Huckabee's pro illegal alien agenda unbelievable!

Below are excerpts from  three articles that indicate how strongly  Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee has promoted the illegal alien agenda. In one of the earlier Presidential debates, Huckabee's rhetoric would have convinced voters that he was actually tough on illegal aliens, but his actions have proved otherwise.  We have found this information to be  shocking to the majority of Republicans who have not closely followed Huckabee's actions,  especially  when they discover how Huckabee worked directly with the Mexican President to establish a Mexican consulate in Little Rock which is basically used as a conduit for illegals.  In the short time the Consulate has been in business, they have issued 4,000 ID cards to Mexicans.  It doesn't take much  deductive reasoning to realize that most of those would have to be illegal.  See this link for that article.

Federal law 8 USC Section 1324 says that "Any person who encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or  reside in the United States,"  shall be "fined" or "imprisoned not more than 5 years or both."  Then how could it be legal or ethical for a Governor to help establish a Mexican Consulate to help Mexican illegal aliens reside  in this country when even a citizen of the US can be imprisoned for such action?

This should remind all of us to look behind the words and find the actions of all who run for office. We understand that only 40% of Republicans even know that Rudy Giuliani is pro abortion.  We need to stay informed!

Excerpts from following article - quoting Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

Huckabee: ĎRace-baiting í behind immigration bill

This story was published Friday, January 28, 2005


"Gov. Mike Huckabee said Thursday that a bill to deny state government benefits and voting rights to illegal immigrants is "inflammatory... race-baiting and demagoguery." He challenged the Christian values of its main sponsor.
 "Holt often talks of his strong Christian beliefs, but Huckabee singled him out, ! saying, "I drink a different kind of Jesus juice. My faith says donít make false accusations against somebody. In the Bible, itís called ĎDonít bear false witness.í"

 "The governor said Holtís plan to deny prenatal care to illegal immigrants goes against their shared anti-abortion principles ó that unborn fetuses should have a citizenís right to life.

  " Illegal immigrants "canít vote, canít collect Social Security benefits," Huckabee said. "They donít get a tax refund, but they pay sales tax, gasoline tax, and property tax when they pay their rent. We donít let them vote. They donít get welfare benefits. And they donít get unemploym! ent benefits."

  "Huckabee has proposed that the state allow undocumented immigrants who complete their public education in Arkansas to eligible for college scholarships."

 Huckabee promotes 'open door' policy at LULAC convention
Thursday, Jun 30, 2005

By Wesley Brown
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK - In a impassioned speech before hundreds of influential Hispanic civil rights leaders from across the nation, Gov. Mike Huckabee told a captive audience Wednesday that America is great because it has always opened it doors up to people seeking a better way of life.

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," Huckabee said, citing the Golden Rule. "I have tried to govern that way and it stands to reason that I really do believe that what made this great country so great and so unique is that it has always been a place for people to run to - and not run from.

 Huckabee said as the largely Hispanic audience gave him a standing ovation.

Huckabee was the keynote speaker, along with Tyson Foods Inc. Chairman and CEO John Tyson, at a noon luncheon of the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is holding its 76th annual convention in Little Rock.

He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state's capital city was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation.

Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee's comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent's immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

Tyson also credited LULAC leaders for pushing the company to add Hispanics to the Tyson board and promote more Latinos to upper management and executive positions.

He also said in that last 15 years, the number of Hispanics that work for the Arkansas company has increased significantly.

"I am proud to tell you that more than 40,000 of our workers are Latinos," Tyson said of the company's 114,000 employees. "We are learning, growing and benefiting from that diversity."  For entire article, go to this link:

This time Huckabee counts wins 
Governor 19-for-21 in bills he pushed

"Huckabee also supported a bill to make illegal aliens eligible for state-financed college scholarships and in-state tuition. Opponents said it would reward people for breaking the law, that it would violate a federal law and that it could require the state to eliminate the higher out-of-state tuition rates.
"The bill passed the House. While pending in the Senate, critics raised questions about whether such a law would be legal. Huckabee insisted it would be. Attorney General Mike Beebe issued an opinion questioning its legality. The Senate rejected the bill twice.
"Wednesday, Huckabee again defended the proposal, saying, "We never stopped working for that bill. I donít under! stand the opposition to it. As a society and as a people, weíre bigger than that. It hurts me weíre still debating issues that I thought were set aside in the 1960s."

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