What Others Have Said About Jim Holt

Candidate For AR US Senate Against Blanche Lincoln

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Other Have Said About Holt

Jim Holt's opponent's negative comments can be expected from a liberal arriving in Arkansas after many years and seeking immediate election. Let's review just a few of the many statements by others who have lived in Arkansas and know Jim Holt:
  • In a report on Senator Holt's military records: Reporters found that on evaluations, supervisors said Holt "exhibits high morals" and is 'totally trustworthy and honest' They also reported he held a "top secret" clearance under three presidents. by Laura Kellams Article, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/12/04
  • "Sen. Paul Miller, D-Melbourne, who doesn?t count Holt as an extremist, said Holt votes his conscience.' You have to give him credit for that. Against all odds he will stick with what he believes in,' Miller said. Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, D-Crossett, called Holt 'a good man and a well-principled man and a man of good morals.'" Article on Holt in Democrat Gazette by Wickline 7/2/06
  • Jimmy Cunningham (a Democrat), the superintendent of the Danville district and the past president of the Arkansas Rural Education Association, said, ?"He [Holt] never wavered and we never had to lobby him because we knew where he stood. Everyone who didn't know already, learned that if Senator Holt tells you something, you can count on him to keep his word." read more
  • Lavina Grandon, who heads up "Save Our Schools" and who organized the entire state to fight consolidation had this to say,. "We could always count on him to keep his word concerning any legislation we asked him to support even when he faced extreme pressure from other legislators."
  • Holt said some of his supporters advised him to vote for the Minimum Wage. When a retired Jonesboro teacher said she tried to convince Holt "his opponents would hammer him incessantly on this." Political campaigns revolve around "sound bites," she said, and it's hard to explain a vote against the wage increase in a sound bite. Holt answer was he has never voted for his own political gain. Article on Holt in Democrat Gazette by Wickline July 2, 06
  • "He is a true rarity in politics today: He says what he means. Voters know exactly where he stands on issues and why. He doesn?t peddle his views to the highest bidder or spin his positions according to some handler?s advice, even if his beliefs mean lost votes." "Holt?s poll vault" by Mike Masterson, May 30, 06, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. 5/30/06
  • Every election year, people ask me why Holt does so well. In more or less descending order, here are my best guesses. People get tired of lip service on things they believe are important.Article by Doug Thompson, Arkansas News Bureau, "Loaves and Fishes" 9/23/06
  • Authenticity is a resonating market force today, and Holt seems very genuine and sincere? People still cling to simple truths, and they crave simpler distinctions in politics. Holt goes back to basics and keeps it simple," by Dana Kelly, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, "The Holt Phenomenon" in trying to explain Holt's success in the Primary 5/19/06
  • His vote reflects his words, and He is not afraid to be in the minority when voting his conscience. He has done that over and over. Senator Holt has experience; he has faced the heat, stood the test, and responded with integrity. Senator Holt is the type of committed legislator with strong convictions that many of us Arkansans have been looking for now for a long time." Bob Hester former President of American Family Association and now President of Arkansas Family Coalition. read more

    Jim Holt Introduction

    Given at the 2nd Amendment Meeting January 14, 2010 by Debbie Pelley

    Retired Teacher And Activist Who Works With Almost Every Conservative Organization in Arkansas


    It is a real honor to introduce former Senate Jim Holt tonight as a candidate for the US Senate.  I, personally, am a very strong supporter of Jim Holt, to say the least because I don't have to support Holt based on campaign promises or on what I hope he will do once elected.   I can support Holt based on his actual voting record and actions in the past.


    I spent  many, many days at the Capitol during the most expensive legislative session in history, when about $3.2 billion dollars were added to our tax burden and much of our local control was destroyed. 


    I was appalled  that many Republican legislators voted for all those taxes and government control  but watched in awe as Jim Holt actually broke with his own party and voted against all those taxes, sometimes being the only senator to do so.  He took a lot of heat for those votes, but that just taught us that Holt can take the heat and keep his principles.  Jim Holt was the Tea Party candidate before there was a Tea Party. 


    Not only does Holt  have a 100% solid conservative voting record; but while many other legislators were hunkering down to avoid negative media coverage, he championed and fought for the issues that most concern conservatives and kept fighting and kept fighting despite negative media attacks.


    I have also found Jim Holt to be one of the most spiritual, courageous,  principled, sacrificial, men I know.  And in a way that one rarely finds in a couple, his wife equals him in those characteristics.  And those who know his family, will tell you their children reflect those qualities as well.


    This has been a busy decade for Jim Holt and his family.  He was elected to the House in 2000,  then to the  senate in 2002.  In 2004 he ran against Senator  Lincoln and  won every county in the state in  a 3-way race in the Republican primary.  Then in November he won 44% of the vote with approximately $150,000 to Lincolnís $6.3 million and shocked the media. who had predicted he would pull only about 30%.


     In 2006 he ran for Lt. Governor and surprised the entire state by winning the Republican primary in a 3 way race with 57% of the vote without a run-off with only 17% of the money spent by the three candidates. In November, he won more votes than any Republican running for state office, including  the Republican nominee for Governor, who was very well funded, with about  $4.5 milllion compared to Holt's $200 thousand.


    If you've never been closely involved in a campaign, you have no idea how much time, energy, and stress is involved, even in one campaign.  Jim Holt has run four campaigns in six years, two of them statewide races.  And he is still willing to do it again, not for personal gain, but sacrificially to help save our country.


    I believe Jim Holt is the candidate for such a time as this, and with a little more financial support he can finish what he started in 2004 and be our next US Senator