AG Dustin McDaniel Calls Jon Hubbard Angry, Misguided, Uncivil, Insulting, and An Embarrassment

Then McDaniel complains about GOP Jon Hubbard's "Insulting" Tone!


When Representative Jon Hubbard sent an email to McDaniel requesting information about his  Hispanic website, McDaniel angrily responded.  At least eighty  percent of Arkansans probably disagree with Dustin McDaniel on this issue; most citizens were not even aware of the Spanish website.  If they could vote on the issue, citizens would overwhelmingly vote against it.     McDaniel also claims that the website costs the citizens of Arkansas nothing because his staff does the work. But if McDaniel's staff did work for his campaign or other illegal activities, it would definitely be considered as cost to the citizens of Arkansas!  "A naturalized U.S. citizen who speak Spanish fluently" probably draws a higher salary than one who does not speak Spanish.


Excerpts from the Jonesboro Sun article, "Updated site causes barbs by 2 officials: July 19, 2011 explain the controversy.


JONESBORO — Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel responded Monday to an e-mail sent by state Rep. Jon Hubbard questioning the updated Spanish-language Web site of the Attorney General’s Office.


“Please explain the purpose behind your Hispanic Web site, and do you also plan to provide a similar service for all of the other nationalities in Arkansas, and if not, why?” Hubbard asked. “... Is there a state policy that provides special treatment for Hispanics in Arkansas, while no other ethnic groups are given the same special consideration?”


Tone criticized

McDaniel also criticized Hubbard’s tone in the questions as “insulting” and without merit.


“I will refrain from characterizing your motivation, but one could easily infer that you are simply an angry, misguided person,” McDaniel said. “I was proud to represent Jonesboro in the House seat you now occupy. Your lack of civility and substance, not limited to publishing my personal e-mail address and blind copying the press on your e-mail, make me embarrassed that you represent our community.”


“It cost the taxpayers not one dime to include this service,” McDaniel said. “... Updating the translation and making the Web site more user- friendly was done by my existing staff, including a naturalized U.S. citizen who speaks Spanish fluently.”

  The Democrat Gazette carried a story on it today as well, saying: 

This is not the first time Hubbard has publicly criticized a constitutional officer through e-mail that he made public.


In February he accused Gov. Mike Beebe of “strongarm” tactics, engineering a “poison pill” “hostile” amendment that likely killed a bill aimed at preventing state funds from being used for abortions in the state health exchange that is to be created under the federal health-care law, and said Beebe had used “less than honorable tactics.”


Beebe said Hubbard didn’t know how the legislative process works.


Hubbard handled a handful of unsuccessful bills in this year’s legislative session aimed at illegal aliens, including halting access to all non-lifesaving publicly funded services and punishing employers who hire illegals. 


Link to Democrat Gazette article, "McDaniel dismisses favoritism asssertions"


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Posted July 20, 2011