Paul Greenberg Slams GOP Jon Hubbard/Takes AG Dustin McDaniel's Side on Hispanic Website

Liberal Editor Admits He Thought Publishing Hubbard's Letters "Would Have Defeated Him: But They Didn't"


Paul Greenberg in an Arkansas Democrat Gazette editorial recently slammed GOP Representative Jon Hubbard for his questions to AG Dustin McDaniel about McDaniel's Spanish website.  Among other scare tactics, Greenberg accused Hubbard of hurting his party, saying, "If you're trying to keep your party out of power, Representative Hubbard, you're doing a heckuva job.  Greenberg's editorial is his way of steering this stray back into the "herd." 


Greenberg also accused Hubbard of racial intolerance.  Only Greenberg uses the big word, "xenophobia" (definition:  racism or racial intolerance).   How dare he define all of us who oppose illegal immigration (80 to 90 percent in Arkansas) as racists!  Greenberg also slammed Secure Arkansas in the same article.


The same day Greenberg wrote this article slamming Hubbard, he wrote an article condemning the university executives for promoting Shane Broadway for Director of Higher Education, saying,  "When he asked for those opposed  [college executives] to stand , not a one did.  Perfect.  A perfect picture of conformity.  Not an independent thinker in the bunch or at least one willing to betray it by taking a public stand."  Very well said, indeed, and we agree with Greenberg on this issue.  The editorial was entitled, "The Herd."  


But we find this quote strange coming from Greenberg who consistently blasts any conservative who dares think independently and take a public stand as Hubbard does. In fact, I know of no other editorialists or liberal that has the power and ability to herd the conservatives into the pack as Paul Greenberg.  Being editor of the Opinion section of the state paper does help.   Greenberg does occasionally slam liberals, but  when a true conservative is in conflict with a true liberal or it comes to an endorsement, he will support the liberal almost  every time.  


Greenberg defends Dustin McDaniel's Spanish website, saying, "In the census more than 185,000 people in Arkansas identified themselves as Hispanic...and if they're answering a Census most of them are probably as legit as state lawmakers from Jonesboro, Arkansas." Isn't Greenberg being deceitful with this statement, probably thinking that many readers probably don't know the real facts?  According to the Wall Street Journal,


 "The U.S. Census Bureau is set  to count all persons physically present  in the countryóincluding large numbers who are here illegally...Because the census (since at least 1980) has not distinguished citizens and permanent, legal residents from individuals here illegally, the basis for apportionment of House seat has been skewed.     ("Our Unconstitutional Census", August 9, 2009)


Greenberg is a very knowledgeable man.  Surely he also knows that only 1/3 of Hispanics in Arkansas even apply for citizenship. 


Greenberg continues, "[M]any illegal immigrants live in the shadows, where they are preyed upon by those who'd take advantage of their fear of the authorities."

Shouldn't someone who is breaking the law  "fear the authorities?"  If they weren't here illegally, they could not be preyed upon.  Of all people or departments, the Attorney General should be concerned with the status of the Hispanics who rely on his office for help.  If he is helping Hispanics that are here illegally, the Attorney General himself is breaking federal law.  Below are just two points of the law that would apply.


Sec. 1324. Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

      (1)(A) Any person who -


(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an

alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection,  or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;


(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or

reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of

the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be  in violation of law; or 


Greenberg also discusses in his editorial, of all things,  the need of the Attorney General to keep Hispanics safe from identify theft, as if citizens are stealing illegals' identity.  I thought it was the other way around -illegals stealing citizens' identities. 


Then Greenberg excuses McDaniel for playing the political game in order  to get more Hispanic votes, saying "Americans of the Hispanic persuasion are the fastest growing minority in the country.  But too many Republicans, instead of welcoming their support, are busy pushing them into the other party.  For goodness and politics' sake, why?"


It seems Greenberg does not understand the concept of  PRINCIPLE  (or rule) of law. True conservatives and Jon Hubbard hold to the PRINCIPLE  of obeying the Constitution and the law in every situation,  while the "herd"  applies it capriciously to suit their bias.  Greenberg adamantly proclaims the need to obey the law in the case of  Shane Broadway becoming Director of Higher Ed ( he has written three articles on this).  But in reckless disregard of the law, he welcomes the illegal aliens here - based on his bias.   He also infers that it is okay to break the law and  pander to the illegal aliens in order to get the Hispanic vote.  


And some legislators, (we admit a small minority) like Jon Hubbard are not concerned about being re-elected but are concerned about doing the right thing, even when they have to challenge the "herd" and face the cruel accusations of the media.


In every war some soldiers have to give their lives; in this cultural war some legislators will have to die to their legislative careers.  Thank God, we have a few men like Jon Hubbard willing to do that.


It just so happens that we are living in a time when people want to hear the plain truth rather than the  spin. It also just so happens that Greenberg is the one out of the main stream on illegal aliens.  Hubbard represents a district that voted 94% in a TV poll in 2008 and in 2010  in favor of a  law denying  non-emergency state benefits to illegal aliens. It seems I remember Hubbard sponsoring such a bill -HB1292.


A liberal editor of the Jonesboro Sun, Hubbard's district,  made a stunning admission in a postscript to an article this week in his editorial as follows:  


Postscript: Of late Iíve been receiving occasional letters from someone giving a name, obviously fictitious, but no contact information. The writer each time accuses The Sun of, among other things, helping state Rep. Jon Hubbard gain public office by publishing his letters. Iíve had a good many heated exchanges with Mr. Hubbard because I insisted on enforcing our rules on his letters, and Iíd have thought publishing his ideas would have defeated him. But they didnít. Until he became a candidate, he had a right to use this forum. Thatís what itís for  (Roy Ockert, Editor of the Jonesboro Sun)


We believe that Greenberg,  if he is able to be honest about it, will also  have to admit in the future: "I'd have thought publishing his ideas would have defeated him.  But they didn't."


Women Action Group



The link to Greenberg's full article: (The links will only be good for a couple of days and you have to subscribe to the paper to open it.)  The link to Greenberg's article "The Herd" can be found at this link.  You'd think a conservative wrote that one.


Posted July 27, 2011

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