Halter's Lies Refuted

In His Press Release on So Called Holt Whoppers!


by Iris Stevens, teacher in Arkansas for 30 years


Halter sent out a press release (see  below) which is pasted on Arkansas Times blog calling Senator Jim Halt the "King of the Whoppers" and listed  so called "Six Whoppers from Jim Holt." 


It just so happens that Halter himself told five lies in one of his whoppers (number 2 below) about the Women's Action Group and a Teacher Survey. I have first hand experience and was an integral party in both of these issues and  have documentation to prove Halter is lying. (See Below)


Of course, everyone in Arkansas knows that honesty is a characteristic of  Senator Jim Holt. Even the media that violently oppose him call him honest and have said he is too honest for his own good.  Halter knows it is really hard for  Holt to combat his lies because he is a millionaire and can put out all kinds of advertisements and the media won't call his hand on it because he is a Democrat.


Three lies from Halter press release:  "Holt cites a bogus study conducted by the Women's Prayer and Action Group." That partisan group apparently only received 30 comments to a teacher survey they sent out six years ago."


Truth 1:  The cover letter sent out with the survey  that Halter calls bogus was signed by former Senator Peggy Jeffries, who served on the Senate Education Committee and later was appointed as a member of the State Board of Education by Governor Huckabee and was sent to 711 teachers from a number of  schools in the state varying in size.

See this link for copy of Jeffrries' letter http://www.wpaag.org/Teacher%20Survey%20Cover%20Letter.htm See this link for

Summary of results.  http://www.wpaag.org/TeacherSurveySummary.htm


Truth 2:  There were 30 pages of teacher comments, not 30 comments, as Halter said, with 90% of them negative toward the educational reforms. 80% of the answers on the survey were negative but 90% of the comments were.  There were so many comments  they had to be listed in three sections on the web. See this link http://www.wpaag.org/TeacherSurveyComments1.htm 


Truth 3:  The teacher survey was conducted six years ago.  The Women's Prayer and Aciton Group (WPAAG) was not even begun until 2004 as verified in the  "About Us" information on http://www.wpaag.org/AboutUs.htm which has been posted there since the inception of the organization saying the organization began in 2004.   I was in on the creation of the organization and attended the first meeting in 2004.  The teacher survey was conducted six years ago according to Halter himself. See link to the survey and date http://www.wpaag.org/TeacherSurveySummary.htm  I was one of the teachers who helped write the survey and my school was one of the schools that participated in the survey. 

Senator  Holt won his first office in 2000 so he could not have had anything to do with the survey.


Another lie vs Truth:  Halter picks one quote out of the 90% that are negative toward educational reforms saying, "Ironically, one of the first teacher comments to the survey said: 'Quality teachers can not be kept or hired unless Arkansas teachers receive a large pay raise.'" Read the teacher comments  for yourself, and you will see that when money is mentioned in the comments by the teachers, it is most often in reference to the money  wasted by the educational reforms. http://www.wpaag.org/TeacherSurveyComments1.htm 


Another Lie vs Truth:  Halter says,  "Womens Prayer and Action Group which is headed up by Holt campaign volunteer Debbie Pelley."   There is no way for Halter to know who is heading up the Women's Prayer and Action Group because there are no designated offices in the organization, and  several different women take responsibilities and sign articles.


If Halter tells this many lies in one section of his whopper accusations against Holt, how many others has he told in the other five sections?    See his full press release below.


Iris Stevens, Teacher in Arkansas for 30 years



P.S. Senator Holt is supported by teachers all over the state of Arkansas.  Just so Halter can't say I am a bogus teacher, there was a story in Jonesboro Sun September 24,04 about an American Stars of Teaching award given to me, Iris Stevens,  for increasing eighth grade scores by 22 percent in language. It was presented to me by a representative from the USDOE who flew in from Washington.  This award is given to only one or two teachers in a state yearly. Again this is just to verify for Mr. Halter and the readers that I am a real teacher and not for the purpose of boasting. Name of article in Jonesboro Sun is "Teachers star at MacArthur" by Sherry Pruitt, Sept. 24, 04.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


(This can be found online at http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/arkansasblog/2006/09/jim_holt_is_a_liar.aspx)


Today the Halter for Lieutenant Governor Campaign released six "whoppers" Jim Holt and his campaign have uttered during the campaign for Lieutenant Governor.  The Halter campaign believes that Jim Holt should be dubbed the "King of the Whoppers" for his penchant of making-up facts, figures and stories to suit whatever inflammatory rhetoric he is trying to sling on any particular day.  The Halter campaign stated that this lack of temperament is not what is needed in an elected official who, if elected, would be a heartbeat away from the governorship. ]


"Jim Holt never lets facts get in the way of a good story and that trait is not what Arkansans need in their next Lieutenant Governor." said Michael Cook, Halter campaign manager.  "His tendency to just make up facts and serve up "whoppers" shows he does not have the temperament needed to be a steady hand in state government.  Jim Holt sure likes to talk, but he never can seem to get his facts straight or get anything done.  No wonder he's been named by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette as one of the "Top Ten Worst Legislators" every time he was eligible and three times in a row. Holt's legislative record is rife with just talk - and no action."

Six Whoppers from Jim Holt

1.   "The issue of school consolidation has gained political acceptance because those who support it think they are saving money and not realizing the true cost,"  Holt said in a recent news release.  "The cost is sacrificing good schools... "
Truth - Jim Holt sure knows how to flip-flop:  "Why couldn't we have 100 school districts based upon school enrollment?" asked Jim Holt in 2002.  In 2002, Jim Holt was all for school consolidation during his quest for a State Senate seat.  In 2006, Jim Holt now says he is opposed to school consolidation.   A blatant example of a political flip-flop.   [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/16/02]  

2.  "Teachers say, 87% say, the reason they leave is because of job dissatisfaction and because of the overabundance of paperwork.  It's not necessarily because of the money. -  Jim Holt
Truth - Jim Holt is part of the problem when it comes to teacher job dissatisfaction.  Holt was the only State Senator to vote against giving teachers just one 30-minute duty-free lunch a day, and was the only State Senator to vote against a plan that would allow teachers to receive the retirement benefits they earned through years of service.  

Further, in his quote Holt cites a bogus study conducted by the "Women"s Prayer and Action Group" which is headed up by Holt campaign volunteer Debbie Pelley.  That partisan group apparently only received 30 comments to a teacher survey they sent out six years ago.  Ironically, one of the first teacher comments to the survey said: "Quality teachers can not be kept or hired unless Arkansas teachers receive a large pay raise."  We bet that teacher didn't know that Holt twice voted against giving teachers a needed pay raise.  [http://www.wpaag.org/TeacherSurveySummary.htm]


3.  "Bill Halter was nominated to a low-level political appointment within the Social Security Administration during the Clinton Administration..." - Jim Holt's Campaign Spokesperson
Truth -  Bill Halter was nominated as Deputy Commissioner, the #2 position at Social Security, a post so important that it required United States Senate confirmation, which he received by unanimous vote.   Halter also served as the Acting Commissioner of Social Security.   Halter oversaw a federal agency with 65,000 employees and 1,500 offices. 


4.   "If he really loved this state and her people, why did he choose to live in California the last 25 or more years?"  - Jim Holt
Truth - Nice sound bite, but 100% false.  Bill Halter attended Stanford University on a scholarship for four years, and beyond that has not lived one day in California.  Bill Halter has been an Arkansas resident his entire life, even when he left the state to serve Arkansas and our country in the Clinton Administration. 


5.   "I've have been working tirelessly to reduce the tax burden in this state to bring in high paying jobs."  - Jim Holt 
Truth - All talk and no action.   During his six years of ineffectiveness in the Legislature, Holt has introduced four bills to cut taxes. Not one of those bills even cleared a committee.  Perhaps this ineffectiveness is one of the reasons the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette named him to their "Top Ten Worst Legislators" list three times in a row. [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 7/2/06]


6.   "Saying I haven't protected rural schools is like my primary opponent saying, I'm a tax and spend liberal." - Jim Holt 
Truth - Classic Jim Holt - says one thing and does another.  Jim Holt has voted time and again against the interests of rural schools.   Jim Holt was the only State Senator to vote against providing incentives for recruiting and retaining teachers in small school districts with fewer than 1,000 students.  Holt proposed a constitutional amendment which would have gutted funding for rural schools.  Holt also voted against providing for an equitable and adequate education for Arkansas's students.  Time and again, Jim Holt has also opposed increased funding for our public school.  All together, these facts raise a valid question: Whose side is Jim Holt really on?   [Associated Press, 2/6/04; AR General Assembly, SB89, 2/4/04; 84th General Assembly Regular Session, SJR 20; Arkansas General Assembly, 1/6/04 Senate roll—call vote on SB 42; Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/7/04]