Illegal Alien Employment Increasing Unemployment of Citizens

$10 million Unemployed A Record Number since World War II

Unemployment for Black Citizens Higher Than Hispanics


According to Lou Dobs's program  January 9, 09, there are ten million people now unemployed in our nation. There are  more black citizens unemployed than Hispanics (many of whom are illegal aliens).  Isn't it time that we pass some laws to prevent illegal Hispanics from being employed in Arkansas so our own citizens can be employed.


Not only should our legal citizens have the right to these jobs, but unemployment is costing our state a great deal of money, and Welfare will be even more expensive when the unemployed can't find  new jobs.  And while our state is paying for the unemployment and new welfare, it is also paying high costs in health care and benefits for the illegal aliens. Our state can't afford that.


According to Lou Dobbs on CNN, overall national unemployment of Hispanics is 9.5 percent  but overall unemployment for blacks it is 12 percent.  The unemployment rate for Hispanic youth is 22% but for African American youth it is 28%; for whites it is 17%.  Hispanics are taking many of the jobs from African Americans, and the high youth unemployment rate is partly the result of  illegal aliens taking many of the jobs that the youths have formerly held.   (For transcript of  Lou Dobss program on this issue, see this link:


Citizens in rural areas say their youth had formerly had jobs in planting and harvesting crops that are now done by illegal aliens.  Numerous restaurants employ illegal aliens where youths could work.  These jobs often provide the necessary funds for college for these young people (young people whose parents can no longer afford the high cost of college).  And everyone knows we have one of the lowest college graduation rates in the nation.


Any law that could be passed to prevent our state from becoming a sanctuary for illegal aliens would be a PROFITABLE one.


Debbie Pelley