Democrat Incumbent Butch Wilkins for West Jonesboro Says:


"The next representative from Craighead County or any place in Arkansas - must be able to work with Mike Beebe.   If you can't do that, then I am not sure that you need to be down there...We are tottering on the edge of extremism"  Note the letter to the Sun below that details how well Butch Wilkins is helping  Beebe and Obama and read Wilkins' entire "good ole boy" speech below and my comments (in red font) about John Cooper below as well.


Come Help John Cooper Win This Race Against Butch Wilkins

For District 59 - West Jonesboro, Bono & Cash (Formerly District 74)


Come to Meet and Support John Cooper


May 29 - Tomorrow Night -  6:30 pm

201 Huntcliff, Jonesboro Arkansas (See directions  at very end of email)

Hosted by All and Erika Brodell, Dave and Kim Webb, Curtis Coleman-speaker

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GOP gives state hope - Jonesboro Sun, May 22, 2012


During his stump speech at the Farm Bureau "Measure the Candidates" forum, Democratic Rep. Butch Wilkins stressed that whoever is elected state representative will have to work with Gov. Mike Beebe. This is the same governor who has ignored the 64 percent of Arkansans who don’t want Obamacare.


Beebe recently implemented the $7.7 million Obamacare health-care exchanges in Arkansas. He was aided by the Democrats on the committee, all of whom voted for the exchanges, including Butch Wilkins. They refused to wait for a ruling by the Supreme Court in June. They used this back-door approach to implement the health-care exchanges regardless of how the Supreme Court rules. All Republicans on the committee voted against it.


What Rep. Wilkins is really saying is that Republicans need not apply to serve in the state Legislature because they won’t work with (cave in to demands of ) Gov. Beebe. They should know their place, sit down, shut up and “reach across the aisle” to Democrats. Republicans who are not part of the “Good Ole Boy” system in Arkansas might as well stay at home in November.


The 140-year monopoly by Democrats started to change in the 2010 election. It is no wonder. Arkansas Democrats are just clones of the Democrats in Washington. The state legislators that you thought shared your values are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-Obamacare. They are for keeping our state a “magnet” for illegal immigrants by using Arkansans’ taxes to pay for social programs for illegals. The Democrat Party just "ain't what it used to be." Need I go on?


On Rep. Wilkins' Facebook page, he lists Ronald Reagan as one of his inspirational people. Isn’t it funny how Democrats vilify Republicans and conservatives, but in campaigns they tout the conservative issues and embrace the conservative icons as their own — to fool the voters.


John Cooper, who is Rep. Wilkins' opponent, also spoke at the event and was impressive. He is a true conservative and like Jon Hubbard, he would not “sit down and shut up” if it meant compromising his values. His values more closely resemble those of Arkansans, not of Hollywood, which is where Democrats seem to gravitate.


Hopefully, Gov. Beebe will have to reach across the aisle to the Republican majority in the next legislative session for some real "hope and change.” And he will, if Arkansans will stand up for their true beliefs and vote their conscience.


Anne Johansen


Representative Butch Wilkins' Speech at the State Farm Forum called "Measure the Candidate," April 21, 2012


Good afternoon, everyone.  Thanks for the opportunity to address you'll this afternoon.  I am glad that all of you are here and am certainly proud of Farm Bureau for their involvement in this program and for KAIT, Jonesboro Sun, and ASU also.


When I ran four years ago – I have served four years in the House of Representatives, representing what was District 74 and what will now be District 59.  I made one pledge and I lived by; I lived by it every day,  I followed that on every vote I made in the House – that is people first.  That is our state motto; and if a politician can't live by that, he really don't need to be down there.


As I look around, I don't see a doom and gloom state.  Arkansas is doing very well.  We have a conservative, lean budget.  We are among the top in a lot of divisions.  We are one of four states who had a balanced budget during the last session.  All the other states were in the red; we are in the black; and we do that with our good management. 


If you look around Jonesboro, you see all the infrastructure that is going on and all the industry that is coming in here; and you are not seeing a picture of doom and gloom.  We are hurriedly building the infrastructure for future of Northeast Arkansas.  You look at ASU what is going on there; look at new four way highway into Jonesboro that will give us a direct four lane to Highway 30 and 40 which are the lifelines of America for the trucks to come across, and this is an important time in our history. 


We must – the next representative from Craighead County or any place in Arkansas - must be able to work with Mike Beebe.  We have got to work with Mike Beebe.  If we do not work with Mike Beebe, we are not going to get nothing.  And if you want to see someone – this country go flat – if you fail to work with that administration because he is the governor.  He is the governor for two years; you have got to work with him; you have got to work with the Industrial Development Commission; you have got to work with the Chamber of Commerce; you have got to work with the Mayor of Jonesboro and Craighead County and the entire region.  If you can't do that, then I am not sure that you need to be down there.


You need to re-evaluate what you can do and what you can't do because we are at a crossroads in Arkansas.  We are tottering on the edge of extremism. When we reach that point, we will get what we asked for.  We will be one of the states in the black, in the red I mean.  We had a healthy economy; Arkansas has remained pretty steady.  It has done because of _______  [I could not understand this word or phrase], and I don't think there is anybody, I mean, Governor Mike Beebe was re-elected by a majority in 75 counties.  That is because he is doing an excellent job.


I plan on working for Governor Mike Beebe;  I plan on working for the Mayor of Jonesboro;  I plan on working with the Chamber of Commerce as I have done in the past and will continue to do in the future in District 59.


I currently have the support of every Mayor in my district. Why do I have that?  Because I have worked hard with them; I have got them GIF money, small cities need help with the state legislature.  They have no tax base basically, and it is very important that we in the legislature support them small cities, bring in GIF money when that money is available and support those small cities. I have voted for over $200 million worth of tax breaks since I have been in the House of Representatives.  I will continue that.  I want to give a tax break to __________[I could not understand this word].  He said he is still having a hard time.


If we vote to do away with the grocery tax - which is very possible next time; I am not going to stand here and promise you that because we've got meetings that we are going to have to decide how we are going spend our tax money coming the first of July because that is a problem we are going to have to deal with.  For the last session, if you remember, we had an unemployment problem that we had to deal with, and we have dealt with it in a very positive manner.


I see the time keeper  getting up so I think I am about done here.  I appreciate you'll being here.  I have really enjoyed being your state representative for the last four years, and I hope it continues for the next session.  Thank you. 


Note from Debbie


If you don't want this Democrat Butch Wilkins, who joined in with the Democrats to kill every major Republican bill in the 2011 Session and who says conservatives are pushing toward extremism, as your representative, then help get one of the best Republican candidates elected that we have ever had for this position.  Candidate John Cooper is very conservative, very informed,  a good speaker, a good writer and a hard worker. He has been involved with our Tea Party Group and other conservative organizations in the area, worked against Sustainable Development and spoke at some public meetings against it, worked hours on end with our Chief of Police to get a Assemblies Permit changed that was infringing on our rights, researched our retirement systems in Arkansas and discovered information that few Arkansans know, and wrote letters to the editor before he made his decision to run for office.    Jon Hubbard said in a speech that in some respects it was like he had met his twin in John Cooper.   Come help us get John Cooper elected.   I believe we can win this one!   Debbie Pelley 


Directions:  At the home of David and Kim Webb  201 Huntcliff, Jonesboro Arkansas

Off Parker road turn onto Culberhouse - go down about a mile and a half
the subdivision is on the left side: Dunwoody / Huntcliff
Turn left into the subdivision
take the first left : Huntcliff
we are down six houses on the right 201 Huntcliff.



Posted May 27, 2012