.


"We think a majority of people in Arkansas still do not want the federal government making our health care choices for us," Gallas said.  "The costs for this expansion will fall back on Arkansas taxpayers after 3 years, and Arkansas taxpayers cannot afford it." 


For more information, contact Gallas at (501) 545-1933.