J'boro Candidate Wants Us To Ride Bikes, Not In Cars


We have a young man,  Jacob  Holloway,  just out of college running for alderman in Jonesboro who is an extreme leftist. I almost voted for him because his opponent is part of the good ole boy system, but someone clued me in.  So  I wanted to get this information out to prevent other conservatives from voting for him and also to let those people, who think that the plan to do away with cars is no threat, to realize that it is a real threat for the not too distant future.  


Holloway calls himself a "progressive activist" and says, "Transportation accounts for 33% of greenhouse gas emissions in this country, and most of that comes from the burning of gasoline by cars and trucks. Car-centered development also consumes enormous amounts of land (ellipsis) we need to work towards a robust, multi-modal transportation system that enables our city to reduce its dependence on cars. The title on this article:  "Overdependence on cars is not affordable and poses environmental problems—it’s a dead-end road." 1


"Jacob," on his campaign material further says, "Jacob has an urgent concern for environmentally sustainable development and alternative transportations because now, more than ever, these issues are affecting our daily lives (ellipsis) Jacob wants to promote the continued development of greenbelt walkways and bike trails to ease the burden off automobile traffic on our already congested streets. Jacob also wants to end bad development practices such as urban sprawl." 2


Folks, the building of bike trails, emphasis on mass transportation, alternative transportation, preventing urban sprawl, and sustainable development have ominous meanings behind the innocent sounding words. They are all a subtle part of the progressive plan to coerce and force people into urban areas where people depend on mass transportation, walking, and bikes,  rather than cars. 



1.  "http://reinventingjonesboro.webs.com/apps/blog/entries/show/4381513-overdependence-on-cars-is-not-affordable-and-poses-environmental-problems-it-s-a-dead-end-road  :  "Overdependence on cars is not affordable and poses environmental problems—it’s a dead-end road."


2.  http://reinventingjonesboro.webs.com:80/apps/blog/entries/show/4684340-for-immediate-release-activist-to-run-for-jonesboro-city-council  Press Release Sept 1, 2010.  Jacob calls himself a progressive activist in this press release.