Taken from Jonesboro Future Land Use Plan, November 3, 2009 page 39

http://www.jonesboro.org/Planning/Documents/Old%20Docs/Land%20Use%20Policy_Narrative%20November%2017%202009.pdf  link to the full document.  Accessed January 25, 2014

Visual preference surveys have demonstrated that consumers, when shown well-designed visual
images of high-density communities and low-density communities, often prefer the high-density
􀂃 Many multifamily housing communities were constructed using principles consistent with the new
urbanism movement. Multifamily housing has an important role to play in new urban communities of
the future.
􀂃 There is no discernible difference in price appreciation of single-family housing located near
multifamily buildings and that of homes not located close to multifamily housing.

Source: ULI

As shown in the land use survey results in the appendix section of this document, a large amount of
respondents (79%) indicate that the City should encourage single family home type development; 51% support
senior housing/independent/skill nursing housing; 34% mixed development housing/commercial
developments; 33% condominium type dwellings; 18% duplexes; 17% multi-family dwellings; and 5% premanufactured

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Photographs of East Street Lofts, now under construction (top Photo) including rendering drawings (bottom)

First page of this Jonesboro Future Land Use Plan 

November 17, 2009

Dear Citizens:

Long range planning is essential for proper business and neighborhood development; and sound
development has a direct impact on orderly growth of our community. Your elected and appointed
city officials are committed to comprehensive land use planning and overall development of

For over a century, the cities within this region have contributed to the prosperity of Jonesboro. It
manufactures and processes products essential for industry and in the everyday lives of citizens.
Over the last three years we have served as the region’s retail hub with the recent addition of the
Turtle Creek Mall.

Today, opportunities are ripe for revitalizing the Jonesboro area. In a city where large tracts of
vacant industrial land are available, the Jonesboro area retains well over 750 acres planned for
development and the expansion of manufacturing and other businesses. This industrial land exists
side-by-side available rail service with direct access to US I-63/Hwy. I-555.

Having over a 57% owner-occupied housing stock totaling approximately 22,219 units, we are
dedicated to providing our residents with a large range of housing choices and opportunities. This
plan addresses areas of decline, and promotes revitalization and mixed income and mixed use
developments that will stand the test of time.

Prompted by enormous opportunities for industrial, retail and residential redevelopment; along with
the preservation of openspace/greenspace, your public leaders initiated this important update to our
Future Land Use Plan. We commend the exceptional efforts of the Land Use Advisory Committee
during the in-depth two-year endeavor.

Today the era of economic decline is improving and we are optimistic of continued growth. With
careful planning and growth management, we can bring back Jonesboro’s natural beauty and
industrial strength.

Harold Perrin, Mayor
City of Jonesboro, AR