Halter exemplifies psychological projection Halter and Arkansas Times Exemplify Psychological Projection to a Tee

Halter and Arkansas Times Exemplify Psychological Projection to a Tee

Halter Takes High Road; Holt Bloody Road, Arkansas Times Says

(See definition of psychological projection below)


"Throughout our meal, Halter sticks to the issues, refusing the opportunity to turn on Jim Holt even when I damn near force a knife into his hand. In a race in which his opponent [Holt] has been willing to go for the quick and bloody hit, Halter repeatedly takes the high road," David Koon with the liberal Arkansas Times paper reported Oct 26, 06 in its article,  Lit Gov., heavy race.  http://www.arktimes.com/Articles/ArticleViewer.aspx?ArticleID=dea38f3d-989e-4913-b246-bf2c197c97fc


Below are terms used in Halter's press releases about Senator Holt. If you agree that the excerpts below exemplify a high road, then believe everything else Arkansas Times and Halter says.  If you can see how ridiculous their assertion is, then realize that everything else they say is just as ridiculous and libelous.     After this list, compare what other people have said about Holt, even the liberals, that totally contradicts Halter's accusations.   You can find these terms in context as well as this article at this link:  http://www.wpaag.org/Holt%20-%20Halter%20Exemplifies%20psychological%20projection.htm



Jim Holt Can't Be Trusted

King Of The Whoppers

Worst Legislator In Arkansas’s History

Taxpayers Have Wasted Their Money On Jim Holt

Caught Lying

Six Whoppers From Jim Holt…

Manufactured And Distorted Sleaze

Desperate Campaign

Hypocritical Conviction

Right Wing Ideology

Puts Person Ideology Above Progress

Inflammatory Rhetoric

Making-Up Facts

His Failed Used Car Salesman Experience

Jim Holt Sure Knows How To Flip-Flop

Top Ten Worst Legislators

Makes Up Facts And Serves Up "Whoppers

Jim Holt’s Education Report Card Is Peppered With ‘F’s And Incomplete

Holt Follows-Up Flip-Flop With Fib:

Jim Holt’s Blatant Flip-Flop

His Inflammatory Rhetoric

A Professional Politician Like Jim Holt

Jim Holt’s Misleading And Inconsistent Rhetoric

Heels Of His Flip-Flop

Amateurish And Irrelevant Press Release.

Attempt To Assassinate

The Point Here Is He Lied To Voters”

These Are Clear Examples Of Outright Lies That He’s Poured Out

And For The Past Six Years, Taxpayers Have Wasted Their Money On Jim Holt,

But For Most Of His Life He's Earned A Living From A Taxpayer-Funded Salary.


(This last one folks, But For Most Of His Life He's Earned A Living From A Taxpayer-Funded Salary,  is referring to his nine  years in the military service in the NSA during the cold war defending our country. Halter is basically saying Holt  is sponging off the government while in the military.  I am sure every mom or wife or family member of  anyone serving in Iraq or who has been killed in service would really appreciate this strange concept.)


Thanks Bill Halter for showing us the high road!


Definition of  psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defence mechanism in which one attributes ("projects") to others, one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted subconscious impulses/desires without letting the ego recognize them. The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud.


What Other Have Said About Holt

(Don't miss the last one by liberal John Brummett)


Laura Kellems with Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported on Senator Holt's military records after reporters had investigated them for hours just to prove Holt was honest. "The reporters did find, however, that on evaluations, supervisors said Holt "exhibits high morals" and is 'totally trustworthy and honest' They also reported he held a "top secret" clearance under three presidents.  Article  September 12, 04. by  Kellams

"Sen. Paul Miller, D-Melbourne, who doesn’t count Holt as an extremist, said Holt votes his conscience.' You have to give him credit for that. Against all odds he will stick with what he believes in,' Miller said. Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, D-Crossett, called Holt “a good man and a well-principled man and a man of good morals.'"  Article on Holt in Democrat Gazette by Wickline  July 2, 06  http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/159282/  [Senator Miller and Jeffress are Democrats; Holt is Republican]

Jimmy Cunningham, the superintendent of the Danville district and the past president of the Arkansas Rural Education Association, said, …"He [Holt] never wavered and we never had to lobby him because we knew where he stood. Everyone who didn't know already, learned that if Senator Holt tells you something, you can count on him to keep his word." http://www.jimholt.us/testimonials.html [Cunningham is a Democrat; Holt is a Republican]

Lavina Grandon, who heads up "Save Our Schools" and who organized the entire state to fight consolidation had this to say,. "We could always count on him to keep his word concerning any legislation we asked him to support even when he faced extreme pressure from other legislators."

He [Holt] said some of his supporters advised him to vote for it. (Minimum Wage)
Retired teacher Debbie Pelley of Jonesboro said she tried to convince Holt “his opponents would hammer him incessantly on this.” Political campaigns revolve around “sound bites,” she said, and it’s hard to explain a vote against the wage increase in a sound bite.
Holt said he told her he’s never voted for his own political gain.   Article on Holt in Democrat Gazette by Wickline July 2, 06.  http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/159282/ 

"Those who invest the time to get to know him and study his record in the state Senate realize that he isn’t the Loony Toon he’s been portrayed to be. In fact, he is a true rarity in politics today: He says what he means. Voters know exactly where he stands on issues and why. He doesn’t peddle his views to the highest bidder or spin his positions according to some handler’s advice, even if his beliefs mean lost votes."  "Holt’s poll vault" by Mike Masterson, May 30, 06, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. May 30, 2006  http://www.nwanews.com/adg/Editorial/156183

Every election year, people ask me why Holt does so well. In more or less descending order, here are my best guesses.  People get tired of lip service on things they believe are important.   Article by Doug Thompson, Arkansas News Bureau, "Loaves and Fishes" Sept 23, 06. http://www.arkansasnews.com/archive/2006/09/23/DougThompson/337805.html

"Authenticity is a resonating market force today, and Holt seems very genuine and sincere… People still cling to simple truths, and they crave simpler distinctions in politics.  Holt goes back to basics and keeps it simple," by  Dana Kelley, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, The Holt Phenomenon  in trying to explain Holt's success in the Primary.   May 19, 06 http://www.nwanews.com/story.php?paper=adg&section=Editorial&storyid=155107

"His vote reflects his words, and He is not afraid to be in the minority when voting his conscience.  He has done that over and over.    Senator Holt has experience;  he has faced the heat, stood the test, and responded with integrity.  Senator Holt is the type of committed legislator with strong convictions  that many of us Arkansans  have been looking for now for a long time."  Bob Hester former President of  American Family Association and now President of  Arkansas Family Coalition. http://www.jimholt.us/testimonials.html

Excerpts from Left Wing  Liberal Big Bad Brummet article (just kidding – I can't do Brummett like he does Holt) article detailing conversation with Senator Jim Holt.  "ME"  is  John Brummett)  Just between Jim Holt and me August 26, 06

Holt: You claim to want politicians to tell the truth. You have to admit, I tell the truth. You don't really think Halter is against gay foster parents, do you?

Me: I hope not, but I don't know. It's like I said about Beebe and Hutchinson the other day. With Halter, you get half a chance because he's taken both sides. With you, you have no chance because you've taken the wrong side.

Holt: Wow, that's so profound I think I need to sit down. So, you favor the guy who won't give you a straight answer?

Me: In the current Arkansas political climate, that's the best I can hope for.



Here's hoping and praying that  Arkansans see through the truth and won't allow Halter (who has lived out of state most of the last 25 years, invested more than a million dollars in his own campaign, who has received only 5% of his money from Arkansas, who has received 50% of his contributions from California) to defame with all his deceptive ads,  the character of a true Arkansan.


  Debbie Pelley



Halter's Press Releases (First one is full press release; others are excerpts)

Typical examples of Halter's press releases:

(lst one in its entirety and excerpts from others)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT:    BUD  JACKSON
October 4,  2006                                                                                   501-912-1126
                                                                                                             MICHAEL COOK
Halter Campaign Questions Qualifications
 and Hypocritical Conviction
(Little Rock) - Bill Halter’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor today  lambasted Jim Holt for his hypocritical conviction and challenged him  to prove that he has any professional work experience or record of  success that he can point to as qualifications to be lieutenant  governor.   
“Jim Holt needs to get real and tell Arkansans that he has no past  successful private sector work experience at all,” said Halter  campaign spokesman Bud Jackson.  “What experience will Jim Holt draw  upon to build and attract higher-paying jobs to Arkansas, his failed  used car salesman experience?”
“Jim Holt spends a great deal of time criticizing the government’s  spending,” continued Jackson.   “But for most of his life he’s earned  a living from a taxpayer-funded salary.  And for the past six years,  taxpayers have wasted their money on Jim Holt, who has been recognized  as one of Arkansas’ worst state legislators of all time.” 
Conviction Lost:   Holt Takes the Pay-raise
Holt, the frequent critic of wasteful government spending and leaders  without conviction, on more than one occasion railed against  legislative pay-raises while he was in office, but turned around and  pocketed the cash, anyway.
Legislative Pay Raise Votes – Holt Voted Against them all, but took  the cash anyway:
HB 1156, 2001 Legislative Session
HB 1050, 2003 Legislative Session
HB 1050, 2006 Legislative Session
“It’s funny how fast Jim Holt’s conviction flies out the window when  it impacts his own wallet,” concluded Jackson.
A Record of Failure and Rhetoric
“No private sector experience and a record of failure as a public  official are hardly qualifications to be lieutenant governor,”  continued Jackson.  “After those qualifications, what is Jim Holt left  with?  Nothing but rhetoric.  And that’s what Jim Holt’s entire  campaign has been about – heated rhetoric and no plans to move  Arkansas forward.”
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette named Holt to their “Top Ten Worst  Legislators” list every time he was eligible.  [AR Democrat-Gazette,  5/6/01 5/25/03, 5/15/05]
After a spirited and closely scrutinized Democratic primary election,  Arkansans know in great detail Bill Halter’s professional experience  and public service.  But voters know very little about Jim Holt.
Holt yesterday sent out a press release attacking Halter’s plan to  make our schools excellent despite having no plan of his own.   Halter’s plan has been available for months and requires no additional  taxes to fund.  In fact, Bill Halter proposes phasing out the sales  tax on groceries.



Halter Press Release


During last night’s Lieutenant Governor debate, Jim Holt, after six
years of failure in the Legislature, finally revealed his plan to
improve public schools.


“Last night’s debate showed Arkansans that Jim Holt continues to put
personal ideology above progress. Unfortunately for Arkansas’s children,
his far right-wing ideology leads him to consistently vote against
improving public schools, thus putting his beliefs above the real needs
of Arkansas’s schoolchildren,” said Michael Cook, Halter campaign
manager. “Jim Holt’s education report card is peppered with ‘F’s and
“incomplete” for failing our children.”

The Halter campaign also noted that Jim Holt’s ineffectiveness as a
legislator has been well-documented.

“Every time Jim Holt was eligible, he was named by the Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette as one of the “Top Ten Worst Legislators” thus probably
making him one of the worst legislators in Arkansas’s history,” said
Michael Cook. “In six years in the Legislature Jim Holt has not passed
one piece of education legislation and the few bills he did offer rarely
even got out of committee.”

From: "Halter For Arkansas" <news@billhalter.com>
Date: August 10, 2006 1:19:02 PM CDT
To: <info@billhalter.com>
Subject: *Jim Holt to Asa Hutchinson: You Might Be a Socialist If.*

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                               Contact: Bud Jackson
August 10, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                   501-912-1126



“The only thing Jim Holt seems to be whipping is Arkansas’s working families.


For Immediate Release                               Contact: Bud Jackson: 501-912-1126 or
August 22, 2006                                                                     Michael Cook: 501-256-3032
Holt Follows-up Flip-Flop with Fib:


Little Rock) - Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Jim Holt yesterday followed-up his school consolidation flip-flop with a fib about his commitment to rural schools in Arkansas. 


“Jim Holt’s blatant flip-flop definitively demonstrates that he can’t be trusted to be on the side of rural schools,” remarked Bud Jackson.  “On the one hand, he said he’s supports school consolidation to save money.  Then on the other hand, he says consolidation won’t save money.”


“The more Arkansans get past Jim Holt’s misleading and inconsistent rhetoric, the more they learn about him and his actual record,” said Bud Jackson.  “The more Arkansans learn about him, the more they realize that Jim Holt is not on their side.”



Holt's fib as a protector of rural public schools comes on the heels of his flip-flop on school consolidation. 


"Jim Holt can't be trusted to fight for rural schools and he apparently can't be trusted to be completely truthful with Arkansans," said Jackson.


The more Arkansans get beyond his inflammatory rhetoric and actually learn about his record, the more they understand that Jim Holt is not on their side," continued Jackson.  "The more Jim Holt speaks, the more Arkansans wonder what he isn't telling them."


Halter Press Release

October 2, 06


“A professional politician like Jim Holt doesn’t understand that not
everyone can just live off their legislative salary and inflated mileage
reimbursements and per diem like he does – most Arkansans have to work for a
living,” said Michael Cook, Halter campaign manager. 


From: BUDJACKSON@aol.com
Date: September 25, 2006 10:12:21 AM CDT
To: mwickline@arkansasonline.com
Cc: mcook98@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Press Rel/Halter buys voter answers and AR values


Subject: Re: Press Rel/Halter buys voter answers and AR values

ummmmm.... (drum roll please.....)

we're not responding to this amateurish and irrelevant press release.

But you can tell Dan Noble (or forward this to him) that I'm happy to see that Jim Holt is getting from Noble what he is worth. (see sentence #2).


“These are clear examples of outright lies that he’s poured out there as an advertising campaign,” Jackson said at the state Capitol, where soon afterward Holt, a Republican, had a news conference to announce “Democrats for Holt.”


“The point here is he lied to voters,” Jackson said