Arkansas Voted in Obamacare in Arkansas via Private Option Yesterday, April 17, 2013

The Biggest Government Expansion in History in the State of Arkansas


You May Want To Keep This Email For Future Reference

I Believe They Are Our True Conservatives and Need Our Support and Thanks

Following are the Senate Members Who Stood With Us To The End Against Medicaid Expansion (Private Option) on the enabling legislation HB1143 and the Appropriation HB1219:  The appropriation bill required 3/4 vote, 27 votes in the Senate.  Do note that No Democrats voted against either of these bills. So all the Democrats were for the bill. (Either that or Beebe told them to vote this way.) If you find any errors, let me know. This email is posted at this link:

(R) Senator Cecile Bledsoe, Dist.3, 709 Sky Mountain Dr., Rogers, 72757 Phone 479-636-2115 Email

(R) Senator Alan Clark, Dist. 13, P. O. Box 211, Lonsdale, 72087 Phone 501-262-3360 Email

(R) Senator Jane English, Dist. 34, 2401 Lakeview Road, L-2, North Little Rock, 72116

Phone 501-257-7670 Email

(R) Senator Jim Hendren, Dist. 2, 1607 Highway 72, S.E., Gravette, 72736 Phone 479-787-6222 Email

(R) Senator Bart Hester, Dist. 1, 2024 Shores Avenue, Cave Springs, 72718 Phone 479-531-4176 Email

(R) Senator Bryan King, Dist.5, 871 CR 814, Green Forest, 72638 Phone 870-438-4565 Email

(R) Senator Gary Stubblefield, Dist. 29, 2542 Skeets Road, Branch, 72928 Phone 479-635-4314 Emai


Senate Members Who Caved and Voted for HB1219 After Voting No on the Enabling Legislation HB1143 among great pressure:


Senator Jeremy Hutchinson

 Senator Missy Irvin


R) Senator Jeremy Hutchinson, Dist.33, 201 East North Street, Benton, 72015 Phone 501-773-3760 Email

(R) Senator Missy Irvin, Dist. 18,. P. O. Box 106, Mountain View, 72560 Phone 870-269-2703 Email

Following are the House Members Who Stood With Us To The End on the enabling legislation HB1143 and the Appropriation HB1219 (One of these legislators switched votes and voted against Medicaid Expansion appropriation bill to his credit. HB1219 required 3/4 vote - 75 votes in the House.

(R) Representative Randy Alexander, Dist. 88, P. O. Box 9901, Fayetteville, 72703, Phone 479-306-4051 Email

 (R) Representative Bob Ballinger, Dist. 97, 1757 Madison 7150, Hindsville, 72738 Phone 870-423-1035 Email

(R) Rep. Jonathan Barnett, Dist.87, 1980 Highway 412 West, Siloam Springs, AR 72761-3805 Business 479-524-6254 Residence 479-524-9440 FAX 479-524-3222:

(R) Rep. Nate Bell, Dist.20, P. O. Box 2103, Mena, AR 71953-2020 Residence 479-394-5665

 (R) Representative Bruce Cozart, Dist. 24, 420 Rock Creek Road, Hot Springs, 71913 Phone 501-627-3232 Email

(R) Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh, Dist.79, 1424 North 9th Street, Van Buren, AR 72956-2649 Business 479-719-8197 Residence: 479-474-5895

 (R) Representative Jim Dotson, Dist.93, P. O. Box 651, Bentonville, 72712 Phone 479-644-0740 Email

(R) Representative Charlotte Vining Douglas, Dist.75, 5315 Ridge Road, Alma, 72921 Phone 479-632-2187 Email

 (R) Representative Joe Farrer, Dist. 44, 199 Lewisburg Road, Austin, 72007 Phone 501-743-6855 Email

(R) Representative Charlene Fite, Dist.80, 531 Pine Cliff Drive, Van Buren, 72956 Phone 479-414-1818 Email

(R) Representative Bill Gossage, Dist. 82, P. O. Box 221, Ozark, 72949 Phone 479-667-2122 Email

(R) Rep. Kim Hammer, Dist.28, 1411 Edgehill, Benton, AR 72015-3128 Business 501-840-3841

 (R) Rep. Justin T. Harris, Dist.81, P. O. Box 880, West Fork, AR 72774-0880 Residence: 479-871-8542

 (R) Rep. Debra M. Hobbs, Dist.94, 3901 Arnold Avenue, Rogers, AR 72758-1640 Residence:479-636-3982

(R) Rep. Karen S. Hopper, Dist.100, P. O. Box 864, Mountain Home, AR 72654-0864 Residence 870-431-8934

(R) Rep. Lane Jean, Dist. 2, 1105 Lawton Circle, Magnolia, AR 71753-2548 Business/Residence: 870-234-5433

 (R)Rep. David Meeks, Dist.70, 2625 Donaghey Avenue, Suite 108, PMB 301, Conway, AR 72032-2325 Residence 501-277-9340

(R) Rep. Stephen Meeks, Dist.67, 552 Highway 225 E Greenbrier, AR 72058-9743 Legislative Office 501-205-3272  Stephen Meeks Voted against it the 2nd time to his credit although he had voted for it the first time.

(R) Representative Josh Miller, Dist.66, 1008 Trailwood Drive, Heber Springs, 72543 Phone 501-250-7039 Email

(R) Representative John Payton, Dist.64, P. O. Box 181, Wilburn, 72179 Phone 501-362-5815 Email

(R) Rep. Terry Rice, Dist.21, P. O. Box 2195, Waldron, AR 72958-2195 Business 479-637-3100 Residence 479-637-4420 FAX 479-637-2000

 (R) Rep. Bruce Westerman, Dist.22, P. O. Box 1399, Hot Springs, AR 71902-1399 Business 501-321-2276 Residence 501-625-7304 FAX 501-624-4214

(R) Representative Richard Womack, Dist.18 866 North 12th Street, Arkadelphia, 71923Phone 870-403-6287 Email


House Members that Caved  SWITCHED VOTES ON HB1219,  voting For the appropriation bill to implement Medicaid Expansion (Private Option) helping it pass after it had failed the day before. There was also great pressure put on these members.

(R) Rep. Les "Skip" Carnine, Dist.90, P. O. Box 615 Rogers, AR 72757-0615 Residence 479-636-2619

(R) Rep. Jon S. Eubanks, Dist.74, 2543 Greasy Valley Road, Paris, AR 72855 Business 479-438-0533 Residence 479-963-6217

(R) Representative John K. Hutchison, Dist.52, P. O. Box 127, Harrisburg, 72432 Phone 870-897-0353 Email

(R) Rep. Allen Kerr, Dist.32 1429 Merrill Drive Little Rock, AR 72211-1819 Business 501-225-3170 Residence 501-821-4477 FAX 501-225-4925

(R) Rep. Kelley Linck, Dist.99, P. O. Box 1080, Flippin, AR 72634-1080 Residence 870-453-6149

(R) Representative Sue Scott, Dist.95, 1412 Hilltop Farms Lane, Rogers, 72756 Phone 479-621-1265 Email

(R) Rep. Mary L. Slinkard, Dist.92, 10422 Virden Lane, Gravette, AR 72736-9631 Cell 479-616-2010

(R) Rep. Ann V. Clemmer, Dist. 23, 7415 Camille Drive, Benton, AR 72019-8354 Residence 501-316-0364

 (R) Rep. Stephanie Malone, Dist.77, 2105 South O Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901-5737 Business 479-452-4554 Residence: 479-629-1023




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Beebe Gains Approval To Make Arkansas a Model for Medicaid:  May 5, 2011 before the Republicans decided to make Arkansas a model for Obamacare through the "Private Option" Plan.


Posted April 18, 2013 by Debbie Pelley