Why I Support Jim Holt for U.S. Senator

Following is the first presentation I gave on Jim Holt's behalf when he was running before.  I hope you will read it prayerfully and see if you could not support this man.  His biggest challenge has been raising money.  Lobbyists and businesses give big money to candidates to influence them to vote on their behalf. They know that they are not going to influence Senator Holt in the least so they don't give to him.  Since he bucked the Republican establishments on numerous tax bills, the establishment didn't support him in the past either.  He even voted against the legislator pay raise two different times.  That did not make him very popular with the other legislators.   If we true conservatives want someone to vote on their behalf, I am convinced that we MUST support candidates like Jim Holt.    We won't have any money anyway if we don't get people like him into office.  If you want to send him a check, see address in red font below.

To Likeminded Friends from Debbie Pelley


            After being so disappointed in a few people for whom I worked to get elected,  I had decided that I would not waste my efforts and time supporting candidates but would instead give my time and energy only to issues.  However, when Senator Jim Holt asked Bob Hester  and me  to go and speak for him at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Hoxie and hand out his material as a candidate for the  U. S. Senator, I felt I had to do what I could to help him.  After you read the following, I think you will know why.


             We have been in Little Rock many days during the session this last year and have followed legislation and individual members of  the Legislature very closely.  We believe Senator Holt is one of  the most principled legislators we have ever known. Senator Holt stands for local control, lower taxes, and less government.  His vote reflects his words, and He is not afraid to be in the minority when voting his conscience.  He has done that over and over.  One of  the reasons I can so wholeheartedly support Senator Holt is because I have watched  him and have seen him in action and know I donít have to worry about his being the same man in office as he was in the campaign.   Senator Holt wants to return our party to the Reagan Party of  the 80ís and turn our country back to God.


            During this last session Senator Holt voted against the following bills which proves to me he has a heart of  a true conservative.  His votes exemplify what most us think of  as Republican Ė local control, less government, less taxes.  The majority of other Republicans voted for these bills.  There are 35 senators, 7 Republicans and 28 Democrats.



            I am supporting and working for Senator Holt for the same reason he is running, because of love:  Love for Christ, love for my family, love for this great country, and love for the people of Arkansas, and my concern for our freedom.Ē


            Following is the first e-mail I received from Jim Holt during last session after I sent an e-mail to all Republicans  with a scripture in it, noting that I didnít ordinarily use scripture in e-mails to legislators.  ďDonít give up!!! Keep fighting and praying!!!  Please pray for us and itís OK to use scripture with me.  I Love IT!!!!!  GOD bless you for your support.  You donít know how encouraging your words have been, especially when one is in the desert fighting the enemy (sometimes it feels as though Iím alone).

in HIM, jimĒ                                                

I hope you will join us in this lonely  battle. 


About Senator Holt


            Senator Holt began his public service as a representative in the Arkansas House in 2000.  He was later elected to the Arkansas Senate in 2002, where he currently serves.  He has a proven conservative record.  His vote reflects his words, and he is not afraid to be in the minority when voting his conscience.  He has done so over and over.


            His legislative record has placed him among the top five legislators who consistently voted against new taxes and fees.


            He was the only senator in the 203 session to vote against his own pay raise.

In 2001 he was one of only five representatives who voted against  his own pay raise.  These are a couple of  times  when Senator Holt took a little heat.


            Senator Holt knows we must confront our Nationís runaway Judiciary whose judges ďhave usurped the powers of the legislative and executive branches, and have stolen the rights of the people.  He feels this take over by the courts  is one of the most crucial  issues facing our society today because it takes away our very freedom.


            Senator Holt has been an advocate for the elderly, the disabled, and the unborn and co-sponsored legislative bills that are helping reduce abortions in Arkansas.  He has a perfect voting record to speak for the unborn child according to Wayne Mayes, President of  Arkansas Right to Life.


            Senator Holt authored Act 1730; which holds political parties accountable by requiring them to report contributions and expenditures.


            He was endorsed by the National  Rifle Association in his 2002 race.


            Senator Holt has been appointed to the Governorís Advisory Board for TEEN PACT, a Christian organization that trains young people to be political leaders.


            He joined the military in 1987 and served in the US Army Joint Intelligence Operations at the National Security Agency under the presidencies of  Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.  Jim was involved in highly classified operations during the Cold War, the ousting of Noriega from Panama, and Operation Desert Storm.


            Jim has been happily married to his sweetheart, Bobye Barenberg,  for 17 years.  They have eight children.  They are members of Bible Grace Fellowship in Springdale, Arkansas where he serves as an Elder.


            Senator Holt is motivated by his faith and is running for US Senate  (from his own words) ďbecause of love:  Love for Christ, love for my family, love for this great country, and love for the people of Arkansas.Ē


In God We Trust


If  you want to contribute, send to Jim Holt Campaign, 2835 South 56th Street, Springdale, Arkansas 72762

Debbie Pelley



From Jim Holt website in 2004

            Senator Holt became involved in politics back in 2000 when he was elected to office in Arkansas. He saw our Christian freedoms slipping away and our citizens being overburdened with taxes and government control.  The power displayed by activist  judges was especially disconcerting to him.  As he studied the founding fathers and the sacrifices they made, he was inspired to want to make a difference and try to preserve our American heritage for his children and the citizens in our state and nation.   


            Restoring our Constitutional rights is one of  Senator Holt's main goals.    Holt reiterates over and over on the campaign trail that our rights were given to us by God as it is so eloquently stated in the Declaration of  Independence.  " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator [not the government]  with certain unalienable Rights."


 When God is eliminated from our government and culture, then we are left depending on the government for our right and needs.  Any government big enough to give us everything we want , will also be big enough to take away everything we have. For this reason Senator Holt's votes have always been cast with the people in mind and for local, not government control. 


Senator Holt has a vision for  bringing the people together in a grassroots effort to let "The people Rule"  which is the motto adopted for our state many years ago.   He wants to do this through legislation when possible but when not possible to lead in putting initiatives  on the ballot.  He has proposed a plan for giving the people a vote before any new taxes are imposed, a child protection act which would prohibit homosexuals from adopting children,  a law preventing illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits except those benefits required by federal law, and a law to prevent lobbyists from giving gifts, even a cup of coffee, to legislators. 


Senator Holt hopes you share this vision and will become involved in this campaign and make it happen!


Jim Holt Says:    The first responsibility of a government official is to protect the freedom of the citizens.  Any government big enough to give us everything we want, will also be big enough to take away everything we have.




posted December 2, 2009


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Why I Support Senator Holt for U.S. Senate















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