Letter to Editor on Controversial School Nativity Scene


The teacher was ordered to take the nativity scene down

 but then allowed to put it back up after the community spoke.

(See links to newspaper stories on this after the letter to the Sun.)


Letter to the Jonesboro Sun - Published December 16, 2011 (See the newspaper stories at links below and also documentation including the one with quotes from all 50 states that include God in their Constitutions.)


This letter is in reference to the incident where the Superintendent and Principal at Greene County Tech in Paragould made the counselor take down a nativity scene from the bulletin board.


The principal and superintendent allowed all kinds of other Christmas celebrations – Christmas parties, Christmas programs &  bulletin boards, and  the Christmas parade.  Is it any secret that Christmas is the celebration of the day that Christ was born?  So what is wrong with educating the children that Christmas is about Jesus' birthday? The bulletin board in question simply had a picture of a young boy and a girl adoring a baby in a manger with the words, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."  


Wouldn't it be a shame for children in primary school to grow up and not even know what the federal religious holiday, as sanctioned by Congressional law, is all about?  It is schizophrenia displayed when the administration allow all other Christmas celebrations and don't allow the children to see a picture of what all this celebration is about.


Most people, including superintendents and principals, have not taken the time to study the law. They think certain religious activities are against the law just because they heard so much on TV about the so called "separation of church and state" that they began to accept perception as reality.  Please, educational leaders, at least look at the law and Supreme Court rulings before you give away our freedoms.


And citizens, please realize that the next President will probably get to appoint at least one Supreme Court Justice and maybe more.  It is common knowledge that the justices appointed by the Democrats have in almost all cases ruled against religious freedom as planned by our founding fathers. All 50 states referenced God in their Constitutions, many similar to the following one in 1777:   We, the people of Georgia, relying upon protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution..."


Our Supreme Court & Congress have been trying to move our courts back to protecting our religious freedom.  With one more conservative judge, we could make much more progress.   Your vote for President could help make the difference.  



Debbie Pelley





Story on ordering Kay Williams take down the nativity scene. Was also in the Jonesboro Sun http://www.paragoulddailypress.com/articles/2011/12/09/top_story/doc4ee154237d44e926489831.txt#blogcomments


Story on Nativity Scene Back on School Bulletin Board: 



All 50 states reference God in their Constitutions



Christmas parties and programs were listed on the  Greene County Tech school website: http://www.gctsd.k12.ar.us/view/74 


Supreme Court and Congress trying to move us back to more freedom of religion: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/1999/08/02/associations-right-in-schools



Women Action Group

Posted December 19, 2011