Support Jon Hubbard, Boldest Legislator in Arkansas



I received a flyer on the fundraiser for Jon Hubbard  but wanted to add more.  I have transcribed the speeches that John Hubbard and his opponent gave recently at a Farm Bureau "Measure the Candidate"  Forum, April 21.  I am copying and pasting excerpts from the speeches below, hoping the contrast  of the two speeches will galvanize voters to give financially and to work to get Hubbard re-elected. Hubbard sponsored and co-sponsored some very important bills last session and has promised to sponsor them again next session if re-elected.   


Hubbard was also  very instrumental in a number of other ways. He was the legislator that called Governor Beebe out on his "strong arm" tactics and for his  poison pill "hostile" amendment that killed a bill aimed at preventing state funds from being used for abortions in the state health exchange to be created under the federal health-care law. Governor Beebe has gotten away with all kinds of offenses against Republicans in the past without notice. You may recall how the most important bills put forth by conservatives were blocked in committee by Democrats time after time in 2011, at least 14 of them.”  “ Hubbard was the first legislator ever to call Beebe out and get articles in the paper written about Beebe's tactics.  Then other blogs and papers followed suit and exposed Beebe in a way he has never been exposed before.


There are several other ways Hubbard sounded the alarm, calling out the Attorney General on his Spanish website, and the Chancellor of UA for sponsoring and coordinating the forum with five illegal aliens making up the panel,  for example.   Hubbard's opponent made the statement in his recent speech, "I am proud to say that I have the Governor's full support in this campaign. "   I bet he does! And that support is exemplified in the amount of money Hubbard's opponent has raised, far more than Hubbard. 


Hubbard sponsored the bill to deny benefits to illegal aliens except in cases of emergency. It is extremely hard to even get Republicans to sponsor such a bill because big businesses in Northwest Arkansas want the cheap labor, and legislators don't want the businesses to support and finance their opponents.   But Republicans do cast their votes for such bills because they favor them and also know how strongly  the people back home support such bills.   Remember the "Bell and the Cat"  fable about  a group of mice who debate plans to nullify the threat of a marauding cat. One of them proposes placing a bell around its neck, so that they are warned of its approach. The plan is applauded by the others, until one mouse asks who will volunteer to place the bell on the cat. None will. We need Jon Hubbard in the legislature to "bell the cat" since his type of courage and boldness is rarely found.


Hubbard was the first Republican elected from his district since reconstruction.  Surely conservatives across the state can raise as much money for Hubbard to be re-elected and keep that seat as the Democrats can raise for their candidate!  


You can donate to Jon Hubbard's campaign by sending a check to Jon Hubbard Campaign, 2104 White Lane, Jonesboro 72404 or go to his website and donate there.

  By the way, Jon Hubbard doesn't  even know I am sending this email out.

Following are excerpts from Jon Hubbard's recent speech and that of his Democrat opponent, Harold Copenhaver,  that deal with the type of legislation they will sponsor.   Their full, transcribed speeches can be found at this link:



Some of the issues that I addressed during the 2011 legislative session were to protect and grow jobs in our state.  This could be achieved through tax and other incentives such as greater reducing our state capital gains tax, which would make Arkansas a much more business friendly state.  We must also insist that our state government be responsible in its operation and in its spending.  Our government must learn to live within its means just as we the citizens of Jonesboro are told that we have to do.  We must insist that our government operate under a balanced budget as set out by our state constitution.


I believe in the sovereignty of our state and this sovereignty must be protected from an overreaching and out-of-control federal and sometime state government.  The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution must be honored, protected, and defended whenever necessary.


Our laws and our Bible teach us that murder is wrong.  As human beings I believe that we must honor and protect the rights of those yet to be born.  I agree that a woman should have the right to choose, but I also agree that choice must be made before conception and not afterwards.  I have and will continue to fight to protect the traditional family values and the definition of marriage as being a union between one man and one woman. Applause  


 I believe that we must not allow well performing school districts such as the Weiner school district to be dissolved or forced into consolidation through simply some arbitrary enrollment numbers to satisfy politicians.   Good schools are hard to find, and we must protect those districts where educating students is our number one priority regardless of enrollment numbers.


In this country, if you are here illegally, you must go, plain and simple.  I sponsored legislation that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving state benefits except in cases where emergency life saving measures are required.  Applause and more applause almost drowning out what Hubbard said at the end.  


 I also sponsored legislation that would require all state business to be conducted in Arkansas, including business for Arkansas Drivers' License, to be printed in English only.  Applause I believe that those who are not willing or able to read our road signs which are also printed in English should not be allowed to test for Arkansas driver's license in any language other than English.  Loud Applause.  


I also co-sponsored a bill with state Senator Cecile Bledsoe which would have prevented Sharia law or any other international law from being given equal standing with our US Constitution in our state courts.  Loud Applause. 


I also proposed legislation that would have required anyone choosing to  appear on the Arkansas election ballot to then verify with documentation that they are constitutionally qualified and eligible to hold the office for which they are applying and also that  the evidence should become part of the public record.  Anyone not agreeing to produce this documentation should not be allowed on Arkansas election ballots.  Applause


In closing, I would like to say that when I began campaigning for this office in 2010, I told the people in this district exactly what I would do if I were elected.  And now almost two years after that date, I can stand here very proudly and tell you that I did exactly what I promised I would try to do when I went to Little Rock.  I would like to ask you, "Is that not what you want your representatives and elected officials to do?" 


Thank you and may God bless our troops and may God bless America! Loud, long applause.


 [In a later speech at the Lincoln Day dinner, Hubbard said if he were re-elected he would go back and sponsor those same bills and with a Republican majority  we are hoping for he would get them passed.]


Copenhaver  (This is all Copenhaver had to say about legislation - generalities)


 As your legislator I will work with other Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc.  This doesn't mean you have to agree with them but it means you must still work together for the betterment of this community.  I will work with our fine mayor and our city officials; our Chamber of Commerce and continued economic development.  Our city has hundreds of local volunteers and many organizations such as the Out of the Dark program, the Women's Crisis Center, Jonesboro Pregnancy Resource Center, and many more.  At issue is the foundation of our community, and I will give them my full support.


I will work on legislation which allows ASU to continue to grow.  The children in this community deserve a voice that will help and change the resources they need.  Our seniors and veterans deserve a voice that will help fight and maintain resources they need for health care.  I will stand up for our law enforcement and firefighters.  They need a voice who will provide the support they need for our community in keeping it safe.  Our workforce needs to know that they have a representative who will work 24 hours, 7 days a week to maintain our jobs and add new ones.  I am a person who believes in having an open discussion on all sides of these issues, and I will work with leaders to do so. 


In closing, I am proud to say that I have the Governor's full support in this campaign and with his support in the legislature I will make sure that Jonesboro is not a step child to central Arkansas or Northwest Arkansas.


I am asking for your vote.  Harold Copenhaver as your common sense in Jonesboro and in Little Rock.  Thank you and vote Cope.  The only applause during this speech was a light applause at the end.

Again, the full transcript of the speeches by Hubbard and Copenhaver can be read at this link: