CNN Lou Dobbs on "Amnesty Insanity"

(Worst Provisions of the Pending Senate Immigration Bill)


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[Sessions said on the Senate floor that the 12 to 20 million people that could apply for instant legalization through the Z visa would have to pay 200 fine but then could apply for the $2,000 earned income tax at the end of the year.]


Another link to You Tube with very similary information on Lou Dobbs. - this is link for Heritage report that gives some more good details on most of the points above. .


Following points  are listed on  Lou Dobbs Website at this link: :


Lou's Top 5 List

Top 5 Dumbest Things in the Immigration Bill

5) Taxpayers will pay for the immigration lawyers for illegal aliens if working in agriculture.

4) Illegal aliens would be given legal status just one day after their application is filed even if a background check is not completed.

3) Gang members are eligible for amnesty if they renounce their gang status.

2) Borders do not have to be secure before the amnesty program begins.

1) $2,600,000,000,000 -- That is the cost the Heritage Foundation estimates to cover the retirement benefits of 12,000,000 illegal aliens if this amnesty bill becomes law.