I mailed the following letter to the Jonesboro Sun and it was printed Sunday, April 19, 2015.  I included the documentation below  that I sent in to the paper. The paper gave it the title "Liberal Agenda"


Letter to Editor:


Recently in the Jonesboro Sun Waylon Harris excoriated in typical media style a freshman Republican representative and applauded an ultra-liberal state senator by using a mild squabble when compared to shenanigans that happen daily at the legislature. 1


The controversial senator, Joyce Elliott, granted sainthood in the article, is probably the most liberal legislator in Little Rock. Is it any wonder the media used some episode to praise her!  Even noted liberal John Brummett, in suggesting Elliott was too liberal to run for Congressman Vic Snyder's position in 2010, said Elliott was "an unapologetic liberal" and wore an "ACLU card on her sleeve." 2


In 2005 Elliott "complained that the prayer given each day in the House is limited to Christianity," 3 and sponsored a "hate crimes" bill that would've enhanced penalties for crimes against certain groups and basically made gays a protected class.  "Elliott's bill was defeated "partly because some black male ministers testified against it...because gays were included." 4


Elliot is also a zealous promoter of illegal immigration in Arkansas, sponsoring the failed "Dream Act" bills in 2005 and 2009.  5


A fervent supporter of Common Core, Elliott actually sponsored the evaluation law, Act 709 of 2013 that forces teachers to use Common Core methods. 6 & 7


The Democrat Gazette wrote a scathing article about Senator Elliott's shameful ethics: "Joyce Elliott was just warming up when she called her opponent 'crooked.' Her campaign flier also claims he 'wants a new 23 [percent] sales tax on everything we buy, including groceries, gas, and medicine...Asked how she could justify her charges, she said, 'What is said about politicians is fair game, and if it’s not true and you can disprove it, then you disprove it.'” 8

Elliott showed the same ethics as Harry Reid in falsely saying Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes for almost a decade.

Elliott received the 2nd highest overall score from the ultra-liberal Arkansas Citizens First Congress, proclaiming as their first major accomplishment of 2013 the passage of the Private Option, saying, "Arkansas became the first, and only, Southern state to expand health care under the federal Affordable Care Act, extending coverage to over 250,000 Arkansans!" 9 & 10


Freshman GOP Representative Brandt Smith was one of 16 who kept his word and voted against SB96that extends the Private Option through 2016 and will probably cover the same population (250,000) indefinitely. Brandt Smith would have voted opposite Senator Elliott in the other areas covered above. No wonder the liberals are after him. 11


Debbie Pelley, Jonesboro, Arkansas


Documentation:  All the links still good except on #2 below.

1.  Newspaper editorial:  Jonesboro Sun  "Lawmaker's reckless action speak volumes of this session." By Waylon Harris April 3, 2015 http://www.jonesborosun.com/archives/result.php?ID=90498&kw=Waylon


2.  "Democrats need a Shane or a Robbie" by John Brummett, January 19, 2010. http://arkansasnews.com/2010/01/19/democrats-need-a-shane-or-a-robbie/ - link takes you to an archive.


3. Elliott "complained that the prayer given each day in the House is limited to Christianity."

http://archives.arkansasnews.com/2005/02/12/separation-of-church-and-state-a-necessity-lawmaker-says/  - link still good.


4.  http://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/up-from-willisville/Content?oid=867088

Sponsored a hate crimes bill. Link still good.


5.  Elliott sponsored the Dream Act bill for illegal in 2005 and 2009

http://archives.arkansasnews.com/2009/01/25/legislature-to-look-at-illegal-immigration-issues-again/  link still good. "Legislature to look at Illegal immigration issues again." Quote: "Elliott’s 2005 bill...But then-Attorney General Beebe said in an opinion that the measure could run afoul of a federal law that prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving post-secondary education benefits based on residency." January 25, 2009 - The 2005 bill by Elliott was HB1525.  The 2009 bill was Senate Bill 799 and Beebe refused to support it.


6. " State developing standards for new teacher evaluations," Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Dec 13, 2009 "LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Department of Education is spearheading the development of a comprehensive teacher-evaluation system to offer the state’s school districts." Also see this article:

"Proof Teachers Have No Freedom To Teach Under Common Core Standards" http://www.wpaag.org/CommonCore%20guest%20ed%20teachers%20no%20freedom%20to%20teach.html link still good.


7. Link to Act 709, law on evaluation of 2013 sponsored by Senator Joyce Elliott and Representative Homer Lenderman -  http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/assembly/2013/2013R/Bills/SB833.pdf  

Link still good.


8.  Scathing editorial on Senator Elliott:  "A test of character", September 22, 2010 Democrat Gazette archives but the entire article is reprinted at this link in Blue Hog blog, "AR-02: New Motto For The Dem-Gaz Opinion Page — “Like Fox News, Only With A Much Smaller Audience”http://www.bluehogreport.com/2010/09/24/ar-02-new-motto-for-the-dem-gaz-opinion-page-like-fox-news-only-with-a-much-smaller-audience/

Link still good.


9.  Senator Elliot received 2nd highest score from Arkansas Citizens First Congress

http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5492f99ce4b0a0509513144d/t/549485e8e4b069e2a1261f19/1419019752417/2013+Legislative+Scorecard.pdf page 30 link still good


10. Arkansas Citizens First Congress quote from Executive Summary: "Arkansas became the first, and only, Southern state to expand health care under the federal Affordable Care Act, extending coverage to over 250,000 Arkansans!

http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5492f99ce4b0a0509513144d/t/54948602e4b0f360e1b79cbb/1419019778140/2013+Scorecard+Exec.pdf  page 2 link still good


11. Voting record on SB96 - Brandt Smith was one of 16 that voted against extending the Private Option SB96. Link still good. http://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/assembly/2015/2015R/Pages/votes.aspx?rcsnum=214&votechamber=House


Posted by Women Action Group April 22, 2015