Continuation of former email - Information from UA Gearhart's Article

Illegal Aliens Do Get IRS ID & Are Therefore Eligible for Earner Income


I sent you an email today with the subject  "UA Chancellor promotes illegal activity-Hubbard objects" with a link to the Arkansas Times post about it.  This is a continuation of  that email.  Following are excerpts from an email sent to a citizen who complained about UA Chancellor's activities discussed in the last email.  The former article can be found at this link:


Dear ____

Chancellor Gearhart asked me to respond to your message regarding the upcoming panel discussion featuring young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children from other countries and have lived most of their lives as and with Americans.  

Contrary to your assertion, the upcoming event is not illegal nor does it foster illegal behavior. The university is simply providing an educational opportunity to our students and to the general public to hear firsthand these individuals' experiences and opinions.  As U.S. courts—including the Supreme Court—have ruled consistently, undocumented immigrants have the legal right to attend school in this country and to express themselves in forums such as ours.


Undocumented immigrants also have a legal right to earn income as well as the legal obligation to pay taxes on any income they earn, property they own, and merchandise they purchase.  For example, the Internal Revenue Service provides Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (known as ITINs) to undocumented immigrants and others who, according to the IRS:

" not have, and are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status because both resident and nonresident aliens may have a U.S. filing or reporting requirement under the Internal Revenue Code.”


Signed: John N. Diamond, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Relations, University of Arkansas, 100 Davis Hall, Fayetteville, AR 72701(479) 575-5555 (O), (479) 595-9120 (cell) (479) 575-4745 (fax),


Note the contradictions from Chancellor Gearhart's office.  Chancellor Gearhart said in his original announcement that  "Their undocumented immigration status makes travel within the U.S. difficult and risky and their ability to work legally impossible.  But in this email from his office  Associate Vice Chancellor in answering for Gearhart said, "Undocumented immigrants also have a legal right to earn income," and tells how it is done. 


The reason illegal aliens  file income tax is probably so they can get earned income.  Since they are allowed to file income taxes, then they are eligible to receive earned income so I have been told by accountants.  However, I think this IRS situation is based on a regulation since I am fairly sure no congressional law has been passed because it would be unconstitutional based on the law I gave in the former email.


As I said included in my last email at legislative hearings on HB1525, in 2005, a bill to give scholarships and in-state tuition by Joyce Elliott, several presidents of colleges  spoke in favor of the bill.  However when asked one by one by a legislator if they would hire these students when they graduated, these university presidents all admitted they would not.  They knew they had to answer this way; otherwise they would be confessing they would be willing to be involved in criminal activity by hiring them. They knew the law on hiring illegal aliens, but they did not know the law on postsecondary education or chose to ignore it just as Arkansas Department of Higher Education Jim Purcell is doing now.  Evidently this Associate Vice Chancellor John N. Diamond does not even know the law on hiring illegal aliens or else  chooses to ignore it in an effort to defend the Chancellor's position.


You might also find it interesting that University of Arkansas Chancellor David Gearhart received 's $250,000 bonus in 2010, and his salary was raised to $289,000 according to Arkansas Times at this link: