Comparison of Two GOP Candidates for State Senator in Primary Run-Off Nov. 12


GOP Dan Sullivan has many good qualities, but facts indicate he doesn't identify with the heart of the true conservative.  He waffles on the biggest government expansion in AR  history,  etc.


Dan Sullivan

Arkansas was one of the only states in the South to pass the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion 'Private Option' in 2013 even though the Supreme Court said states did not have to do so. All Democrats voted for it. There is a push now to defund it in the 2014 session. In the beginning GOP candidate Dan Sullivan would not say whether he would have voted against Medicaid Expansion had he been in the legislature and has used political spin on this issue ever since. Sullivan's latest statement as of Oct 7,  as quoted in the paper, "He said he would have to see 'some viable options before I would be ready to kill the [private option] program or public funding for the program.'"  The most "viable option" is to say "No" to Obamacare Medicaid Expansion as twenty-six other states have done. 


GOP candidate John Cooper has been emphatic from the very beginning that he would have voted against the Arkansas Medicaid Expansion 'Private Option' and to say he would vote to defund it in 2014. Federal courts have regularly interpreted the 'mandatory categories of care' within Medicaid to include abortion, and have ordered 13 states to pay for abortions.  According to estimates, Medicaid Expansion is likely to subsidize 71,000 to 111,000 abortions per year - just the beginning!


John Cooper

You only have one shot at voting for a true conservative, John Cooper!!!  Don't take the chance of electing  another GOP who thinks like a Democrat!