Do You Want This Man To Be Our Next Lt. Governor?

Meet Bill Halter, Senator Jim Holt's Opponent



We need your help


If we are going to give the government of this state back to the people, then we will  need the people's help.  Halter's liberal friends are investing in their philosophy hoping to get Halter elected to Lt. Governor, then Governor or US Senator, or US Representative.  Can we refuse to invest in our Christian and conservative cause?


If a lot of us do a little, it will equal a lot.   But we have to do it!!.


It has never been easier to give.   The state of Arkansas has a $50 per person ($100 per couple) tax credit for contributions to state candidates.   This is not just a deduction, but a full credit.  You get all of your money back at tax refund time.   This money is "use it or lose it".   It will either go to your favorite candidate or it will go to the tax man.   This is on line 37 of your state tax form, AR1000. 


It has become almost impossible for men of real integrity to run for office at the state level.    Honest legislators with integrity know that politicians who don't compromise and exchange favors for money don't get funded; therefore, they rarely even attempt to run for statewide office. 


If just one in ten Arkansans simply used their tax credits, which costs them nothing since they get the money back at refund time, it would generate between ten and fifteen million dollars in a single election cycle. That would be enough to overwhelm the special interest money.  Isn't it time, and even the duty of Christians, to take advantage of this tax credit plan, inform others about it, and spend the time getting to know the candidates so they can fund the campaigns of Christian candidates and help put them into office?  It wouldn't cost them one cent and would take nothing away from the church or other charitable giving.


Our forbearers risked "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" to birth and nourish a government "for, by, and of, the People". If freedom is to be preserved, we also must add our sacrifices to theirs.  One founding father that sacrificed beyond the call of  duty is John Hart.


John Hart was one of the founding fathers. He was a strong Christian gentleman and Speaker  of the House of Representatives in New Jersey. He promised to help provide the signers of the Declaration of Independence with guidance and leadership. There were three things that were important in his life; his Savior, his family and his farm. Because of his signature on the Declaration, the British were seeking him (and the rest of the signers) to execute as traitors. John Hart fled his home after which his farm was ravaged, his timber destroyed, his cattle and stock butchered for the use of the British army. He did not dare to remain two nights in the same location. After Washington's success at the battle of Trenton, he finally returned home to find that his wife had died and his children scattered. He lost almost everything that was important to him but kept his word.   Many of the founding father endured similar hardships. 

           Though the sacrifice of writing a check may seem small compared to that which our forebears risked, it is no less essential than their sacrifices.  If each of us do a little, it will add up to a lot. It will add up to enough to overcome the special interest money, and enough to overcome a biased print media.

            But we have to do it, and encourage friends and family to do the same. Our forefathers earned for us the freedom we enjoy because they acted. We too must act, if our children are to inherit the blessings of good government.

Please send your contribution today to:

Senator Jim Holt for Lt. Governor

2835 S. 56th Street Springdale, AR 72766

or go to and donate on line.  Click contribution tab from home page above the picture.  You can donate on line by credit card if you like.


This material is not written nor coming from the Holt campaign but from Women's Prayer & Action Group (WPAAG).


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Women's Prayer & Action Group






1.  Halter, only state candidate not opposing gay foster parents, see this link:

2. Halter opposes  Holt's  Senate Bill 206. It would have prohibited state services being extended to illegal aliens unless the services are mandated for them by the federal government.

3.  Kindergarten  proposal  Bill Halter also  stated to the media at  the Arkansas Press Association  on June  23, 06,    "One of the policy issues I have campaigned on from the very beginning is making pre-kindergarten universally available to every three and four year old in the state of Arkansas whose parents want them to have it." (We have this on tape)

4. For documentation on Halter's contributions go to these links: ;

5.For support of lottery, see this link:

6. Halter lived out of the state most of the past 25 years.