Hubbard versus McDaniel

Mike Masterson and Letters to the Editor Take Jon Hubbard's Side 


Mike Masterson defended Jon Hubbard in the controversy over McDaniel's Spanish-language website in his article on July 24, the same day that Paul Greenberg blasted Hubbard.   Letters to the editor have also defended Jon Hubbard. See the article and letters to editor below. 


Excerpts from Mike Masterson Article: (Mike Masterson is opinion editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Northwest edition writes a column for Arkansas Democrat and his articles appear in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette three times a week.)


How about that flap between GOP state Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro and our Democratic Attorney General Dustin McDaniel over his office’s state-sponsored Spanish-language website.

The Jonesboro Sun published Hubbard’s original e-mail to McDaniel and McDaniel’s response.

Hubbard initially sent an e-mail that became public which, in part, asked McDaniel to “please explain the purpose behind your Hispanic website, and do you also plan to provide a similar service for all of the other nationalities in Arkansas, and if not, why [not]? . . . Is there a state policy that provides special treatment for Hispanics in Arkansas, while no other ethnic groups are given the same special consideration?”

The Sun’s story said McDaniel (who clearly was stung by being questioned) criticized Hubbard’s questioning as insulting and without merit.

“I will refrain from characterizing your motivation, but one could easily infer that you are simply an angry, misguided person,” McDaniel told Hubbard, and added, “I was proud to represent Jonesboro in the House seat you now occupy. Your lack of civility and substance, not limited to publishing my personal e-mail address and blind copying the press on your email, make me embarrassed that you represent our community.”  [Whose tone is most insulting, Hubbard's or McDaniel's]

My take? Hubbard was doing his due diligence, albeit directly, by asking a legitimate question of the person responsible for this website, which does require state personnel time to maintain. Yeah, Hubbard’s tone was direct. But then, I’ve asked lots of direct questions over 40 years in this business that weren’t intended to insult or demean.

Count me among those who believe it’s an elected representative’s job to ask and answer tough questions on behalf of their constituents. In this instance, I seriously doubt if one Arkansan in 50,000 even knew the attorney general was offering a website in Spanish. But they shore ‘nuff know now.

McDaniel didn’t do himself many favors by attacking Hubbard for asking questions that Arkansans also might have about this site.


 Letters to the editor:  Jonesboro Sun - Both letters published July 27


McDaniel made her mad


I learned a lot from The Sun’s recent article on the confrontation between Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and GOP Rep. Jon Hubbard over McDaniel’s Spanish language Web site. It makes me angry that our attorney general keeps a Spanish-language Web site. Evidently McDaniel doesn’t care about the 94 percent majority who voted in the KAIT poll in 2008 and 2010 that favored a law to prevent illegal aliens from getting state benefits. Wouldn’t most of them disagree with the Spanish Web site?


McDaniel said 186,000 Arkansans are Latino. Statistics indicate that the majority of them are here illegally. In order to become a U.S. citizen, applicants “must be able to read, write and speak common English,” except for a few exemptions. So why does McDaniel think we need a Spanish Web site?


I also learned a lot about McDaniel’s true colors and partisan nature. He calls GOP Jon Hubbard an angry, misguided person, uncivil and an embarrassment to our community. Then McDaniel criticizes Hubbard’s “tone!” McDaniel is a Democrat, and Hubbard is a Republican. Would McDaniel have said these things about another Democrat? Of course not!


The attorney general is the one who rules on the law when legislators ask for an official attorney general’s opinion. McDaniel’s response could certainly intimidate other Republicans who wanted to asked his opinion personally or officially. We don’t need that type of tension between the attorney general and legislators.


I learned (speaking tongue in cheek) that Web sites are free, and so are staff members since McDaniel said, “It [Hispanic Web site] cost the taxpayers not one dime to include this service. Updating the translation and making the Web site more user-friendly was done by my existing staff.” I believe McDaniel, being an attorney, knows how well that statement would stand up in court.


And most important, I learned that our attorney general’s office testified against the bills that Hubbard sponsored to address the illegal alien problem. I now know I will be helping get Jon Hubbard elected again the next time and will not be voting for Dustin McDaniel when he runs for governor.

Pam Manard



Quiet for too long

Shame on me and others for being quiet too long! What is all this reported bashing of Rep. Hubbard by our Attorney General McDaniel? You notice I called him our attorney general (an office to care for all of us)?


I am 100 percent in agreement with Rep. Hubbard’s stand on the extremely obvious bias to a particular people group! Since when does the United States single out a people group to give “special” allowances? Oh yeah, I know, always have, always will!


I am offended by the response of Attorney General McDaniel in his constant repeating of the “unpleasant exchanges,” everywhere he goes. If he is so offended by these “opinions” of a majority of people of this state, he needs to quit “crying” about it, and repeating it, stand back and re-evaluate what his actions imply (so eloquently pointed out by Rep. Hubbard), and realize the depth of his actions!


I am an American, not an “Italian” American,” “Irish” American, “German” American or “Latino” American, etc. I am simply an American! Those who live in America, are supposed to be a “melting pot,” right? All Rep. Hubbard wanted to know, is the same thing the rest of want to know: Why did our attorney general go to special extremes to favor a special group? Rep. Hubbard is a true, honest representative of his district. Shame on Attorney General McDaniel for name-calling our representative an “angry, misguided person” and calling his stand for District 75 a “nasty exchange!” The only nastiness I see is our attorney general whining over an opinion that is different than his!


I stand with Rep. Hubbard. He is a man of truth who simply pointed out to his voters a huge misjudgment by our attorney general, who needs to remember, Rep. Hubbard was voted in by his (McDaniel’s) old District 75. By the way, Rep. Hubbard has not embarrassed his family, church, Sunday school or friends either! Seems the liberal attorney general tried to elevate himself to a higher standard than conservative Rep. Hubbard, over a simple political disagreement!


All said and done, there  must have been a need in District 75 for a different opinion there, huh?


Donna Timmons