How Republicans Voted on The Bill That Could Stop Obamacare in Arkansas

You might want to keep this list for next election!

I sent you an email entitled "Republican Hold Back Obamacare in AR" with suggestions of actions to take and explaining the bill.   I sent you the voting record of the 2nd vote on the bill and asked you to take some action.  (First one was Friday, 2nd and 3rd ones were today).  Here is the third and last voting record today, March 30, 2011. It is a little different than the 2nd vote but with still same number voting for it.  If they get to vote again, we might be in trouble because more  Republicans went soft on this 3rd one one and didn't vote.  If they had voted yes instead of not voting, the appropriation for the Obamacare in Arkansas would have passed. That gives me the chills.  Knowing the Democrats they will extend the session if they think they can get the votes on this health care bill and will twist arms, blackmail, suspend rules or anything they need to do. The Senate also has a bill that they could use by suspending  and get pushed through but would have to go before the Senate floor and the House as well.  We need to put the pressure on our Republicans not to cave. Governor Beebe started the problem,  it is still his problem; and he is not about to let the Insurance Commission go unfunded.  It would cut 70 million or so from his  budget and 170 Government employees. Who really thinks Beebe will do that?    He may call the bluff and then call a special session, but let him! 

If anyone finds any errors, let me know.

Below the voting record below are the emails of those voting against the bill;  those not voting and, those who voted for the bill: Below the emails is full contact information for all Republicans divided in categories as to how they voted. . 

See this link for this vote: and

See this link  for the history of the bill where all votes on HB1226 are recorded.

Emails for those 19 Voting Against Appropriation Bill for Obamacare in Arkansas HB1226 full contact information.

Legislators that Did Not Cast a Vote at All on the Vote Against Appropriation Bill for Obamacare in Arkansas HB1226 (9 Republicans and 1 Democrat) This  Non Vote still kept the bill from passing because they had voted Yes it would have passed. A Non vote is sometimes called a soft NO

(This last linda collins smith   is a Democrat)

16 Republicans who voted FOR the appropriation for  HB1226  Obamacare in Arkansas.  Some of the names below are shocking to me.


19 Voting Against Appropriation Bill for Obamacare in Arkansas HB1226 full contact information - Our Heroes.


(R) Rep. Duncan Baird, Dist. 95, P. O. Box 185  Lowell, AR   72745-0185  Business 479-439-1717

(R) Rep. Nate Bell, Dist.22,  P. O. Box 2103, Mena, AR   71953-2020  Residence 479-394-5665

Rep. Jane English, Dist.42,   35 Forest Glade Circle,  North Little Rock, AR   72120-1546  Cell501-257-7670  Residence:  501-835-7465

(R) Rep.  Ed Garner, Dist. 4,  4 Pinehurst Way,  Maumelle, AR   72113-6122 Business  501-663-7880 Residence 501-851-7204

 (R) Rep.  Kim Hammer, Dist.28, 1411 Edgehill,   Benton, AR 72015-3128   Business 501-840-3841

(R) Rep.  Justin T. Harris, Dist.87,  P. O. Box 880,  West Fork, AR   72774-0880  Residence: 479-871-8542

(R) Rep.  Debra M. Hobbs, Dist.96, 3901 Arnold Avenue, Rogers, AR   72758-1640  Residence:479-636-3982

(R) Rep.  Karen S. Hopper, Dist.81,   P. O. Box 864,  Mountain Home, AR   72654-0864   Residence  870-431-8934

(R) Rep.  Jon Hubbard , Dist.75,  2104 White Lane,  Jonesboro, AR   72404-6952   Business  870-919-4507   Residence 870-931-0716

(R) Rep.  Donna Hutchinson, Dist.98, 24 Rillington Drive,  Bella Vista, AR   72714-3204    Business   479-283-2165 Residence:  479-876-6011

(R) Rep.  Andrea Lea, Dist.68,  P. O. Box 1342,  Russellville, AR   72811-1342 Business  479-967-4922

(R) Rep.  Stephanie Malone, Dist.64,  2105 South O Street,  Fort Smith, AR   72901-5737  Business 479-452-4554  Residence:  479-629-1023

(R) Rep.  Loy Mauch, Dist.26,  593 Fendley Road,  Bismarck, AR   71929-6597  Residence 501-865-3132

(R) Rep.  Andy Mayberry, Dist.27,  3022 East Woodson Lateral Road,  Hensley, AR   72065-9169  501-888-3522 Business

 (R)Rep. David Meeks, Dist.46,  2625 Donaghey Avenue, Suite 108, PMB 301,  Conway, AR   72032-2325 Residence 501-277-9340

(R) Rep. Stephen Meeks, Dist.47, 552 Highway 225 E  Greenbrier, AR   72058-9743  Legislative Office 501-205-3272

 (R) Rep.  David J. Sanders, Dist.31,   P. O. Box 25847,  Little Rock, AR   72221-5847  Business 501-227-7077 ext 348

Rep.  Gary Stubblefield, Dist.67, 2542 Skeets Road, Branch, AR   72928-9656    Residence: 479-635-4314

(R) Rep.  Jon Woods, Dist.93,  P. O. Box 8082,  Springdale, AR   72766-8082  Cell 479-200-3100


All Contact Information for Legislators that Did Not Cast a Vote at All on the Vote Against Appropriation Bill for Obamacare in Arkansas HB1226 (9 Republicans and 1 Democrat) This  Non Vote still kept the bill from passing because they had voted Yes it would have passed.  

(R) Rep. Denny Altes, Dist.63  8600 Moody Road,  Fort Smith, AR   72903-6718   Business 479-646-8981  Residence 479-484-5494

(R) Rep. Jonathan Barnett, Dist.97,   1980 Highway 412  West, Siloam Springs, AR   72761-3805  Business 479-524-6254 Residence 479-524-9440  FAX 479-524-3222:

(R) Rep.  Lori Benedict, Dist.82, P. O. Box 22, Sturkie, AR   72578-0022   Business  870-481-5966  Residence 870-895-3612  Fax/Residence 870-481-5967

(R) Rep. Mark Biviano, Dist.50, 118 Emerald Lake Drive, Searcy, AR   72143-3055  Business/Residence 501-230-5751:

(R) Rep.  Gary Deffenbaugh, Dist.66, 1424 North 9th Street, Van Buren, AR 72956-2649   Business 479-719-8197      Residence: 479-474-5895

(R) Rep.  Jon S. Eubanks, Dist.84,  2543 Greasy Valley Road,  Paris, AR 72855  Business  479-438-0533 Residence 479-963-6217

(R) Rep.  Lane Jean, Dist. 4,  1105 Lawton Circle,  Magnolia, AR   71753-2548  Business/Residence:   870-234-5433

(R) Rep.  Josh Johnston, Dist.59,  970 Lone Star Road,   Rose Bud,  AR   72137-9565  Residence 501-556-1951

®  Rep. Bruce Cozart, Dist. 24, 420 Rock Creek Road, Hot Springs, 71913  Residence 501-627-3232

This one is a Democrat:  (D) Rep.  Linda Collins-Smith, Dist.80,  P. O. Box 90  Pocahontas, AR   72455-0090    Business 870-378-1434     870-892-9500 FAX/


19 Voting  FOR Appropriation Bill for Obamacare in Arkansas HB1226 full contact information.  Some of these names are shocking to me.


(R) Rep.  David L. Branscum, Dist. 90, P. O. Box 370,  Marshall, AR   72650-0370      870-448-2408 Business    870-448-2069 Residence    870-448-5124 FAX/Residence:

(R) Rep.  John Burris, Dist.85,  Minority Leaderm   923 West Prospect Avenue,  Harrison, AR   72601-3261  Business   870-688-6181

(R) Rep.  Les "Skip" Carnine, Dist.94,  P. O. Box 615  Rogers, AR   72757-0615  Residence 479-636-2619 

(R) Rep. Davy Carter, Dist. 48,  P. O. Box 628,  Cabot, AR   72023-0628  Business  501-941-4203  FAX  501-941-4241 Legislative Office  501-605-1346

(R) Rep.  Ann V. Clemmer, Dist. 29,  7415 Camille Drive,  Benton, AR   72019-8354  Residence  501-316-0364

(R) Rep.  Charlie Collins, Dist.89,  3225 East Piper Glen,   Fayetteville, AR 72703-4394   479-283-9303 Business/Residence:

(R) Rep.  Robert E. Dale, Dist.70,  90 Claud Hottinger Road,  Dover, AR   72837-8060  Business  479-970-3503 Residence 479-331-3503

(R) Rep.  Jeremy Gillam, Dist.49, 1825 Missle Base Road,  Judsonia, AR 72081-9169   Business  501-729-0042  Residence 501-940-5757 FAX  501-729-3361

(R) Rep.  Mary P. "Prissy" Hickerson, Dist.1,  2805 Forest Avenue,  Texarkana, AR   71854-7740    870-773-1603 Residence  FAX  870-773-0439

(R) Rep.  Allen Kerr, Dist.32  1429 Merrill Drive  Little Rock, AR   72211-1819 Business 501-225-3170   Residence 501-821-4477  FAX 501-225-4925

(R) Rep.  Bryan B. King, Dist.91,  871 County Road 814,   Green Forest, AR   72638-2657  Business  870-438-4565

(R) Rep.  Kelley Linck, Dist.86,  P. O. Box 1080,   Flippin, AR   72634-1080  Residence  870-453-6149

 (R) Rep.  Terry Rice, Dist.62,  P. O. Box 2195,  Waldron, AR   72958-2195  Business 479-637-3100   Residence  479-637-4420 FAX  479-637-2000

(R) Rep.  Matthew Shepherd, Dist.6,  423 North Washington Avenue,  El Dorado, AR   71730-5615  Business  870-862-3478   Cell   870-814-2080  FAX  870-862-7228

(R) Rep.  Mary L. Slinkard, Dist.100,   10422 Virden Lane,  Gravette, AR   72736-9631 Cell  479-616-2010

(R) Rep.  Tim Summers, Dist.99,   1805 Kimberly Place,  Bentonville, AR   72712-4017  Residence 479-273-0773 FAX  479-464-1064

 (R) Rep.  Bruce Westerman, Dist.30, P. O. Box 1399,  Hot Springs, AR   71902-1399  Business 501-321-2276  Residence 501-625-7304   FAX 501-624-4214