Politico Reports Just 11 States Have Started to Prepare for Obamacare

Why Would Arkansas Want To Be A Model For It?

(Politico is not a conservative website)

To Republican Legislators:

" a Commonwealth Fund report found just 11 states and Washington had started to adjust state laws to prepare for seven major ACA insurance reforms taking effect in 2014." 

"Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, said he’ll vote for it [SB1020 and HB1143] because it’s the best option available to phase out traditional Medicaid. He called the private option a model for the country."  Dem Gaz Article 4/7/13

Then why would Arkansas want to be a model for Obamacare when Arkansas had more votes against Obama the 2nd time than the first, and had a greater percentage opposing Obama than almost any other state in the nation? 

The Medicaid Expansion bill HB1143, a companion bill to SB1020, to be voted on in committee Tuesday morning acknowledges this is an innovative, experimental program, saying, "Arkansas is uniquely situated to serve as a laboratory of comprehensive and innovative healthcare reform."  Do Republicans really think Arkansas wants to be a laboratory for Obamacare when almost every Republican ran his/her campaign opposing Obamacare. 

Wouldn't it be better to wait and see what other states are doing and perhaps be part of the group of states that helps Obamacare crumble than to jump on the bandwagon and be an innovative laboratory?

I understand that this is a complex problem, and I understand and believe there are some very sincere Republicans who believe they are doing the right thing.  I have heard their arguments and they are very persuasive; but it is hard for me to understand how they think that when the Democrat Governor (who asked Sebelius to be a model for Medicaid in 2011) is on board, when all the Democrats in the Senate voted for the Medicaid Expansion, and John Brummett and Max Brantley are excited about it.   Newspaper article entitled: "U.S. gives Beebe's plan to overhaul Medicaid green light, May 3, 2011.  See this link for the actual letter Beebe sent to Sebelius:   http://www.wpaag.org/Beebe%20-%20model%20for%20Obamacare%20care%20approved.htm

People back home are wondering who bewitched the legislators? If the legislators could go home without passing Medicaid Expansion, most people back home would think it has been a good legislative session and would be  proud of a Republican takeover after 138 years.  But if you pass this legislation, you may actually lose your majority and will certainly lose a vast amount of support.  You could always take it up again in 2014 or 2015.  If you vote for it now, it is done; and you won't have a chance to change it.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/03/feds-must-enforce-aca-reforms-in-four-states-89041.html#ixzz2Pq4YC48Q

Link to Dem Gaz article: http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2013/apr/07/medicaid-deal-rests-hands-house-gop-20130407/

Obama care in violation of the 10th amendment.
"powers not granted to the United States were reserved to the States or to the people. It added nothing to the instrument as originally ratified.” – United States v. Sprague, 282 U.S. 716, 733 (1931).

Posted April 8, 2013

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