Eight Different Pages of Problems With Health Care Bill



Quote by Obama Saying He Wants Government Single-Payer Health Care


Barney Franks says the Public Option Part of the Health Care Plan Is The Best Way to Get to Single-Payer Plan


At a town hall meeting sponsored by Representative Vic Snyder and Representative Mike Ross, Vic Snyder said, "Mike and I do not support a single-payer system." [single payer mean the government is the only provider of health care]  The crowd yelled,  "Obama does."  Snyder answered "No, it is not what Obama wants."  The crowed yelled "liar."  Evidently the crowd  had seen the following quote by Obama on video before he became president and  the quote by Barney Franks saying the Public Option Plan which Obama supports was the best way to reach the single-payer plan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quIBN4lmIXE


Obama "I happen to be a proponent of single-payer health care plan, a universal health care plan.   That is what I would like to see."  See video at this link for this quote and the other following quotes:  http://www.breitbart.tv/uncovered-video-obama-explains-how-his-health-care-plan-will-eliminate-private-insurance/  speech at an AFL-CIO Conference 


Barney Franks:

"I think if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer; that's the best way to reach single-payer."   7-27-09 in an interview.


Congresswoman Jan Schakoswky, from Illinois: "And next to me  was a guy from the  insurance company who then argued against the public health insurance option saying it wouldn't let private insurance compete; the public option will put the private insurance industry out of business. My fellow citizens, he was right;  the man was right." Note: And only the single-payer plan would be left.


Obama: "The Public Option is not your enemy; it is your friend. …Let me also address an illegitimate concern that is being put forward by those who are claiming that a public option is somehow a Trojan horse  for a single-payer system."  Note: this is an exact description of what the public option is according to Barney Franks and Congresswoman Jan Schakoswky in above quotes. 

Obama speech to American Medical Association, June 15, 09


Obama   "My commitment is to make sure that  we've got universal health care for all Americans by the end of my first term as President.  I would hope that we set up a system that allows those who can go to their employer to access a federal system or a state pool of some sort.  But I don't think we are going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There is going to be potentially some transition process.    I can envision a decade out or 15 years out."  speech at SEIU Health Care Forum 3-24-07


Note:  Obama keeps reminding everyone on TV that they can keep their insurance plan they have now. That is totally different from what he has said earlier in these quotes.


Back to Representatives Snyder & Mike Ross in their Town Hall Meeting in which they Snyder said,  "Mike and I do not support a single-payer system."  However, both of them have already voted for a bill in committee that has a public option which Obama is adamant that a health bill include -  a plan that Congressman Barney Franks and Jan Schakoswky say will lead to government single-payer health care. Obama has also originally said he wants a single-payer health care plan.   In light of these facts, how then can Vic Snyder and Representative Mike Ross say they will not support a single-payer health care plan. The crowd was right to be outraged.


See this link for press releases on the $81 million in pork Ross was able to  bring home to his district about the time Obama called in those holding up the health care bill after which Ross caved and helped vote the health care bill out of the Energy and Commerce Committee.  Was he bought?  You be the judge. http://arkansaswatch.blogspot.com/2009_07_01_archive.html



 See this link for this article: http://www.wpaag.org/Obama%20-%20want%20single-payer%20quotes.htm

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Health Care Bill Will Cover Abortion


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


Health Care Bill H.R. 3200 does not mention the word abortion, but several amendments to prevent abortion coverage were offered on multiple days and all were voted down. And liberal Lois Capps (D-California) was successful in getting an amendment authorizing federal funding of abortions attached to H.R. 3200. http://www.onenewsnow.com/Politics/Default.aspx?id=652150


But unless an amendment similar to the Hyde Amendment ( which prevents federal funding for abortion under Medicaid) is added, the Health Care bill as is without an amendment will fund abortions because federal courts have commonly read abortion into Medicaid's mandatory categories.  Some legislators are saying the Hyde Amendment will prevent abortions being funded under the health care bill, but The Hyde Amendment applies to programs funded through the annual Health & Human Services Appropriations bill only, so the Hyde Amendment's ban on taxpayer funding of abortion would not apply to this health care bill.  


"Since the 1970s, federal courts have regularly interpreted the 'mandatory categories of care' within Medicaid to include abortion and thus mandate abortion coverage. That judicial interpretation of Medicaid will be adopted by courts in interpreting federal health care legislation, unless abortion is expressly excluded." See this link for a number of these court rulings." http://www.realhealthcarerespectslife.com/?page_id=213    The Hyde Amendment was adopted to overcome these court rulings so federal money could not be used for Medicaid funding.


This way Democrats can claim the bill does not fund abortion, knowing full well that the courts will rule that it does.  Even without a court ruling, the bureaucrats under the Health Care Bill have so much authority they would find some way to interpret the bill that way. Fact Check also says abortion will be covered under this bill.

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What's In The Health Care Bill? Page 50 & 51


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf

H.R. 3200 passed through the three House Committees and is ready to be voted on after the recess.  Recess is over on September


Health Care will be provided to ALL non-US citizens, illegal or otherwise.


The language below, "All health care shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous (extraneous means unrelated)  to provision of health care" simply means it will be provided to all people, even illegal aliens.  The only restriction of health care will be limited to health restrictions (rationing) but not to race or legal status.  They have to work hard to come up with language like this to get what they want without directly saying the words that everyone would understand. This language allows them to deny anything based on health issues but not because of race or legal status. 


Page 50, & 51

Page 50


22 (a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise explicitly per

23mitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations con

24sistent with this Act, all health care and related services

25 (including insurance coverage and public health activities)

P 51rDate Nov 24 2008 23:22 Jul 14, 2009 Jkt 079200 PO 00000 Frm 00050 Fmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H3200.IH

1 covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to

2 personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of

3 high quality health care or related services.

4 (b) IMPLEMENTATION.—To implement the require5

ment set forth in subsection (a), the Secretary of Health

6 and Human Services shall, not later than 18 months after

7 the date of the enactment of this Act, promulgate such

8 regulations as are necessary or appropriate to insure that

9 all health care and related services (including insurance

10 coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act

11 are provided (whether directly or through contractual, li12

censing, or other arrangements) without regard to per13

sonal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high

14 quality health care or related services.


Last Tuesday, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which is the non-partisan "research arm" of the United States Congress, issued a report that concludes that illegal aliens will be able to receive benefits under the House health care bill (H.R. 3200) through two major loopholes.  Summary of Congressional REsearch Report can be found at this link:  http://www.fairus.org/site/DocServer/CRS_Report_on_HR3200.pdf?docID=3441


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What's In The Health Care Bill? Page 16


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


Pg 16 of the HC Bill MANDATES you cannot keep your private plan if you don't have your private plan on or before the first day" of the year the legislation becomes law. Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Those who leave a company to work for themselves can no longer buy individual plans from private carriers. (See language in the bill page 16 below)



HR 3200 IH




4 COVERAGE DEFINED.—Subject to the succeeding provisions of

5 this section, for purposes of establishing acceptable

6 coverage under this division, the term ‘‘grandfathered health

7 insurance coverage’’ means individual health insurance

8 coverage that is offered and in force and effect before the

9 first day of Y1 if the following conditions are met:


11 (A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in

12 this paragraph, the individual health insurance

13 issuer offering such coverage does not enroll

14 any individual in such coverage if the first

15  effective date of coverage is on or after the first

16 day of Y1.


18 Subparagraph (A) shall not affect

19 the subsequent enrollment of a dependent of an

20 individual who is covered as of such first day.


22 CONDITIONS.—Subject to paragraph (3) and except

23 as required by law, the issuer does not change any

24 of its terms or conditions, including benefits and

25 cost-sharing, from those in effect as of the day

26 before the first day of Y1.

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What's In The Health Care Bill? Pg 22 and parts of p. 21 & 23 


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


Health Care Bill H. R. 3200  MANDATES the Government  will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure through private plans!!  You can't get the following information without auditing the books, especially (C) and (D) below. Note how much power the "COMMISSIONER" has in  (b) STUDY AND REPORTS.— 

23 (1) STUDY.—The Commissioner, in coordina

24tion with the Secretary of Health and Human Serv

25ices and the Secretary of Labor, shall conduct a

26 study of the large group insured and self-insured

VerDate Nov 24 2008 23:2222

HR 3200 IH

1 employer health care markets. Such study shall ex

2amine the following:

3 (A) The types of employers by key charac

4teristics, including size, that purchase insured

5 products versus those that self-insure.

6 (B) The similarities and differences be

7tween typical insured and self-insured health

8 plans.

9 (C) The financial solvency and capital re

10 serve levels of employers that self-insure by em

11ployer size.

12 (D) The risk of self-insured employers not

13 being able to pay obligations or otherwise be

14coming financially insolvent.

15 (E) The extent to which rating rules are

16 likely to cause adverse selection in the large

17 group market or to encourage small and mid

18 size employers to self-insure

19 (2) REPORTS.—Not later than 18 months after

20 the date of the enactment of this Act, the Commis21

sioner shall submit to Congress and the applicable

22 agencies a report on the study conducted under

23 paragraph (1). Such report shall include any rec

24ommendations the Commissioner deems appropriate

25 to ensure that the law does not provide incentivesrD

  for small and mid-size employers to self-insure or

create adverse selection in the risk pools of large group insurers 01

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What's In The Health Care Bill? Page 57 and 58


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


Government will have real-time access to individuals finances (line 6)  & a National ID Health card will be issued (lines 12 & 13 below).  To


Also note in  Paragraph D below that the government will not only determine your financial responsibility but also determine if a person is eligible for a  "specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility."   And they say that nothing in this bill will come between you and your doctor.







14 ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall adopt

15 and regularly update standards consistent with the

16 goals described in paragraph (2).


1 ‘‘(C) be comprehensive, efficient and ro

2 bust, requiring minimal augmentation by paper

3 transactions or clarification by further commu4


5 ‘‘(D) enable the real-time (or near real

6 time) determination of an individual’s financial

7 responsibility at the point of service and, to the

8 extent possible, prior to service, including

9 whether the individual is eligible for a specific

10 service with a specific physician at a specific

11 facility, which may include utilization of a

12 machine-readable health plan beneficiary identi

13 fication card;

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What's In The Health Care Bill? Page 91 and pages 167-168


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


Health Care Bill Mandates Taxpayers Pay for Translators and Transcription Services for Illegal aliens.  Our taxes are already paying for these services for illegal aliens in our criminal courts.  These services are very expensive. P. 91 below.  Will every doctor's office and hospital be forced to have Spanish translators? 


Any individual who doesn't have acceptable Health Care according to the Government will be taxed 2.5% of income.


Page 91



6 tity shall provide for culturally and linguistically ap

7 propriate communication and health services.


Page 167 & 168


Health Care Coverage

‘‘Sec. 59B. Tax on individuals without acceptable health care coverage.



20 ‘‘(a) TAX IMPOSED.—In the case of any individual

21 who does not meet the requirements of subsection (d) at

22 any time during the taxable year, there is hereby imposed

23 a tax equal to 2.5 percent of the excess of—

Page 168

HR 3200 IH

1 ‘‘(1) the taxpayer’s modified adjusted gross in

2come for the taxable year, over

3 ‘‘(2) the amount of gross income specified in

4 section 6012(a)(1) with respect to the taxpayer

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What's In The Health Care Bill? Page 72


H.R. 3200    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf


The bill is creating a Health Care Exchange to bring private health care plans under government control.  With the government regulating the insurance companies and "facilitating" access of individuals and employers, what control is left?  Note the provision for public option and what Barney Franks said in July, " I think if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer; that's the best way to reach single-payer." [Single payer means the government is the only provider of insurance.] Yet they say you can keep your own insurance plan. 





4 Subtitle A—Health Insurance

5 Exchange



8 (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—There is established within

9 the Health Choices Administration and under the direc

10 tion of the Commissioner a Health Insurance Exchange

11 in order to facilitate access of individuals and employers,

12 through a transparent process, to a variety of choices of

13 affordable, quality health insurance coverage, including a

14 public health insurance option.


16 cordance with this subtitle and in coordination with appro

17 priate Federal and State officials as provided under sec

18 tion 143(b), the Commissioner shall—

19 (1) under section 204 establish standards for,

20 accept bids from, and negotiate and enter into con

21 tracts with, QHBP offering entities for the offering

22 of health benefits plans through the Health Insur

23 ance Exchange, with different levels of benefits re

24 quired under section 203, and including with respect

25 to oversight and enforcement;


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Posted September 1, 09