Halter Bought and Paid For by Leftists Liberals Bill Halter Bought and Paid for by Leftist Liberals of His Party


Bill Halter Bought and Paid for by Leftist Liberals of His Party

Only 2 to 5% of his contributions come from Arkansas

Half of his contributions come from California - See details below article


Also see this link for another article on Halter Contributions to Date



For the last several years there have been numerous discussions, complaints, criticism, and laws passed concerning campaign finance  reforms by liberals.  Now that we have a candidate in Arkansas, Bill Halter for Lt. Governor,  that exemplifies all those negative aspects of campaigns, there is not a peep from the liberal journalists or newspaper reporters. 


Halter received only 2.5% of his contributions from Arkansas on the $231,880 financial statement he filed June 30, 06.  Halter received 5% ( $9,425), from Arkansas citizens out of the $189,433 he raised during the period of his financial statement on June 6 .  On this June 6 report (actually dated June 3rd but on records as June 6 date) , Halter received  $46,250 from contributors in California $46,000 from citizens in other states, receiving only 25 contributions from Arkansas and all but nine were from Little Rock.  He footed the bill for the other $81,908.


Halter  spent most of his last 25 years out of Arkansas and has come back to Arkansas to buy the office.  His stands on issues certainly show he could not be  be elected  in Arkansas if people knew his position on issues and his  background.  Practically none of his money is coming from southern or surrounding states.  That indicates that none of his support is from the typical Democrat in Arkansas.


That fact is more disturbing than if he were just a rich man buying the office for himself.  Halter is a bought and paid for by the leftist liberals of  his party.  Therefore, his out-of-state liberal contributors will be running the Lt. Governor's office and any office that might Halter to in the future.  It is quite possible even that the Lt. Governor would be the real governing officer, being backed by the leftist liberal Democratic machine and pushing Beebe to conform – that is if Beebe and Halter both are elected.


"The Press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of the government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people," said Hugo L. Black, US Supreme Court Justice. 


            Is there any real integrity left in the media?


Christine Walker

Women's Prayer and Action Group



To verify Halter's contribution records used above go to this link:  http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/arkimg/index.html 

Type in Halter and scroll down to June 6th report and then to first June 30th report. Click PDF from the choices on the menu bar. There are more listings for June 30th, but the one we used was the first one listed (only one posted when we did our research) and is in the amount of  $231,880.00  Line 6, total Contributions.  There is only one listing for June 6th and that amount on Line 6 is $189,433.39 Total Contributions.  A quick look at his other reports will show they are very similar.


http://www.nwanews.com/adg/News/154850/print/  " Halter lived out of state most of the past 25 years, going to college, working in President Clinton’s administration, and engaging in private business."  "Judge given arguments on candidate's residency," By Wickline, May 16, 06, Arkansas Democrat Gazette  More Details Below


Halter's Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Report June 30, 06.

(Only 2.5% from Arkansans other than himself.)

lst number mentioned in my letter to voices. (See below for 2nd numbers in my letter)


Pull up Halter's Report on June  30 (the first one listed) from this link http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/arkimg/index.html  Type in Halter in the Search blank.  Enlarge to 100% so you can see the information. 


(There are two other reports listed for this date, but there are no contributions on one of them and only one contribution on the 2nd one)  That is why we chose the first report for this date)


Go to the PDF report (it is called 155062)  which is on the menu bar that comes up.


On Number 8 of the Report Total contributions are $231,880


On Number 10 under Loan  Information, Halter lent himself $200,000 so   $200,000 of the contributions were from himself. 


On Number  14 where the contributions are listed there were only 10 contributions from Arkansas as listed below which totals 5,905.00.


Divide $5,905.00 (from Arkansas) by $231,880 Total Contributions  and you get  .0254657  which round off to 2.5%  that Halter got from Arkansas citizens.


5/23                 Bryant, Ar                                            1,000


5/18                 Little Rock                                             100


5/18                 Fayetteville                                           1,000


5/23                 Hot Springs                                             250


5/16                 N Little Rock                                          250


5/23                 Little Rock                                           1,000


5/23                 Little Rock                                              250


5/19                 Bryant                                                       30


5/17                 Little Rock                                                25


5/19                 Little Rock                                           2,000   Total $5,905 from Arkansas


                                                                        Total    5,905 from Arkansas



End of this Section for lst figure


                                                                        2nd figures I mentioned in letter to voices:


I think a problem in your figures differing from mine on this figure might be outlined in the Note below in red.


Halter's Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Report June 6, 06

5% of money from Arkansans other than himself.)


(This report itself is actually dated June 3 but is on the web as June 6 report


Pull up Halter's Report on June 30 (the first one listed) from thislinkhttp://www.sos.arkansas.gov/arkimg/index.html Type in Halter in the Search blank. Enlarge to 100% so you can see the information.


Go to the PDF one on the menu bar ( it is marked as PDF 154786)


On Number 8 of the Report Total contributions are $189,433.39


NOTE: On Number 14 where the contributions are listed look down to the 29th contribution listed with date of 5/30/06 on (page 4of 19 )and you will see a contribution from Halter himself for $81,908.39 but it is listed as contribution from Little Rock. (You are not allowed over 2,000 contribution unless it is from yourself so this has to be from Halter and it is listed from Halter for Arkansas Lt. Governor)


The next contribution is from his wife for 2,000 and the next contribution is also named Halter, probably his father.   Total contributions coming from Arkansans other than Halter and his wife and I think his father (list pasted below) equals$ 9,425.


Divide $9,425 from Arkansas total contributions $189,433.39 (in Line 6 of report) and you get .0497536  which is 4.9% or rounded off 5%.  So Halter received only 5% of his money from Arkansas citizens other than himself and his wife.  


Contributions from Arkansas. Note all of them but 9 are from Little Rock Arkansas


L.Rock       2,000.00

LittleRock 500.00

Crossett 250.00

Pine Bluff 250.00


N. LRock        1,000.00

Ft.Smith 150.00

LittleRock 100.00

LittleRock 500.00

LittleRock 250.00

LittleRock  50.00

N. Little Rock 2,000 Mark Halter, Esquire Not counted from Arkansas

N. Little Rock 2,000 Shanti Halter, wife   Not counted from Arkansas



LittleRock 200.00

Hot Springs 200.00

LittleRock 250.00

Pocahontas  25.00

Prairie Grove 500.00

Sherwood 250.00

Malvern 300.00

Little Rock 500.00

N. Little Rock 100.00

Little Rock 100.00

Wilson          1,000.00

N. Little Rock 300.00

Bryant  200.00


$9,425 from Arkansas other than from Halter and his wife


Total contributions from state of Arkansas$9,425 when you exclude Halter's donation to himself and his wife. Only 9 contributions outside Little Rock in Arkansas. 


Halter received 23 contributions from California of  $2,000 each and one for $250 for a total of 46,250.00 (See information below. A cursory look may overlook some from Cal. Some may have had just San Francisco or Los Angeles addresses on the report.) I had counted the one 250.00 California contribution  as 2,000 contributions in my record so you can lower that figure from $48,000 to 426,250 if you like but that is a minor mistake.


Halter received 23 contributions of  $2,000 or 46,000each from other states besides California(see information below)


California contributions in blue font. Other states in black font. 2thstands for $2,000


L. Angeles Cal 2nd

Baltimore, Maryland  2th

Baltimore, Maryland  2th

Palo Alto, Cal2th

Palo Alto, Cal2th

Boston, Mass2th

Boston, Mass          2th

Princeton, N. Jersey2th


Hillsboro, Cal        2th


Los Angeles,Cal 2th

LosAngeles,Cal 2th

Oakland, Cal       250.00

La JollaCa l2th

SouthPasadenaCal 2th

Mail brae, Cal 2th

Seattle, Wash 2th

Mercer/Is.Wash 2th

Mercer/Is Wash 2th

San Fran,Cal 2th

San Fran,Cal 2th

Minnesota 200.00

Burlingame, Cal 2th

Palo Alto, Cal   2th

Wash D.C 2th

NewYork,NY 2th

Maryland 2th

Alhermin, Cal 2th

Alhermin,Cal 2th

Delaware 2th

Wilmington, DEL       2th 500.00

PaloCa 2th

PaloCal 2th

Virginia 2th

S.Pasadena,Cal 2th

Brownsville, N.York 2th

Ohio 2th

Virginia 2th

Illinois 2th

Illinois 2th

Lex. Marylan 2th

Lex.Maryland 2th

Cal 2th

Cal 2th

Cal 2th

Cal 2th

Virginia 2th

Great Falls,Virginia 1,000

New York, N.Y  2th



For my own records:$81,908.39 plus his wife2,000, plus another Halter contribution of 2,000 (probably his father) plus 46,250 from California, plus $47,950 from other states, plus 9,425 from Arkansas equals $189,533.39 and his total is $189,433.39 so I am just 100.00 off and don't have time to go back and find it but it would make no difference in the figures.