Jim Holt Ahead of Gilbert Baker in Rasmussen Poll 3/1/2010

Rasmussen  poll March 1, 2010 - See link below. (If I am not mistaken, Holt will always poll better in the Primary than in a poll like this)  This poll results  for Baker and Holt is very similar to Mason Dixon poll January 21, 2010 at this link: http://arkansasnews.com/2010/01/22/poll-shows-lincoln-neck-and-neck-with-gop-challengers/


Boozman  48     Lincoln 39   9 pts. ahead of Lincoln

Holt          45     Lincoln 38   7 pts.

Baker       45     Lincoln 40    5 pts

Hendren   43     Lincoln 38     5 pts

Coleman   43    Lincoln 41      2pts.


All these candidates went down from February poll in a match up with Lincoln.  Holt was not in the last poll.


Boozman went down 6 points

Baker went down 7 points

Hendren went down 8 points

Coleman went down 7 points


If you go to the link, be sure to look at 3rd column for March poll. 2nd column is February poll.