Jim Holt, candidate for US Senate,  was met with a swarm of photographers and newspaper reporters when he walked into the Capitol rotunda to  file on the last day of the filing period March 8, 2010.  It appears the papers are trying to ignore him (in fear they will help his campaign), but they certainly didn't ignore him the day he filed.   They caught him off guard with their big cameras and just followed him from table to table as he filed.  He had no idea there would be that many cameras on him.  He said there never had been cameras on him before when he filed. 




       Holt is the one standing to the right of cameraman in white shirt.


       This is in the room where Holt is filling out papers.  Seth Blomeley with Arkansas Democrat Gazette is standing right in front of Holt,  Andrew DeMillo is peeking

        around Seth and  in the corner is Rob Moritz with Arkansas News Bureau.  They followed him into the first room where he was filling out  papers.         










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