Compare Arkansas Republican Party Leadership With That of Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Other States

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Compare the actions of our newly elected Arkansas Republican Chair Dennis Milligan on  immigration to that of the Republican Party in a neighboring states, Oklahoma,  Tennessee, and others. (Milligan, himself,  says he was asked to take the job by the corporate world)  In an interview with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, our Republican Chair "declined to take a stance on President Bush's latest immigration bill, saying, “I just think that is something for probably smarter people than me to figure out." (See story at this link:   Arkansas GOP also has a prominent link to an article promoting the Bush/Kennedy immigration bill on their home page at this link:


Note in the text of the email below just how strong a stand the Republican Party in Oklahoma takes on the issues.


" Fortunately, our senators Inhofe and Coburn are firmly opposed to this bill, and any other that contains amnesty in any form. The Oklahoma Republican Party stands with our senators on this issue.


"I personally have called other senators who support the legislation, or who may be seen as “waffling.” I always tell them that this bill is unenforceable, unworkable, unfair to millions of legal immigrants and the taxpayers, and totally unacceptable. We need to secure the borders immediately, enforce the laws already on the books, deport those here illegally, and discontinue the ridiculous “anchor baby” policy along with all benefits. Passage of this bill will destroy our economy, our security and sovereignty as a nation, and the already overburdened health care system and Social Security. Personally I believe that those legislators who vote for SB 1348, in any form, are committing political suicide when the voters get their say in 2008. If you would like the phone numbers of these senators, I will be happy to give them to you.


Jay Mandraccia

Oklahoma  Republican Party

4031 N. Lincoln Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: 405/528-3501

Fax: 405/521-9531



Note the emphasis on curbing illegal immigration by Republican legislators in Tennessee:


Tennessee  Trust 
A Commitment to the Citizens of Tennessee

As our Republican Representatives in state government, and those seeking to join that body, we pledge this "Trust" to the citizens of Tennessee.

2.  Immigration Reform - [Approximately 50 Republican legislators in Tennessee have signed this:]

We will support strong laws against illegal immigration that will help take back our streets including legislation that will:   

Link to find members to the group:

"Frustrated with Congress's inability to pass an immigration overhaul bill, state legislatures are considering or enacting a record number of strongly worded proposals targeting illegal immigrants. By the time most legislatures adjourned in May, at least 1,100 immigration bills had been submitted by lawmakers, more than double last year's record total, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Republicans are pushing the bulk of the laws in most states."

But the Arkansas  Republican Party leaders, led by the corporate world who want so called "cheap labor," (cheap to them but expensive to the taxpayers) are basically pushing for amnesty by remaining silent (silence indicates agreement) and by posting on the home page of their website a link to an article defending the amnesty bill.

What Can Conservative Republicans Do?

Join A Wing of The Republican Party in Arkansas That Reflects Your Values,

Arkansas Republican Assembly (ARRA)


Earlier this month I invited Republicans to join the Donors Rebellion and send the Republican leadership a message that we would no longer contribute to the Party or candidates who won't support measures to curb illegal immigration. Another  way  we can help is to join and  support the Arkansas  Republican Assemby (ARRA) that organized in Arkansas in 1997. President Ronald Reagan said that the Republican Assembly is "The Conscience of the Republican Party."  They have developed a good blog that is attracting national attention.   Their leadership is totally on target with the Christian conservative views, and no one in the leadership of that organization would abandon social issues or shun immigration issues.   Increasing the strength of this part of the Republican Party would definitely send a message to the leadership of the GOP. ARRA's mission is as follows: 

Our mission is to strengthen the Republican party by registering voters, recruiting members, developing party leadership, endorsing candidates, and supporting officials who share our beliefs and principles.

 The ARRA was chartered August 9, 1997 under the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), which has a 70 year history of success as a true grassroots organization. Originally established by the California Republican Assembly, the NFRA is our nation's oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. President Ronald Reagan said that the Republican Assembly is, "The Conscience of the Republican Party." The NFRA is the national umbrella organization for all of the nationwide state Republican Assembly organizations.

See this link for the Republican Assemblies home page and this link for their blog. them with Arkansas GOP at this link:

I suggest you also  go to the Arkansas Assembly blog ( and subscribe to the blog email (right hand side in red) . You will get an email every day or so and will discover just how well this Republican Assembly wing of the Republican Party  matches the philosophy of the conservative base of the Party and how much they are actually doing to promote the cause. . You can unsubscribe any time you like.   Then go to the Arkansas Republican Party home page with which you are familiar at this link and sign up for updates (See left column at bottom).  I think you will learn fairly quickly which one represents your views.

If we don't take some drastic steps, the Republican Party in Arkansas will revert back to where we were years ago.  Many other states are making great headway in increasing the number of Republicans in state legislatures while Arkansas is going backwards.

Send a Message to the Arkansas Party Leadership That You Are Going to Give Your Donations to ARRA

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