National Bill Says Computer Chips Will Be Used in AR Enhanced Driver's License

(if HB1978 passes)

Quote from Arkansas HB1978 called Enhanced Driver's License bill

page 4, lines 10-14.

10 (e) In addition to the requirements of this subchapter, a voluntary

11 enhanced security driverís license, voluntary enhanced security commercial

12 driverís license, or voluntary enhanced security identification card issued

13 under this subchapter shall be subject to all provisions of the Driver's

14 License Security and Modernization Act, ß 27-16-1101 et seq.

This quote which was an amendment to the bill also found on page 4, Arkansas bill called Enhanced Driver' License, HB1978

lines 25-29

25 (b) The Office of Driver Services of the Department of Finance and

26 Administration shall not include an electronic chip or any type of radio

27 frequency identification (RFID) tag or chip in any driverís license or

28 identification card or enhanced security driverís license or identification

29 cards issued by the department.

Quotes from  National  Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002

HR 4633 IH   107th CONGRESS